Thursday’s Doors ~ Students Observatory



This clear photograph

still doesn’t present a door,

but I had a fascination with



chipped paint,

distinctive details,

rod iron criss crosses,

bricks that are of two colors,

making a quaint stitched edging.

What do you see in this final

presentation of Thursday’s Doors

~  Students Observatory ~

This is part of a weekly program

presented and originated by

Norm Frampton.

Please check out the

other doors whose links

may be found at:

Thanks for checking out my
three examples of an
unusual relic
of a building. 


21 responses »

  1. Observatories are just so mysterious and always wear a cloak of history and purposeful actual by men/women. Again Robin tried the link above but somehow error comes up re server or address etc – Cheers

  2. I was sorry to see that the wiring is there, but of course it has to be. It’s just that it takes away from the historic look of the place. The building is an interesting arrangement of shapes and lines.

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  4. The architecture of this building is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us. Don’t know if you mentioned it on another post, but would you happen to know the date of construction of this building?

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