Length of the mural, “Present and Future” ~ part 2



Counter in foreground features:

Honey and maple syrup,

Schiraca and barbecue sauces

Various pork or beef rubs,

Apple butter, jams, apple sauce,

Candies just a little out of sight.

There were t-shirts rolled up on

tables to give away in drawings.

The case of colored t-shirts

demonstrated clever meat

and barbecue sayings.

Stools are at counter

but should there be


can turn around

towards center

of room.


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    • Thank you so much, Anneli. I think it was special to get to meet the people who are featured in the mural. . . it really was bright and cheerful. It could have been so different in sepia brown but the family were thrilled as each part unfolded.

    • Thank you for visualizing this, Dan. I could see your eating a sandwich or slice of pie studying the mural. I was in the middle of the visit with the farming family and pictured Garrison Keillor’s Minnesota town he described on his “Prairie Home Companion” radio show. The charming characters coming alive. . .

    • I was impressed he had a two week deadline, Kirt. I was amazed as his sister since many of his murals are only in pictures. I haven’t visited many, Kirt! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for stopping by a second time. I saw you liked this awhile ago. . .

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