Randy’s mural, “It’s in the details” ~ part 4



Bluescreek Farm Meat Market,

has been around for generations,

but this North Market location,

is where they “made their mark.”

The farm had sold from roadside

stands for years, fresh produce,

fresh fish, pork and beef.

In 1986,

30 Years Anniversary,

The family built this new location.

This photograph was one I thought

meant the most to me. There is

one more to view and then,

Enjoy the sunshine and

spring activities out

in fresh air. If you

live close by, drop

by to this place

and enjoy a

piece of







Don’t expect to share!


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  1. I am glad you shared this mural with us, Robin. It reminds me of the many towns I have visited that have given wall spaces to artists to capture some historic image for passersby. These images share a vision most of us would otherwise never imagine. I like that the art is more public that what hangs in museums and other places. – Mike

    • I like the murals you find on buildings which include history of towns, too. When I used to travel up Rte 4 to Lake Erie, there is a county seat in Bucyrus that has two huge amazing murals. My brother and I used to marvel at them years ago. Thank you, Mike for mentioning towns that include visions one may never imagine. Fantastic way to explain the relevance of these outdoor art exhibits. Both those who live in the town get a lot out of the public display creating pride, along with travelers who may stop and visit due to these. Have a great weekend, Mike!

    • Ooh, glad it seems 3-D. People were coming up to me to tell me where they were, Beth. It touched me to realize how much this meant to them. In the center of the mural a big man in blue overalls is named Bob and he invested in this new market.
      Someday, I may post two grandma’s who are in this mural purposely asked for balloon creations on their heads!! (Wouldn’t that be us, if we were being captured for “all time” in a mural?!) 😀

    • I am so glad you took the time to look and comment, Sylvia. It means a lot to have my brother to have this attention. When I tried to just pick one photo, I just couldn’t decide! 🙂

    • Jenny, now you know why I just cannot buy any art, either Randy (brother) or Carrie (daughter) are willing to create something for me. While I do make plenty of cards and baby name pictures, along with past requests for 8 historical home tours with 6-7 homes pen and ink drawings. 🙂 Your sister and niece are terrific artists and craftswomen! Hugs!

    • Diane, the smart comment about healthy food really made me smile. Thank you!
      I am very pleased you took the time to look at each of the murals. I wanted to do a panorama photograph but if you step back you catch the shelves of sauces, jams, honey, maple syrup, cookies, candies and candles… It made a rather cluttered photograph! I also have close ups of the tree in the middle and two grandma’s who asked Randy to put balloon hats on their heads. I may have to write a story loosely based on their photo! 😉
      I liked meeting the fascinating family who is portrayed in the mural.
      Now, have you been outside and is it beautiful like here? My youngest daughter and I went on an hour and a half hike. She wants me to do a 6 months dating site(again). 4 years ago I did this and blogged about the newscaster, deep sea diver and other “characters” I met. What do you think? Maybe I will meet someone who fits me, finally? xo

    • Carol, I am grateful for your checking these out. I like being able to “show him off” a bit here. He has been single for years and since I am, too, we tend to give each other support! I am a “dinky” artist enjoying pen and ink drawing and watercolors. You are a very talented writer, Carol.

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