Road Trip: #1 favorite



Thank goodness
for surrounding

Everywhere you go,
look towards the
setting sun.

Nature’s colors 
not re-touched
nor edited.

The rainbow is
fully represented.

This is my favorite
photograph from
six choices
“On the road again.”


Photographs taken
by Robin whose
sparse thoughts
are expressed here.

Where did you
travel recently?

I stayed in my
home state
of Ohio.


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    • North Carolina is such a beautiful place! Usually, I have been with family and only get to see along the way through. (Only one time made it a destination.) Wonderful and cool idea to see schools there! Enjoy! This will be gorgeous time of year. Ironic how my post was a road trip. . . in Ohio. ❤ take care! xo

  1. A few months after we settled here in S. Carolina (a 3,000 mile journey from Washington), we took a day trip to Asheville, N. Carolina. That is quite a touristy town. We will go back one of these days to visit the Biltmore Mansion, which the Vanderbilt family owns along with much of the surrounding territory. – Mike

    • Mike, I do remember your recent major re-location but may not remember your trip to Asheville, NC. What a great sounding place since the Biltmore would have beautiful furnishings. The Ringling Brothers mansion, in I believe Sarasota, Fla. – was amazing and will never forget my grandparents, parents and we 3 kids liking all the exotic decorations!

    • Thank you for your lovely and caring words, Jen. I love the sound of the word, “palette!” Hope I didn’t miss a new post, dear. To visit the Penguins takes a toll on you, but I know this is what you do since you are full of Love. ❤

  2. Yep, sometimes you don’t have to go any further than your own backyard. I haven’t traveled this year yet but will be taking a trip to Orange County for my daughter’s b day in a few weeks and then NY in June.

    • I just go up to see Mom and pull onto side roads to take a peek at sights. Cleveland has a lot of areas to pass through before I “get there”, Joey. Even going to Columbus, I consider out of Delaware, at least it isn’t same ole,’ same ole’ stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks, Derrick. Are you feeling a sigh of relief? I hope you find ways to sell your lovely photographs of nature for the school’s fund. Otherwise, they make great Christmas gifts!

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