Road trip: #2 favorite



Look closely at this

abandoned corn or

grain elevator which

has a faded but still

visible Peace symbol.

The green carpet,

variegated from yellow

to bright emerald green,

Just shows

Life rekindled

Hope springing in

blades of grass.

: : : : : : :

Photo taken by
“On the road”
scattered thoughts
gather here to share.


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    • I do, too! I don’t know why but I have seen this covered with green ivy and thought, I need to stop and get this farm structure before you can’t see the Peace sign and the worn look on it. Thanks for thinking it was a great photo, Dan!

    • Marissa, this is usually about three seasons of the year covered with ivy. In the fall it turns orange so I thought I ought to capture it while the ivy is dormant to make it a seasonal stop if I get a chance or remember to do this! I liked that once the ivy was dead in the winter, you could see the Peace sign. Thank you for liking it. My grandies were laughing at me, since I parked in the farmer’s driveway and RAN quickly over to take the photo, hoping they wouldn’t chase me with a pitchfork or something! πŸ™‚

      • Ha! That’s funny! Reminds me of a Berenstain Bears book I read with my kids. Something like that happened to Brother! I’d love to see the ivy orange too!

    • I am so glad you felt this way, Andrew. I pass this on my way to my Mom’s house and it is usually covered in green ivy in the late spring and summer, reddish brown in the fall and then it looks so bare with the ivy being dormant in winter and early spring. Thanks for not minding this and adding good thoughts like it becoming a “landmark” and adding “charm.” Wonderful comments, Andrew! ❀

    • Ottawa’s Peace Tower probably is beautiful, Anneli. I would love to see it, maybe will try to look it up on the internet. This farm structure is usually covered with green ivy, about 3 seasons of the year, or it feels like this! Anyway, in the fall the ivy turns reddish brown and you start to see the symbol. I only pass it every other month or so, since it is off the beaten path. Thanks for sharing and making me smile about my Peace Tower, too. πŸ™‚

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