Road Trip: #5 favorite



Where are you going?

Which way do you plan to head?

Will you be in the wild blue yonder?

Am I chasing you or are you

turning around for me?

Doesn’t take much to

confuse me!

\  /  \  /  \  /

<<  >>

Happy Earth Day!

Tonight, enjoy the
Full Pink Moon.

This is my 5th
road trip photo
of the early April
series. If you have
a favorite, let me know!

Take care!
Drive safely!

Hope you have
a great time on
your pathways,
in your travels,
this month.

Not following the map,
going “off the grid” and
in my own direction.



37 responses »

    • Sarah, happy to hear the rain or clouds are clearing there, dear. I heard from a co-worker the moon was orange in the early Thursday morning but she didn’t get a picture!
      It was too gray and gloomy at 5:30 am to see any moon today (Friday). It cleared up after lunch. . . Enjoy your weekend, to you and yours!

      • Our clouds came back!! They aren’t thick, but they need to clear off so I can see the moon tonight. I guess I’ll just have to wait and hope!

        I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

      • Thank you, Sarah! Yes, I posted a rainy photo for #6 road trip post! I have plans to see new Sally Fields movie, romantic comedy. I like the idea of an older woman falling for a younger man. That would hopefully be me, someday?! πŸ˜‰ Believe it or not, in my younger days someone gave me a high compliment comparing me to Sally.
        On a sadder note, I will say rest in peace to Prince. I wondered did you know he wrote “Manic Monday” for the Bangles? I simply love that song! πŸ™‚

      • I did know he wrote that – I guess it comes with being from the Upper Midwest. He feels like one of our own, so we tended to listen to a lot of Prince (plus, The Bangles were awesome – I loved them!).

        And as for the younger man, I think that’s a most excellent idea! How was the movie?

    • It is why I included this, Diana. Thanks for noticing the truck going backwards. A truck had it on its back “carrier,” but it was not a tow truck! I held the phone carefully with one hand and got on the very right lane so people would pass me by and I shot this from my cell phone! Dangerous Robin living on the wild side! ha ha! πŸ™‚ I am heading over to see what you are up to,my dear.

      • It is funny because I know smokers and sandwich eaters who drive one-handed. By putting it on top of my steering wheel, resting it on a straight road where I had cruise control on, just pointed it and touched it a few times in a row, put it on passenger seat and chose one shot much later, while watching television with me Mom.
        It was fun to write the words. Only one other person (I believe) mentioned the truck! So observant, Diana!

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