My youngest brother, Rich: Big Sur Marathon on Sunday April 24, 2016



My youngest brother is in California,

not considered a “road trip”

but a plane trip to visit his

stepson and his wife (DIL)

and his grandson.

My road trips were in Ohio,

while his is another exciting~

literally and figuratively,

Cross country adventure!

I have mentioned a few times

going with Rich, carrying spare

pairs of shoes, water bottles to pass

while focusing on certain points on

marathons like the one he ran in

Bettendorf, Iowa across land, bridge

to island and back to land.

This race he will run tomorrow, the

Big Sur Marathon,

I just learned, so am adding it as

a “spur of the moment” post.

You have “met” my artist brother

now here is my teacher/professor/

runner and once Congress hopeful,

always politically in tune with the

underdogs, which made me proud.

Taught approximately 20 years

in inner city Cleveland, Ohio, as

a learning disability “center teacher”

who respected his students and their

parents by greeting with handshakes

every morning and at conferences.

Our four years of meeting at my alma

mater BGSU, while he was interim

professor for Master’s degree students

and also, taking Skyler to

author (sometimes illustrator)

family conferences there,

led to my meeting

Stephen Kellogg,

Alyssa Satin Capucilli

and Steven Kroll.

We ate dinner with them, while

learning firsthand, how they became

motivated discovered and  published.

Rich has two books in rough draft

form of teaching math and reading

to children with special learning needs.

I found it fascinating that he was

invited to visit in Israel, both sides

of the cultural and political gap,

staying in homes of professors there.

My best and most fun times spent

with brother Rich, have been

sharing my 3 children with his 3

stepchildren and his lovely wife,

Susan, who is my only “real sister.”

Wishing Richard M. Oldrieve

a wonderful and successful run,

out there in the sunshine and surf

magical land of California.

Win the race in master’s

category and be safe!

~  •  ~  •  ~  •  ~


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  1. Good luck to your brother. I know someone who ran that marathon, and it’s a tough one. The coast highway has numerous turns that are banked for cars, so there are few level surfaces. I hope he has strong ankles! – Mike

    • Thank you for your kind wishes, Mike. I appreciate your sharing and knowing the area he is running in tomorrow, too. Since I haven’t been west of the Grand Canyon, I was a little ignorant of this run’s location and terrain. 🙂
      Rich is a major runner, every day dedicating early runs with his dog, Hamlet, a golden retriever. He used to take their Newfoundland, Fiona,for a short stroll and drop her off and continue his run farther with Hammie.
      We joke about his summer in between 8th grade and high school when he decided he would run every day and “beat the freshman long distance track record.” He took notes in a journal then of his running times. He did go and break the record “in K Mart tennis shoes,” joined cross country. The ’77 team of five runners who won the Ohio state cross country meet are all still friends, 4 of five are “doctors or have PhD’s” while one is making more money than the rest of them: all high achievers. 😉 I never ran far but he has had me join him in races with dogs and my oldest daughter, grandsons Sky and Micah and I, did a 4th of July run last year. Fun times!

    • Hi, Jill. I passed on everyone’s well wishes and cheering him from a distance in to him. He completed the race in 4:06. He was contented, glad he was okay! Thank you. ❤

    • Thank you Sylvia for cheering him on. I walked with a friend in Ohio, ten miles in his honor. He made it in 4 hours, 6 minutes! 🙂 All is okay with his body. At age 57, I am happy for his drive to continue running.

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