Hello Spring, Squirrel!



Squirrel has a red bud in his paws.

He held steady for his photo,

Looking curiously out at us,

Deciding we were safe and “tame.”


Original thoughts by Robin,
photo taken by Felicia,
my youngest daughter.

A “shout out” to my creative friend,

whose imaginary and real friends

include rainbow unicorn and squirrels.

He is Evil Squirrel.

Find his original cartoons,

photographs and music at:


Celebrating natural wonders

to all those squirrel lovers!


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    • Although the possum isn’t as cute, when I went to visit my good guy friend, Bill, the cat he fed and loved had “guests” one evening. A Mama Possum and two soft white baby possum “twins” were eating the cats food while Phoebe perched on the porch swing watching in amazement! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Lisa! I kind of had to beg Felicia, since putting hands up in air with cell phone makes them shake a little. The scene was so pretty, too. Glad you liked it since I admire your ability to capture birds and other creatures (deer recently) so well! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much for liking the squirrel photo and I saw it and pointed, she grabbed my cell phone, since mine is even newer than hers! πŸ™‚
      I find birds tend to not be so detailed through a cell phone camera, Jennie. I wish I could capture every feather of a bird and make the photo sing to the viewers! I love birds more than squirrels. Lol

    • Thank you so much, Tonya! I love your baby chicks and the chickens with the roosters, I enjoyed your Italy tour pictures but I am behind. . . I posted on Friday that I was going off the grid and this means catching up after work every day!
      As soon as I finish comments I will be off to visit the people I have not checked in on for awhile. My good friend, Anna, who I have known for at least 20 years is moving away and we wanted to walk a lot in honor of my brother’s Big Sur run, along with revisit all the sights of our town of Delaware, Ohio. I hope you are well, enjoying some sunshine and dancing to the music. I heard a romantic song, It is by Vance Joy, “Fire and the Flood.” Oh my! So sweet and powerful. Please check it out sometime and hope you like it, dear! ❀

      • Hi Robin! Thank you for visiting as well as your comment. I hope you are well, too. Sounds like a fun outing with your friend, Anna.
        Spring is finally here, and we’re busy with farm projects, etc. We will be shearing our sheep soon!
        I have heard that song and like it very much. Thanks for sharing! It’s lovely. πŸ™‚ Take care! πŸ’›

    • Yes, I imagine a lot of dogs going a little crazy but your dear Choppy sure is a sweet “gal” as my Dad and brother used to call the female dogs we had along the way in our life. Thank you for liking the squirrel post and commenting, made me smile! ❀ Take care, Sarah!

    • So true about many animals but particularly squirrels holding their food in their hands makes me smile and think it is cute. Did you see someone saying it was like a floral bouquet? That was something I didn’t think of and wished I had! πŸ™‚

    • You deserved the share and shout out, my friend!! So happy you stopped by and I notice you like many of my posts. I appreciate your presence in my life and wish I had more time to visit and chat on people’s blogs.
      I like the art and your wacky sense of humor, you are one of only two blogs my grandies like to look at and now, I need to “train” them to push Like and wait to see my Nana picture! Ha ha ha! Just kidding, folks! πŸ˜€

  1. Sorry to say it, but I never really liked squirrels. These days they just seem to be getting braver around humans. Do you know that one hissed at me recently? Oh well, better in pictures in any case, ha, ha!

    • They chitter at me, when I am in the woods, but the ones outside my apt building are so spoiled that they do tend to follow me around and make a lot of chatter! πŸ˜€
      Felicia caught this outside that brunch place, Pistachia Vera, in German Village, in Columbus Ohio. So glad the picture didn’t give you the creeps, Marissa. I will keep the photos of squirrels down to a minimum, my dear friend! <3.

    • Isn’t he adorable? I agree! I also thought a commenter made me smile at the fact I didn’t even think of this critter as a girl! If it were this would be her floral bouquet! Thank you, Morgan for your comment! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, thank you for reminding me of this, Anneli! I know our blue jays take other birds nests and also, that geese, raccoons and other critters make messes! I am glad they at least LOOK SWEET! ❀

    • Andrew, I am so happy that you enjoyed this one, along with studying the pretty scenery. It was taken down in Columbus in a part of the city called, German Village. The flowering trees and the beautiful homes will show up in my Thursday’s doors posts eventually. Smiles, Robin

    • Dan, did you see Paul came over to visit? I think he is one who follows your blog? Anyway, I liked his conversation between two squirrels, Chunky (maybe Chucky?) and Cheeky. It was a hoot!
      I cannot wait to read your upcoming two posts with squirrels in them. I will have a few German Village homes off and on again, since they are so charming and well kept. This friendly squirrel was found on the dumpster behind Pistachia Vera, where Felicia and I had split a slice of mushroom and onion quiche and delicious salad greens with coffee… πŸ™‚

    • Inese, so happy you liked this setting! It is in Columbus, Ohio in a part of town called, German Village. My youngest daughter, Felicia, lives here and it has such pretty houses and gardens. I will feature the doors from some of the homes in future posts on Thursday’s. Other than that, I always enjoy your beautiful creatures and stunning photographs! Thanks for this nice comment! ❀

    • Sandhya, thanks so much for enjoying this and cannot wait to feel “caught up” again. I was “off the grid” and didn’t write comments for almost 24 hours! Yikes! My emails went haywire and now, I finished a nine hour day and enjoying seeing my friends, like you who are so special. I will read your posts and try to catch up tonight, dear. ❀

    • Maniparna, Thanks for liking this photo taken on my cell phone with much steadier hands than I have. . . I do agree, this little squirrel seemed to like the attention and looked right at us! πŸ™‚

  2. This post reminds me of my mother – she and her husband have squirrels that come right up to their screen door looking for peanuts. She’s just had knee replacement surgery and is sad she can’t get up to feed them. Poor squirrels.

    • Jay, this makes me sad but can your mother toss the peanuts from afar? I am sure they will be patient and there is plenty to eat right now. In the winter, those squirrels probably love her so much! Thanks for letting me know a little more personal and I will hope your mother will heal and be so much better soon. My Mom when she broke her hip last August was told she would have almost a year of pain while the healing took place. It looks on the outside like a small little incision but they told us it was shattered and the surgeon had a puzzle to stitch together with some kind of special stuff. I looked at the MRI photo and it looked very much like a lot of pieces and maybe it is like fishing line sutures. Lol! πŸ˜€

  3. We have lots of squirrels and I’m no longer a very large fan of them, as I’ve had to deal with all their buried acorns that germinate into trees always in places where I don’t want new trees. And because they dig up some things that I plant. But I tolerate them and won’t hurt them. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • I am grateful for the help of my children when it comes to things which move and need steady hands. I take a lot of photos which I toss out, Joey, due to their being fuzzy or blurry! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you very much, Jonathan! You are a good friend and I appreciate your re-blogging this. I hope someone gets pleasure who may not have seen it on my own blog. Take care and hope you are well, as well as your wife, too. hugs!

      • Any time! Yes we will and are. Doctor wanted me back in counseling—so, of course, am writing about it—some of it. Doc. wants me to stay in it long-term…so will behave myself. A social worker also brought up the possibility of my going out on (mental-?) disability…for better health coverage. getting tougher in these here parts! We are both taking it day-by-day, with good ones and bad ones! Thanks for all your best wishes! ❀

  4. Deep down I feel squirrels are just waiting to take over the world and enslave us. He is just getting a feel for the land before reporting back to his squirrel commanders.

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