Thursday’s Doors ~ April 28, 2016: Mowry Alumni Center



The white flowering trees add to

warm and welcoming feelings

for the Mowry Alumni Center

on Ohio Wesleyan University campus.

Plenty of benches mainly in black,

scattered red benches to compliment

the OWU red and black team colors.

This Thursday’s Doors was brought
to you thanks to the original blog
host, Norm Frampton. Other door
links may be found at:


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    • Marissa, I like this three dimensional look over the “flatter” photograph where I was trying to feature the doors. 🙂 Thanks for checking out both angles and posts!

    • Veronica, you are so correct! It bustles during the week, but my friend Anna and I went on a long goodbye walk on Sunday. We have been friends since our daughters were in middle school. She recently became engaged and is moving away. We were thinking about my brother running a marathon on the other side of the country. Lots of good memories while we were on foot for a couple hours. Thanks, dear. I wasn’t sure if taking photos of college students might or might not be interesting?

    • Anneli, this place walking down a hill to it, was very pretty and charming. My friend, Anna, is moving away and who I have know since our daughters were in middle school (1994) is moving away so we walked all over town for a couple of hours on Sunday, full of nostalgic moments and laughter. 😀

    • Oh, such a clear blue sky, bare wisps of clouds and the flowering trees. . . yes, times like this make me love spring!
      This scene as we walked down the hill really charmed me, Dan. The “straight on” shot isn’t as interesting. This one shows the depth to the building and scene.

    • Thank you so much, Lynn. I liked the sweet, old photograph you featured with two of your sons and adorable daughter! I didn’t write about the serious part of your post but in the past, we have discussed how I felt sympathetic towards you and for the children. You were between a rock and a hard place. . . hugs! ❤

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