The spring trees over the bridge to OWU are in bloom!



The little stream that eventually leads

to the Olentangy River has had ducks,

geese, a turtle and a few frogs over

the ten years I have lived next door

in my locked or “gated” apartment

building. My grandies like to take

bread crumbs to feed the fowl.

They chased squirrels as toddlers

and often talk to the various birds.

I have a bench in a sheltered place

on campus where I lie down and

read a book. When my kids call

and need me, they know where to

find me. My backyard is tended by

a whole squadron of greenkeepers,

who wear red and black for the college

colors and are cheerful and apologize

Sometimes as they pass me with~

weed whackers

riding lawn mowers

and large bush trimmers.

I thought of

Mary, Mary

Quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

I feel my places of refuge once

most university staff and students

take off in May, there is barely a

skeleton crew of die hard students,

with a handful of professors and

graduate assistants to interrupt my

Tranquil moments.

I saw a family and resisted taking

photos of them all looking down

while they circled the Labyrinth

which I pass by on my way to

read a book on “my bench.”


Where do you like to

“hang out?”


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    • I like your back patio, Jill. Either I picture how it looks or you may have featured it on a post awhile back. A peaceful setting is renewing and restful. . . Enjoy your weekend!

    • It really is nice to have close by to me, like a refuge, Beth.
      I liked the picnic you mentioned on a day the concert wasn’t! I like restful moments with the sounds of nature, too. Thanks for sharing where you like to escape in.

  1. Sounds like you have some nice vibes and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, most of my hanging out is done indoors. Sometimes I take my daughter to the park but I don’t really enjoy it there.

    • Marissa, this is a good way to describe how I feel in the area I live by. I think it is great you take your daughter to the park. Maybe there is a more pleasant place to go?

      • Yeah, I don’t know why I dislike this particular park. Well, actually I do…it’s really the people and then the park is pretty small so you have to interact more or less. We really only go there when we want to kill an hour or so on the weekends. It’s the school park so it’s in walking distance and my daughter likes it because sometimes her friends are there. I take a book to try and escape but often it’s hard to concentrate on what I’m reading!

    • I like your back porch and how you share your view with us, Sarah. Of course, the river and pond bring different seasons of beauty to behold. I love, and yet rarely hear, the word “blissful.” πŸ™‚

    • Shelley, I need more of your “honey, did you see that?” posts. Thanks for sharing your favorite place to hang out. You are always on the go, so home sweet home’s bathtub makes sense to me.

  2. Aha, that would be telling! But actually, when I want to be alone with something to read and away from the house I drive a little way to a viewpoint, park up, read and watch the world go by below. Very calming!

    • Shh-h, Jenny! I won’t let any details slip by these silent lips. . . this sounds like a great place to relax and an overlook stretches your view. Calming is what most of us seek and need.

    • This is such a fun way to express the joy I feel while watching grandies with interest in feeding wildlife. I like that you said I live my life in the lap of nature, Rashmi.

  3. It’s nice to see that Spring has finally sprung in Ohio in all its colorful glory. Spring started early in S. Carolina this year, and now it’s like summer with temps close to 90 this week. Ugh!

    BTW – I have seen two mated pairs of Canadian geese, each with three babies trailing behind them around our apartment complex. They don’t seem at all disturbed when people are near. I suspect the safe distance is about ten feet, which is as close as I’ve gotten. The geese watch me but don’t react much. I guess I don’t look threatening. – Mike

    • Mike, I watch national news with temperatures listed and I noted it is heating up down there! You’re so on target with the comment about colorful glory.
      I haven’t seen any baby goslings here yet, but thank you for such a sweet picture described for us. I think you always looked gentle and happy in your ex-patriate days. . .

    • We find ways to fill our lives with beauty in nature (and art), don’t we? Pauline, I like your sanctuary which turned out magical after a lot of work, with some help, too. πŸ˜‰

    • I am looking forward to hearing about your new location and it’s setting, too. Thank you for the promise of more sunshine coming! Also, the compliment on the photo. πŸ™‚

    • I have been intrigued and blessed with our newly established friendship, Vonita. I enjoy the variety and emotional words you share. Thanks for liking the blooming trees! πŸ™‚

      • Omigosh Robin, thanks for the kind words. I think I overshared last night after having a half glass of red wine (with work colleagues after work), and my face developed a reaction and was flaming red. I wrote a post on it but then marked it private. Don’t know if you saw it before I did so, but am feeling so embarrassed today. I had a half an hour over-chat with my manager all while having a blood red face. Oh well, good there is only one of me I guess!! (I normally only ever have one glass of white, but yesterday I had a small amount of red and obviously my system couldn’t handle it)

  4. That picture is just so beautiful, Robin. How I wish I had a stream next to our house! Frogs just don’t like arid conditions, so we have to go to the nearby lake to see and hear them.

    I didn’t realize you lived right next to the campus. How wonderful!!

    Right now I stay close to home because there are multiple nesting bird families in our trees. The vigil I keep to help protect them is really time consuming but I feel it is my duty to them, having made a place for them to live in our yard.

    Still, having your campus and others to care for the gardening sounds lovely.

    • Beth, I appreciate how you keep protective eyes out for the birds. I was remembering the adorable bunny hopping around your lovely, colorful potted plants on your patio a year ago.
      You remind me of how lucky I am with this place to pretend, dream and read in.
      I was going to stop by to share I am back on an online dating service. Since no one here locally or “out there” knows a divorced or widowed single man to introduce me.
      My brothers have tried but their idea of matches have either unique (read: strange) characteristics or display homebody traits. πŸ˜€

  5. Wow, love the pink tree leaning over and blooming such loveliness. I’m so glad you have a place to go and spend time reading and relaxing. You painted a very lovely picture with your words my friend. Love, N πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Natalie, you see how you could fit into my borrowed garden and I would relish your own beautiful garden?
      I adore the way you see the pink tree leaning and its loveliness overflowing. I am very lucky indeed. πŸ™‚

  6. Robin, I adore college campuses, maybe because I spent so much time on them, ha ha. My local campus looks much better these days than when I attended as a student. How neat that you have a special place there that you can get away, enjoy a book and spend some time to yourself. That sounds about perfect to me…unfortunately in Texas, it is almost too hot already to hang out anywhere outside for very long.

    • Lana, I am so glad you love college campuses. Funny joke, too. . .
      When I was getting divorced as a young woman of 30, I put our furniture in storage and took my 3 children up to my retired parent’s lake cottage for the summer. I explored a half-way point from where my ex had gone back home to live. I looked seriously at only two university towns, Westerville and Delaware.
      This one pulled me in, I registered my oldest Carrie in first grade and middle child, Jamie, in kindergarten. I subbed for a few months and we struggled with making it; so my babysitter suggested I stay home and do what she was doing. The years I “did” child care and was the “milk and cookies” Mom were really special. I joined two clubs, Lion’s Club and AAUW, plus church. My Mom had really liked being part of American Association of University Women. It made me get involved in the community and build connections.
      I liked the nice house I shared with my last husband of 13 years, but this place beside where I live is home now, in many ways. Last fun detail, my grandies and I take flashlights on to campus and play hide and seek in the summer while we slide down a hill on sleds in winter. πŸ™‚

  7. Such a beautiful and peaceful scene you paint. Despite this park being public you create a personal space, where I can imagine you sitting with your book. I enjoyed reading your comments too.<3

    • I sometimes wonder if they are from the cast of a Hallmark movie. I am serious, my daughter’s friends think they are “cute!” (Felicia is 30).
      I think gardening is hard on knees and hands, Brenda. I used to have several gardens at my home, years before that, my Mom had me help her. I did a lot of weeding at the lake house, too. I like to put my grandies to work on vacuuming and washing their own dishes. I am sure working as a family in the garden has some special benefits of shared stories. πŸ™‚

      • This sounds like something my grandsons Skyler and Micah would like to go to! Between now and Memorial Day, we go muddy creek walking! πŸ™‚

      • I took pictures of it one year! I don’t do it anymore since the camera is in my phone! πŸ˜‰ I just absorb the joy of it all, Brenda. Micah used to say he was making beef stew and then, Skyler would say in a rather creepy voice, “Yesss, let’s stir the pot.” I let them take sticks and what a mess they make! Of course, I give them a shower for Sky, a bath for Micah, put clothes in a plastic bag since Carrie has a washer and dryer!

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