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Happy Memorial Day, 2016!



We took Skyler and Micah to the

President Warren Harding

Memorial structure and

grounds located in

Marion, Ohio.

The boys heard me

say I was going to

take a photograph

of the American flag.

They hurriedly



side by side,

“brothers in arms,”

so to speak.

They instinctively

saluted the flag.

Maybe going to,

and participating in,

baseball games

helped to build this habit.

Seeing ball players

taking their ball caps off,

placing it over their hearts.

Their mom and I

appreciated their

showing respect.

Hope even if you didn’t

celebrate Memorial Day,

you enjoyed a

wonderful weekend.

Memories of those who

served,  my family members:

Ed Tuck,

Johnny Tuck,

William Oldrieve.

They all “survived” but

two faced PTSD;

one my grandpa,

more so than others.

He spent time in a Veteran’s

Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thank you for your service,

all international soldiers,

and members of military,

defending your country’s freedom.

Please feel free to add names

of those special military

heroes you may have

in your family, community

or among your friends.

President Warren Harding Memorial



This was the fourth Ohio president,

while seven Ohioan’s have made

it to the highest office in the land.

His Memorial built in 1926,

Located in Marion, Ohio.

Oldest daughter and her two sons,

Skyler and Micah, joined me to

tour this great mausoleum.

It certainly brings out your

sense of pride and respect

for our famous people who

became presidents.

The courtyard for President Harding Memorial



Inside the tall Roman columns,

you see a tree with new leaves,

Roman columns and ivy living

above the circular area where

no one goes in, unless with

a key. This fine presidential

memorial may be found

in Marion, Ohio where

President Harding

lived nearby in the country.

He bought “The Marion Star”

making it into a popular

and leading local newspaper,

while only twenty years old.

I was eager to include

something solemn for the

upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

If you wish to see actual doors today,

please visit Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors post at:

Not a door. . . but a gate



This Thursday, I won’t be displaying

any Doors but some details of the

President Warren Harding Memorial,

which I will post the entire monument,

tomorrow which has a mausoleum,

where both President Harding

and his wife were interred.

My grandsons, oldest daughter and

I surveyed the land surrounding this

beautiful building and wanted to share

a few more details. I hope you will

go to visit all the Thursday’s Doors,

as I greatly enjoy checking them out.

The building structure has Roman

columns, brass Eagles turned green,

The steps go all around the building,

Interesting to find in the back a stone

marble block with the year this was

constructed, “1926.”

Warren Gamaliel Harding

(November 2, 1865 ~ August 2, 1923)

The ivy growing up high in the

courtyard and the description of

President’s porch stop campaign,

were details I learned from reading

the historical placards and the big

octagonal table which included

the fact he didn’t live a very long life,

57 years old,

and within a year his wife,

Florence Kling,

took ill and died also.

Although not an official

Thursday’s Doors post,

I would like to add the

Central place to find links,

along with Norm Frampton’s

fine example(s) of doors.

Please check out the

May 26,2016

collection at:

Thanks for stopping by today!

TV show had a pig and Eva Gabor



I used to “adore” Eva,

liked Eddie Albert

and the silly farm

TV storyline for,

“Green Acres.”

(1965 – 1971)

Seeing “Mr. Ed”

(1958 – 1961,
first shows,
1961 – 1966,

“a horse of course,”

talking to Wilbur,

really prepared me.

“Petticoat Junction”

(1963 – 1970)

fascinated me,

those pretty girls,

Betty Jo,

Billie Jo

and Bobby Jo,

throwing clothes

in closing shot of

the small country

town’s water tower.

Life on a farm

meant saying

“Goodbye to

Park Avenue!”


furs and pet pig,

blue jean overalls,

glamorous wardrobe.

Television sit-comedy

had likable characters,

created improbable plots

with convoluted quirky situations.

x x x x

If you would like to read about

Eddie Albert, from someone

who knew him firsthand,

please check out dear

English Professor:

Bianca or Blanca the Dog



This dog came running,

seemingly ferocious barking. . .

what’s a blogger to do when

she doesn’t have a cat,

turtle, horse nor bird?

Go find cute alpacas who

have a willing watchdog

wanting her ears petted

through a fence.

Intrepid reporting blogger

set off to find something

to warm and steal hearts.

Did the alpacas or dog

manage to “do their job?”


What kind of pet do you have?

Alpaca farm



Bright spring green grass,

only one dark, adorable alpaca

staring back at me as I spoke,

“baby talk” with coos and

smiles. It watches from

afar, seeing bouncing

big, white friendly dog

greeting me with its

tail wagging,

mouth open,

tongue licking air.

Although she was

barking, a gentle spirit

gave her away~

“guarding” sweet,

funny alpacas.

Look for Bianca or Blanca,

the friendliest watch dog!

You’ll fall in love with her,

see next post. . .