Art on a wall (#3 in a series)



Lesson on hiding an outdoor utility box:

Another one on how to create a 3D,

Three dimensional painting using

what appear to be lightning bolts,

Could give an illusion of guitar.

Points or dots of paint,

painstakingly dabbed

with brushes on wall.

Time consuming,

very specific,






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    • I was hoping focusing on the details and expressing my thoughts might “work.” Thank you, Maniparna for understanding how much effort and time this would take! I would like a band to play here with people sitting on the grassy hillside. Something fun and joyous for families! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Matt! You tried to see them, this was great that you may see at least one. Glad you checked this out. One of a kind, at least it was unique to my eyes. πŸ™‚

    • You are welcome for the close up, Diana. I appreciate your seeing how detailed it is and I am glad you found it interesting. I was quite “taken” by it, spent some time with my friend, Anna, pointing out parts of it. I liked “processing” my blog writing with her. I think I may have mentioned to you, she moved away and there may be some time until I see her again. This was a fun time spent together.

    • You know I could not get “enough” of this wall. I am kind of pushing it, possibly over -saturating the subject. Maybe it was because this day was spent with an old friend, Anna, who moved away and we had never done this before. I sort of “processed” my blog, telling her my thoughts and then, she pointed out details I had missed. . . It was fun, like when one has a group project and everyone brainstorms on a subject. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Dan. I would have been fine if everyone just liked it. πŸ™‚ The comments are appreciated. I could not stop brainstorming with my friend, Anna. We enjoyed processing our thoughts as if it were a joint project.

  1. It’s interesting how I see this wall painting based on how close or how far you were when you took the pictures. Each perspective is so different. And each is captivating in how the colors demand that our eyes take it in. – Mike

    • It was pushing the limit possibly by focusing on one art wall mural. I thought of it like when you have a book or project analysis, Mike. The more you look, (or examine) the more you see. Thanks for taking the time to read and look. I like the word, “captivating” and the addition to how the colors “demand” our eyes take it in. πŸ™‚

    • April, this is fantastic! So happy they affected your feelings. This is a great compliment. My friend, Anna and I sat down, talked about this wall and all we saw, jumping up and pointing at pieces of it. Maybe saying goodbye to her later made me feel like we needed to stay connected awhile longer. I felt the same in an
      emotional reaction to the bright colors.

  2. Dot painting is our Aboriginal way of painting, it is a long process but the end results can be quite spectacular. I admire the patience of the artists who painted your mural Robin.

    • Ian, I imagine this is an ancient way of painting. Sometime maybe you will have a picture of this in your blog? I liked the woodcarver who was so creative and multi-talented you featured fairly recently.

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