Hayden Run Falls



In the midst of busy city area,

one finds a clean Waterfall.

Sending negative ions which

are considered positive effects

upon one’s weary street-worn self.

Down strong, sturdy steps

across a long wooden walkway,

raised above soggy Spring earth,

wisely built to provide a “bridge”

permitting survey of stream

and growing buds and leaves.

This hidden often unexpected

form of nature is found almost

downtown Columbus, Ohio,

where rushing water enters

Creek then proceeds into

the grand Scioto River.


Photo taken by
Words spouting forth
with emotional release
sent your way by Robin.

~ Hayden Run Falls ~

What precious “gems”
do you have nearby,
discovered in


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    • Streams and rivers, lakes and sea, all are beautiful to me! ha ha, I rhymed this out.
      Joanne, it was a pleasure to go here, taking my daughter and her two sons. It just is like icing on the cake. Perfect! 🙂

    • Oh, you are so right! I had heard of this, we drove down and parked at a plant nursery, crossed the Scioto River on a bridge. There were rush hour traffic, a couple bicyclists and us! Carrie, oldest daughter, Skyler and Micah were thrilled!

    • I am glad you liked this waterfall, Dan. 🙂
      I almost added the song, “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls,” by the American band TLC. The band member, Lisa, wrote this. Stick to the rivers and lakes, I think it continues. I wasn’t sure people would remember or even like the song?
      I think it means take off your rose-colored glasses and stay with the more familiar, less exotic paths in life.

      • I don’t remember that song, Robin. I’m not sure I’d agree. Sometimes going to see the waterfall is a good idea, and I’m known for wearing rose-colored glasses.

      • Smiling since I cannot remember why my thoughts were heading there, except the song. It was hoping someone they cared about wouldn’t “chase” the waterfalls. It was a metaphor for (maybe?) things out of reach. I am glad to hear about those glasses, tinted to see the positive side of most things in life, Dan.
        (Except oblivious drivers in their own state of la-la land. 😉 )

    • Sarah, I get new pieces of your story every time we “talk” or write. 🙂 thank you for sharing!
      Columbus was halfway between my ex-husband (my college sweetheart who went back to Cincy to live by his parents) and my parents in Cleveland, 30 years ago.
      I was looking for a small university town and I chose Delaware over Westerville. I like Otterbein but Ohio Wesleyan campus was so pretty and downtown has a movie theater, lots of shops, too. . . 2 of 3 kids chose here to send their own children. 🙂

      • It is funny how we now discover these little similarities in online chatting!

        And I love college towns – I have spent virtually all my life in them, from large (Madison, WI) to medium (South Bend, IN), to smallish (Terre Haute, IN). They are just wonderful places. I think I would love a truly small college town, though. So many of them have oodles of character.

      • I went to a big state school, BGSU. When I went back for a few years during my adult life, my brother Rich was an interim professor. The town had been “gentrified” with pretty lamp posts and hanging flowering plants. 🙂
        You see some of my local university in holiday posts. I will continue to sprinkle them in. I was college friends with someone who ended up in South Bend. My young children liked a small Indiana zoo which had unique and beautiful collection. We went also to a lovely hot air balloon festival. It is so long ago, Sarah, that I forget where those were located. 🙂

      • I have never actually been to the Potowatomi Zoo (the one in South Bend) – but little zoos are great, and this one is supposedly of that nature. The one here in Madison is probably small- to medium-sized. It’s perfect for a couple hours, but not a whole day event. Plus, it’s free, so that’s always the right price.

        Madison is funny for me, because the city and surrounding areas have grown so much in the time since we moved here when I was a little kid. It definitely has a different feel, though some of that might be from me just getting older and seeing things differently.

  1. I think of waterfalls as Nature’s way of entertaining us. The sight of a waterfall is captivating, and the sound has a natural calming effect. Even your photo satisfies some aesthetic desire we all seem to share. If only I could feel a cool mist as well… – Mike

    • Mike, it was very chilly from the droplets! You would have enjoyed this! I imagine you have seen magnificent waterfalls. My favorite still is Niagara Falls. I kept my honeymoon photos which are Polaroids but good quality, despite this fact! 🙂
      You were “waxing poetic” about the aesthetics of waterfalls and I enjoyed it very much.

      • It’s true, I have seen innumerable waterfalls. Although Niagara isn’t on my list yet, I am pleased to have seen one of the great natural wonders of the world having visited Iguazu (on the border between Argentina and Brazil). Even so, I appreciate even the most humble of waterfalls. They whisper Nature’s message to us if we are willing to stop and listen. – Mike

      • I bet your Iguazu falls were so beautiful and large! South America would have amazing places. You probably remember I only made it to Spain, Portugal and Mexico. We didn’t see waterfalls since we mainly went to sights or cities, Mike. I like the feelings of whispers from Nature you mentioned.

    • Thank you, Kirt! We are very fortunate to have a lot of beauty surrounding us in what many might consider Ohio being a boring state. I am laughing myself, at the notion!

      • Ummm… well, Niagara Falls is like 5 hours away. We’ve got water falls and lakes and stuff closer by but I’m not sure they technically qualify as wonders.

    • I do, too! 🙂 There is a nature preserve by Clifton Gorge called Glen Helen Nature Preserve which has a great waterfall! Not close, but not too far, close to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

      Also, there is a waterfall on a path not too far behind Dublin Middle School only a mile or less from their downtown, Colleen.

      Of course, Old Man’s Cave is where I would send or take out of town guests. Hugs to you, my travelling friend! ❤

  2. REAL NICE-looking water fall. So glad we don’t have to wade the muddy and marshy ground to enjoy seeing it! Thou art truly a seeker of wonders, truly wonderrful in thine own right and person. 😀

      • Who wouldn’t accept a compliment…especially if it was true? Trying to make someone blush and feel extra good about themselves is hard work…over a distance. You are much better than you think you are! 😀 More reblogs to come, I’m positive!

  3. Beautiful waterfall Robin, reading your words and perusing other readers comments, I am trying to work out if the waterfall is actually in Downtown Ohio or is it secreted away from the bustle of everyday traffic, either way it is a refreshing delight to the eyes.

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