Lavender plumes at Franklin Park Conservatory



This makes you “ooh and ahh!”

It captures curiosity,

Lightning bolts striking,

Purple plumes sent out

from hands of craftsman,

Dale Chihuly,

blowing breath into molten glass.

°•° •°• °•° •°• °•°

Shattering all aspects of arts,

musical dancing purple feathers

possibly capturing not only ears

but hearts of the observers,

singer, musician, composer,

~ Prince ~

Mix rose, white, red, purple with

pain, tears from heaven, and

you imagine peace erupting

in all its splendour,

all its Glory.

•°• °•° •°•
Just a small

recognition of

two uniquely

special “artistes.”

Plus, shout out to

my brother who has

given me blown glass pieces,

made by himself with such beauty:

* Happy #59th Birthday, Randy! *

photo and words
by reocochran.
(April 22, 2014)


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    • You’re welcome for my post share, Dan.
      Last night, Prince was honored with a “purple” concert, guests and singers wore purple. Stevie Wonder sang, “Purple Rain.” Now, I am humming. 🙂

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