Thursday’s Doors ~ Tri-Delts House, ∆∆∆



Located on West Winter Street,

This is the Tri Delta House,

∆ ∆ ∆,

looking like a well established,

antiquated, historical home.

Families around see

dedicated students

and caring neighbors.

Each window is decorated,

a topping of a beige border.

The pillars holding the porch

room have a Roman look,

which is appropriate for


living here.

Notice the screened,

less formal entryway.

This close up of the door is

part of an exciting weekly series

hosted by Norm Frampton,

please check out the variety

found on his blog at:

The original Tri-Delts sorority,

International social organization,

was founded on

the campus of,

Boston University

in Boston, Massachusetts,

~ November 27, 1888 ~


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    • Jill, you are young at heart and this is a great genre! Go for it! 🙂 my girls liked when Judy Blume did her switch from children’s books to her first love story. I forget the title. xo

  1. Buildings like that are pure Romance to me Robin, history and architecture that tells story’s from bygone days, it is a pleasure to see them bought to life through your posts.

  2. I love the architectural details on this building. It is just a coincidence that I lived in an apartment directly across the street from the Tri Delta House at the University of Washington during my senior year. Those sorority sisters were the biggest snobs on campus. Perhaps the Ohio chapter is much more cordial. – Mike

    • I have not directly contacted the Delaware Tri-Delta Sorority but my friend lives down the street and says they are pleasant. Sometimes people are funny in cliques, later become better people. Hope this was true of the U of W Sorority girls you had the misfortune of meeting!
      Thank you for liking the House’s details! Happy Friday to you! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful building Robin. I love the arched doors/windows on the first floor and the arched accents on the upper floor. I also like the material used for the trim and accents.

    • I live in Delaware, Ohio and our campus is fairly old but the Boston reference proceeds it! I love all of Massachusetts and my Mom’s family came from Sweden and settled in Rockport, Mass. Thanks, Merril for mentioning your daughter! I am enjoying your blog, new for me!

      • I’m in S. Jersey, near Philadelphia. I don’t know Massachusetts that well–I’ve been to Boston a couple of times and have visited a friend in Amherst. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog!

    • Oh, Anneli. Something came up last night where my younger daughter needed my consultation. I never got back to my post yesterday.
      Hope you are well and have an enjoyable weekend! 🙂

  4. I love that house. My mother is a Tri Delt, from a different school, of course and I am/was a Theta. In New York State, the houses look just like this — old, stately, grand and perfectly maintained. I loved being in a sorority and one of the perks was living in a house like this. More beauty from your world, Robin, thank you. Always something new and uplifting here!

    • Beth, good to know your Mom was a Tri Delt. This was nice to actually “know” of a family member of a fellow blogger (and I feel a friend) who belonged to this sorority. 🙂
      Felicia liked living in her brick sorority house, off campus on a nearby street of Dayton. I actually helped “found” a sorority at BGSU. It was quite an exciting process.
      Your friendly comments bring forth an interesting dialogue. Glad to lighten your mood, Beth. 🙂

      • Sororities used to be of the highest character. They seem to have been tarnished in recent past and I cannot understand how that can be. We were expected to be of high moral character and to keep up at least a B+ average or more. Anyway, I still love them and love being in one of the oldest sororities in the world. I still keep in touch with them. xx

    • Kirt, you are an artist who sees the details and absorbs the beauty in life. I am thankful you visit and make discerning comments. Keeps me on my toes! Wish your family were here to tour our Delaware Arts Festival. Most entries in this two blocks closed off show are from mid-western states! We could use your brilliant Arizona and Western art, along with your beautiful classic art with the historical series, too. 🙂

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