Cobalt and turquoise jewels



Each room has its jewels

which Dale Chihuly created,

treasures to share with the world.

When you look at the setting you

are filled with the sense of

Gratitude, for nature’s

wonders and man’s


This is the

Palms Room,

Franklin Park Conservatory.

I have been sharing these

photographs just in case

you haven’t been

“properly introduced”

to the art of,

Dale Chihuly.

They look like stunning flowers

sprouting out in a sea of~

greens, yellows + browns.

Could they be blue necks

and heads of exotic birds?

Be in awe on Friday the 13th!


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  1. How surreal those shapes are. They almost appear to be moving, like a stoppage in a time lapse video of stems rising in advance of a blossom popping out. Those colors and shapes fit beautifully with the surrounding flora, which Chihuly must have envisioned. – Mike

    • This is a brilliant observation of the surreal effect Chihuly’s glass reflections do seem to move! Thank you, Mike, for taking the time to describe the amazing “special effects!” 🙂

  2. A number of restaurants here in the Los Angeles area have sculptures by Chihuly. Some are elaborate chandeliers. Geoffrey’s sister bought one for her ranch home. I love them! These are perfectly placed amid plants so you have to look carefully to realize they are not flowers. Lovely post, Robin!

    • Beth, thank you for sharing the news that LA restaurants are purchasing Dale Chihuly’s beautiful glass sculptures! I imagine hotels and other public buildings feature his artwork around the world.
      This is very exciting to hear about your sister in law owning one of the Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures. Lovely! 🙂

  3. Geez, I touched your link on my iSlave, and instead of get the link the iSlave went and pressed “unfollow”! just so you know, that was not my intention, and I pressed follow right away.

    The iSlave is handy for lightly touching a link and then saving it, but now and then, it messes up.

    • I feel I have small fingers but frequently start a process or delete something. But I agree, it is embarrassing to un-followed and then have to explain why you are back following someone. Thank you so much, dear.

  4. I love them. I think they’re perfect complements to the plants, in color and shape and scale. Heads of exotic birds, or surreal water droplets 🙂

    • Fantastic eye and memory, Sarah. Hope my artistic observation won’t “bug” you. 🙂 I like the curves and way he twisted off the hot molten glass in these, while the red looked straighter and like streaks of electric lightning. Thanks for seeing the similarity and hope I made the difference! 😉

    • As long as you are in awe, Jay, I am happy!! You see so much glitz and glamour, this was such a high compliment to Chihuly’s glass pieces! Wonder if Bjork could get him to create one to wear. . . is that too old a red carpet reference to say?! 😀

    • It shocked me as I turned the corner among the plants, Maniparna! Totally unexpected pleasure. Happy you found them “integral parts of Nature.” What a lovely comment, dear. ❤

    • Kirt, so happy you enjoyed these, while you have undoubtedly seen amazing Chihuly art pieces! I am also glad you think he is someone to admire. . . have a fantastic weekend, Kirt!

  5. I do like Chihuly’s work. Someday I hope I’ll actually get to see an exhibit myself. That beautiful electric blue snuggled in with the greens is very striking ❤

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