Old barn with rosy hues



. . . Sunset glows . . .




Tones shone on barn.

~ Variations of

Foreign words ~








* * *

Photo taken by
sought to
radiant rosy Joy.


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      • My pleasure. I smiled when I discovered how you thought my name might be. It is actually Mary Ann. The last name is Niemczura. Word play! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

      • So funny, I thought you were talking about the foreign words for rose, necklace and paternal grandmother. 🙂 Thank you for smiling, Mary Ann. Silly me!

      • Haha. Indeed. We all wore them, and they’re still around today. Can’t say I wear them anymore however. My career pantsuits still are worn even though I am retired. When I returned from studies in Heidelberg, Germany and got off the plane in my new tan corduroy pantsuit (the latest rage in Europe at the time), my mother loved it and said it will take 5 years to catch on here. She was right. Today, it’s style with comfort though. And why not? 🙂

      • I don’t wear sweater sets but I carry a lot of times, a sweater to wear in air conditioning, Mary Ann. I love tan corduroys but don’t have my matching jacket anymore. I bet you looked very fashionable coming off the airplane from Heidelberg, Germany. My friend went to Heidelberg in 1978 or 79, after we graduated from BGSU, (Ohio.) She was studying her Master’s degree there. She is still one of four long-term friends I still have. Thank you for this nice getting acquainted discussion. 🙂

      • I think that all women love fashion and try to dress accordingly. Today I prefer my pantsuits and Birkenstock sandals. I have a few long dresses and skirts for dressier occasions. In still enjoy sewing but my writing and music take most of my time these days. Is that Bowling Green State? It is a small world with Heidelberg and your friend. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • It was very lucky that I chose the “back route” after I went to the dentist this week! Thank you for mentioning the mirroring of colors. The barn roof’s rust and old faded building perfectly echoed the sky’s hues, Mike! 🙂

    • It felt peaceful and I walked around soaking in the surroundings. I circled the whole building capturing it’s different views. The name on the barn said, “Willowbrook Farm.” I saw a marshy or water logged field but no willow trees or a true brook, Dan.

    • Diana, I was glad the barn was white, like a blank slate to project the sunset’s pink tone upon it. You realize this by your comment. 🙂 It would have created a less interesting photo had it been red or another colored, such as brown, barn! Such serendipity!

    • Such a good question, Marissa!
      In Hindi, “dadu” means paternal mother, while “dada” means paternal father. My Mom is named Rosalie. She could be known as my son’s grandmother; also known as “Rose” or “Rosie.” (The color of the sunset.)
      I also read that Bengali also uses this as a form of grandmother. . . my DIL was thinking about an “easier nickname” for Hendrix to learn my Mom’s name. Six grandies call her Great Grammie O. or Oldrieve. 🙂

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    • Oh, a colourful silhouette is such a poetic way to express this photograph in words. It definitely tinted the worn barn and made it revive in the rosy reflection of the sunset, Ian.

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