Incredible rainforest and fish



Sunday Musings

and quotes,



from the Spire

church bulletin:

“In Athens, the apostle Paul

responds to the  people,

in their worship of an

unknown god:

” God is not far from any of us,

for in Him we live and move,

and have our being.”

Paul was once a


(Acts 17:23, 27-28, Bible)

Author Diana

Butler Bass echoes

this sentiment:

“If the water is invisible

to the fish, is God, the One

in whom we swim, also invisible?”

(“Grounded: Finding God in the World,”

Harper One.)

*  *  *  *  *

Isn’t this an amazing thought to ponder?

*  *  *  *  *

Heidi Mann quote,

“I, in turn am reminded of Dory,

The blue tang fish in,

” Finding Nemo.”

Feeling overwhelmed and alone,

she chants to herself,

“Just keep swimming,

just keep swimming.”

When we feel alone and

can’t see God, it’s not that He

doesn’t exist or can’t be known;

Rather, He surrounds us so closely

that sometimes we miss the fact.

God is the Living Water in which

we swim. Sometimes we need

to just keep swimming until we

become aware of that again.”

*  *  *  *  *

Hope these Sunday or

Any-day thoughts

bring you


Photo taken at

Franklin Conservatory,

Columbus, Ohio by

post author who

collected  these

words she found.

Enjoy a Serene Sunday!

Can you believe this is available

to visit year round?


38 responses »

    • Oh, good! Colleen, this is how I intended this. ā¤ . . . almost any higher being or Mother Nature may be some faith's "One."Thank you for finding this beautiful, friend.

    • Veronica, this was a wonderful affirmation of my choices of quotes, dear. I believe in a loving, ongoing relationship with God. He is always there, in the living water, surrounding us. ā¤

    • So glad you wished this, Jill. We had our Delaware Arts Festival this weekend. I bought one birthday gift for my daughter in law. We ate a blooming onion, got flavored coffee and bought Christmas gifts. ā¤

  1. Lovely post and well written Robin, I particularly liked the words “If the water is invisible
    to the fish, is God, the One in whom we swim, also invisible?”
    Very profound words with much Spiritual thinking.

    • Ian, you found the special “root” in the quotation. I think it leaves room for interpretation and spiritual ponderings. . . have a blessed weekend, dear. ā¤

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