Thursday’s Doors ~ Straight shot of charming German Village house



This Thursday’s Doors,

found within the neighborhood

of old and friendly German Village.

Quaintly decorated with flower pots.

The Columbus, Ohio area is such an

artsy, encouraging environment

for displaying unique and pretty

details outside the homes,

Wishing and wondering what is

to be found inside this door?

If you wish to guess or share

your own personal description

in the comments section,

please go ahead and do so.

Photo taken on cell phone and
simple description given
by blogger, reocochran.

The weekly program of Thursday’s
Doors, began from fellow blogger,
Norm Frampton. You may enjoy
checking out a variety of doors
found on his blog, links posted:


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    • I think we all would find them likable, Judy! I will try to make my way over to see your Doors post, Saturday am. It is a little crazy around here, I may need to ask how to split up into two Nana’s/mother/friend. . . cat sitting and grandies plus (shh-h! A date! πŸ˜‰ )

  1. That’s a beautiful house, Robin. I like the way the stone lintels over the door and window look like eyebrows. And, I love the reflection in the upper window. Great Thursday Door!

  2. I love cobbled streets and walk ways! BTW, I’d like to discuss more about co-hosting with me, if you are still interested. No worries, however, if you’ve had a change of heart. Please check your email. πŸ™‚

    • Oh no! Cindy would you please forward it to me again? I saved only a few links and thoroughly enjoyed your Hitchcock discussion about “Vertigo!”
      I would enjoy re-visiting musicals. I am sure in my thousand emails there were few “saved” and I apologize! Thank you, I will keep my eyes out for it one more time!

  3. What a cute little house. How funny that something so specific to German architecture would be found in a little village in Ohio. I would just assume that this was a regular family living here….though maybe a German one!

    • Well, the area the house is in, is also known as the area in Ohio where German immigrants or ancestors moved into. Once upon a time, this is true in every big city~ pockets of different cultures gatheredin neighborhoods. We also happen to have an area called “Italian Village.” πŸ™‚ In Cleveland, there are still certain areas where groups of people live, but the houses reflect some of the culture.
      I agree, this particular cottage just looks like a fairy tale one! ❀

      • We do have different areas for different cultures here in L.A. but nothing for Germany. It seems that most German Americans have already been in the country so many years that they’ve assimilated too well for that.

      • Oh, so good to know, Marissa. My grandma came from Germany but once she married my Swedish grandpa, they moved away from NYC. (Connecticut — Ohio)

    • Taphian, I love your name! Thank you for visiting on one of the planned Doors posts. There are a few here who have their own door posts. I encourage you to check out one other post, sending you warm regards! πŸ™‚

      • Well, first of all thanks for liking my blog name. The taphians were in homeric times some seagoing and piratical inhabitants of a Greek island. And further, I do a lot of door blogs, too, specially from Greece and third, my name is Mitza. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

      • Mitza, I hope I mentioned I visit blogs on Saturday at the library, so look forward to reading more about your blog. I appreciate your sharing this and filling me in. Smiles, Robin

      • No, Robin, I didn’t know that. But that’s a nice way to spend a Saturday. Have a nice time and weekend, regards Mitza

    • I would love to come visit or you could send your door through email. . . next week, it will be a special Memorial Day door which is also a presidential memorial. Hope the weather holds out and am wishing our blue sky to spread over to your neighborhood. It was nearly 70 degrees outside. πŸ™‚

    • Anneli, it does seem to be both of those! I hope it is okay, but I may not get to check out your blog until Saturday morning. I am cat sitting, along with a few odds and ends going on this weekend. ❀

    • You may enjoy doing this around your area, too. Thomas Kinkade used to walk home and see lights in windows, his mom would come home after he did. This is why he paints lights in houses and lighthouses. I would like to feature windows, too.Thanks, Liz, so glad I got you wondering. . .

  4. That’s a gorgeous house, and what a sturdy, traditional door. Love it. Love the narrow house with narrow shutters, the brick, the arch, the lintels, the pitch of the roof, and the windowbox — But oh! How I love the bits of flowers that give it such a cheery facade! πŸ™‚

  5. I like how the door is offset. It makes the house more interesting than having the door in the middle of the front. It looks to be a home filled with love. πŸ™‚

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