Spring rainbow



Spring’s Rainbow

It seems to have no

beginning nor ending.

Like life itself, never quite

fitting all one wants to:

~ leave behind,

~ accomplish,

~ overcome,

~ complete,

~ touch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So much


from nature’s

shining rainbow

showing up as a gift.


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  1. That photo is absolutely stunning! It has a sort of painting feel–like pen and ink on water color. Those branches are so delicate against the flame of the rainbow.
    I agree with Derrick, too, that it ‘s a nice simile.

    • Oh my goodness, this was like a miracle, God sent to transform you all into colors. This sounds like a life altering event and have never known someone who has passed through a rainbow. Wow, Colleen! Thank you for sharing this here. ❀

      • You’re welcome Robin. I think I wrote about it many years ago. We were on our way home from Tennessee. I will never forget the excitement I felt at driving through it. πŸ™‚

  2. Your poem is very moving. Some rainbows seem to bring about questions that we ask ourselves; What might it mean? is there a message for me? Your rainbow is one of those. x

  3. I love that. I tend to think about the end of life more often since I’ll get a pension this year. You’re right, there could never be enough time and it goes by far to quickly.

    • The partial rainbow held me in some kind of limbo and I felt questioning about my life and where I am heading. Usually, I am all about beauty and sunshine. Thank you for sharing how time has been so fleeting and your own upcoming change, with pension starting. Hugs, Robin

    • No, this sounds like a post which would also be a great story starter! Thanks for sharing part of it, Luanne! It must have been an amazing experience, unlike most birthdays! ❀

    • Ian, wow! You are such a nice friend. I am grateful for your gift in using “beautiful” to describe my loosely labeled poetry. Now, yours is gorgeous and sentimental, sometimes scorching hot, (blushing) but always beautiful.

      • Thank you for your lovely comment Robin, I write as the imagination dictates.
        Not sure what overcomes me sometimes that makes my vivid imagination get carried away.
        Kind regards.

    • I apologize for this late response to such a nice comment! Thank you so much for liking my spring rainbow, Cathleen. I found this log ago comment awaiting approval. Shoot! Take care and hope to stay better connected. πŸ™‚

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