Bianca or Blanca the Dog



This dog came running,

seemingly ferocious barking. . .

what’s a blogger to do when

she doesn’t have a cat,

turtle, horse nor bird?

Go find cute alpacas who

have a willing watchdog

wanting her ears petted

through a fence.

Intrepid reporting blogger

set off to find something

to warm and steal hearts.

Did the alpacas or dog

manage to “do their job?”


What kind of pet do you have?


107 responses »

    • Thank you for noticing her smile, Lisa. πŸ™‚ She was a real sweetheart and I miss having a dog. I will be seeing dogs while I visit family in Cleveland over Memorial Day. I stay at my Mom’s apt. Take care!

    • I remember your dog and she reminded me of my Mom’s Nicki. She is a black shih-tzu with gray and white hair, too. I will try to get a photo taken of her. You used to have your dog say funny things with little bubble messages. I am sorry to hear she is gone, dear. 😦 Sending you warm hugs! ❀

    • I am glad you think my name of Bianca fits her! πŸ™‚
      She fell down with her belly up, but I thought she being a girl needed to have more grace displayed in her “portrait,” Mike.
      Funny your feeling she is irresistible. she touched my heart. ❀ I had not missed my old Toby, a light lab mix, until she whined as I walked away. It reminded me of how Toby acted like I was his Mommy. He lived 14 years, about 7 with all of the family, then 7 with my ex. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  1. Ahh…I thought she was your dog…so cute! As for pets I’m away a lot so we had to settle on fishes…which my son loved for years but oh, the trauma. Never imagined so much emotional heartache as they died!

    • Pet fish are not as hearty as they are in the wild, so sad to hear of their demise, Annika. This makes sense and I raised my children for many years with rabbits in 4H and sometimes son had a rat or a lizard. Rats are rather cute and clever, actually. But I’d you travel, have to find a pet keeper. πŸ™‚

    • Diana, she was one of the most personable and lovable dogs ever! We owned four dogs, my parents, brothers and I. Then, as a family, my kids, ex and I owned only two. I really liked Bianca better than all of them except a lab mix we had, named Toby.
      Hope you have a spectacular Memorial Day, just in case I forget to say this! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have pets. They’re not allowed in my apartment, but to tell you the truth, not sure if I would have one anyway. This one is cute. I don’t know how seriously I could take him as a watchdog!

    • Marissa, I gave up a house and dog, but don’t miss either too much.
      I agree, dogs in an apt are not a good idea. It takes dedicated walking to keep the dog healthy!
      She is not a serious watch dog, so true! I think she belongs on a farm, running and rounding up the alpacas, along with probably lying by the farmer’s wife’s feet during winter, by the fire. She might be like Pauline, using alpaca yarn to make something beautiful!

  3. My daughter and I are too tender-hearted, and therefore have too many pets. Four cats, a dog, and until recently a rabbit. Rabbit dropped dead of old age, and some of the cats and the dog are well over ten years old. I love them all, and yet fervently hope that more street urchins don’t move in as this crew passes on.

    • I can relate to your feelings about both loving your animals you have but being “done,” once they all pass away. On another comment, I admitted to Marissa, I overall don’t miss my house nor the dog. (He stayed with my ex, who was wiling to pay a big “pet deposit,” while I visited him only a few times. It was hard leaving him.)
      This sweet, cuddly dog, Bianca, seemed to crave affection. ❀
      We had a lab mix, light colored and gentle. He enjoyed anyone who petted him!
      I like tender-hearted friends. Thanks for visiting again. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Dan for saying she was a cutie. My goodness, she was such a lovable gal! πŸ™‚ She eventually collapsed and rolled over, fortunately really close to the fence, since she wanted her belly rubbed.

    • I know how much Glen Fry the cat makes your house a home for you and visiting grandies and special guy, too. πŸ™‚ He channels his name sake’s quirky character, too. (I think. . . πŸ˜‰ )

    • My fingers are crossed, for you are truly a gifted cat whisperer, Luanne. ❀ The tape to separate the space on the window shelf is a "genius move" to keep Tiger and Kana pleasantly satisfied.
      This dog was sweet and I don't think you could have resisted her eyes pleading for some scratches on her ears, later rubs on her belly.

      • Aw, I’m sure I couldn’t!
        I picked up Slupe today!!!! So glad hubby saw things my way ;), which is that nobody has wanted her for two years and she has a reputation for being too standoffish, but that we are well suited to take her, at least as a foster. And guess what??? I’m so excited! She is a LOVEBUG!!!! So different at home rather than the shelter! I just knew it!

    • I always wondered about how other people didn’t take her home and now, finally you have a chance to include Slupe. Aww, cannot wait to see photos of your newest but older in age, member of the family. Just think how she would look at you, like “Why won’t Luanne take me home and love on me?!” And the point is, she and you will be like two peas in a pod. Give hubby a hug from your distant Ohio friend and cheering for Slupe, too. ❀

  4. She has a lovely welcoming smile for you Robin. Like Siddy she appears to be a welcoming dog rather than a guard dog. πŸ™‚ I once lived a couple of years without a pet and the house always felt as if something was missing. Orlando will be 10 this year and is showing some signs of aging now. I hope we have a few more years altogether yet.

    • Pauline, I hope Orlando will grace your home with his fine presence for a few more years, too. Siddy is a warm, cuddly dog. He has a smile on his face, along with his cute habits~ he is a winner! πŸ™‚
      This Bianca pulled on my heart strings, she was sure friendly! Also, well loved and fed, too. I picture her in the winter lying by the farmer’s wife’s feet with a fire going. I mentioned on another comment, “She might be like Pauline, using alpaca yarn to make something beautiful.”

  5. What a beautiful Bianca. We don’t have a pet anymore. We are still morning our golden retriever-two years since he’s gone. But I love petting and loving other people’s dogs. πŸ’“

    • Pamela, I know you would have been unable to resist this dog’s irresistible charms. You would have petted her and she would have dropped to the ground to get her belly rubbed, through the fence. πŸ™‚
      I do remember your post with photos of your dog, but would have to check again to remember your beloved dog’s name. ❀
      She didn't have a name on her collar so I named her beautiful Bianca, but Blanca would have been okay, for her white color. I miss my dog, who lived half of his 14 years as our family dog, a mixed light tan lab mix (pound puppy). The ex found an apt where Toby could live with him.

      • I ache for how much you must miss Toby. Henry was our sweet doggie’s name – he was born near Walden Pond, so we named him for Henry David Thoreau. xo

    • This was such a kind and sweet reaction, Pam. Yes, the “ache” is a longing for the warm feeling of a separated pet. I am grateful to have shared with someone who understands: you! Thank you.

    • I like the idea of cats, just finished cat-sitting my friends’ two cats.
      Drew, a Maine coon cat is unique. Sorry if you lost a tiny white Maltese. Pets are part of a family and can leave a hole in the fabric of the family. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t have any stuffed cats but I have two stuffed robin birds. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for re-blogging this post. I like the idea of a stuffed cat. Oh, I put away my collection of stuffed bunnies, some have dresses on. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your week, Jonathan. πŸ™‚

      • The “stuffed cat” I refer to, is a little tiger cat made with artificial fur…on a stiff rod-like “leash” so one may “walk it”. My wife and I still have some stuffed animals fro ou childhoods!

  6. Both the alpacas and the white dog did “the job” of stealing and warming our hearts. They bring a wide smile to my face. They are soooooo cute. Their hair/fur look so soft. The white dog reminds me of a friendly polar bear. Thank God there are so many animal species that we can love. I have a black standard poodle pushing 13 years old. She looks like a curly-haired black lab. No Frenchy cut. Good job intrepid reporter.

    • Are you living in Toledo area, Geoffrey? I used to have a Cedar Point coworker and friend in college years with your name. Thank you for enjoying the photos and stories about alpacas and their big brave “guard dog.” The image of a friendly polar bear makes me think of our Columbus Zoo baby polar bear, Nora. I think Toledo Zoo has twins. Hope your 13 year old standard poodle is well and thank you for dropping by. Smiles, Robin

      • Same person. Still living in Toledo area.for now. Retired for 5 years. Work at University of Michigan part-time as usher for fball,bball,hockey. Sacrilege. 1 son graduated from OSU. Another transferring to OSU this fall. Dealing w 84 year old mothers health issues. Not decided where 2 next. Got me thinking of Cedar Point 74,12th level of hell, Dick Fulton, got time to lean have time to clean, Lee Ann Sepsi, Bay, Plan B, beach, green VW, BGSU, Kreisher, pebbles on window,Cheetos, end of summer dinner, u going to Toledo zoo the next day with family, your glow,ur ears. Love your blogs. Pictures are great. Ur words paint pictures better than photos. Happy u have had a good life. U r blessed with beautiful family, Grandies have a lot of u in their faces and eyes. U r same intelligent, creative, artistic, caring, loving, beautiful person. A true wordsmith. Still have poem and art u gave me 42 years ago. Hope u find Grandies new grandpa. Quite a hunt. Dog healthy except for some non cancerous growths. Smiling. Geoff

    • Pepsi Sepsi and Robin Red Pop. Yes, the summer times were spent in idyllic after hours. Looking back, strange disagreement which caused us to go separate ways.
      I remember you whenever Beach Boys song,”Wouldn’t it be nice…” Later years, when sad “Desperado” song comes on. It was mentioned in a letter how your friends thought you should give up on me. Age was some of the problem, proximity another.
      I hope you enjoyed your lawyer years, ironic you are on “enemy territory” part time and my Master’s degree work was on OSU main campus.
      My parents retired at 55, sold Bay house and bought Vermilion cottage on the lake. Finally sold it after four years on the market for low price. They loved being carefree and drove a Transvan, across country and into Canada and Mexico, taking grandies, my 3 kids, to Ohio camps mainly.Thanks for reading and liking my past essay form of blogging, Geoff. Sending you hugs and glad your sons are doing well. Dad died at 69, but Mom lived on her own up till 83. Heading there Memorial Day weekend. My brother Randy lives in Westlake, so does Mom in a senior living apartment and Rich married a professor, he also taught special ed for 20 years inner city Cleveland and then got his PhD at Kent State. He was an interim professor at BGSU so I was up there four years of visits, until he went back to Westlake, now Susan and he have 27 years under their belt. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, the blogger has done just the right thing. She made the dog famous through her words and the picture.

    I had a dog, I lost her when I was in the college. Since then, I never dared to go for another pet. Losing them is too much painful!!! πŸ˜₯

  8. What a nice dog! I have a little Bichon who will be two this week. A dog is really another member of the family. When my little nephews know that I’m coming over they’re interested in seeing Bau, not me. πŸ™‚

    • Carol, this would be so wonderful to have a young dog, attracting your nephews’ attention plus keeping you company, too. πŸ™‚
      I used to like walking my family’s dog, first as a girl, later as a Mom. My ex took “custody.” Toby was a pound puppy with lab and German shepherd. He missed me and I did him, but after awhile I realized I worked a lot of hours and apt life isn’t so good for such a big (but sweet) dog.

  9. We’ve had dogs and cats over the years. But now we seem to be only taking in cats. My backyard according to my neighbor is like living next door to the TV show Animal Kingdom because it’s so full of wildlife. Loved your story about the alpacas and their dog. πŸ™‚ ❀

  10. We don’t have a pet, but our daughter has a dog, and our son, guinea pigs. In the past, all the children have had rats, except for Michael, the eldest, who had an imaginary dog long before he had a real one

  11. Don’t remember why-2 yr age diff (socks older than that) C0L/BG/Tol not so far apart. Don’t recall ever saying my friends wanted me 2 give up on u-wouldn’t listen 2 friends on affairs of heart. Whatever it was it was what it was. Remember u whenever a CP ad comes on/hear “The Way We Were” Great ur parents retired young /buy Lake Erie cottage. Spectacular sunrises /sunsets. Close to God. What an education for the grandees to travel/ spend time with ur parents. Priceless. Ur brothers doing well. Hope ur moms doing OK. Oldest Scott lived Lakewood/worked ICU nurse-Cleveland Clinic, then Tol Hospital ICU when Kathy got breast cancer and passed 5 years ago/ now nurse anesthesiologist Rockford, IL. Middle Drew works as waiter at Hilton HotelDenver. Youngest Adam wants 2 get I worked Juv Ct magistrate.Loved it-care about kids/families. Several OSU grads work UM ushers-Surprised they hired us-said OSU grad. Buckeyes do great work anywhere. Love Big10 comp and closer than OSU. Gives me something 2 do. SeeOSU every other year football. At 50 yard line/field level next 2 tunnel behind visiting team. I remember you had a short white coat similar to Bianca’s coat. U had 2 buy yours. Thanks for allowing me 2 catch up and listening. 1st time blogger. Not sure what is witless. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Might attend Thurs Memorial Tournament w youngest- never did that b4. Hope it doesn’t rain- has a history of that. Sending hugs back at u.

    • Can u tell me why later u remembered me when u heard sad Desperado song? Can u tell me what the strange disagreement was? R u still working on your masters at OSU? Do u still have Bianca’s white coat ?

    • Geoff, things went the way they did but youth is challenging and life is a potshot. πŸ™‚ No, my coat is long gone. Yes, you wrote a letter saying friends ask why you were sad, waiting, they wanted you to go out and not wait, it is okay. Probably too young. I am glad my youngest daughter waited till 30 to really fall for someone, learning how her older sister and brother’s lives changed drastically once children came along.
      I think Cedar Point played Beach Boys so the A side of album was “Wouldn’t It Be Nice. . .” and B side was “God Only Knows.” Both are still favorite love songs. Don’t concentrate too hard on “Desperado,” Geoff. I thought you might remember why?
      I liked hearing about your grown children. I was deeply saddened by the loss of your wife, Kathy. Just terrible. 😦
      I am up visiting with 7 year old grandie, Micah, at Mom’s. Just relaxing while week ahead means working 4 ten hour days since they won’t have to pay overtime. (No union)
      Dr. Ralph Gardiner, my OSU Dean, told me to take a teaching sabbatical in 2007 to get three courses offered only during days I taught. Not evenings weekends or summer. I said, How can I? My husband lost his job, 60% income unemployment would not keep our house we built and I had been teaching preschool special ed, which in 1999, did not require Master’s. I worked four nights a week at a Cracker Barrel, taught 5 days and took 45 credits of 60 but thanks to Bush, Jr NCLB act came into effect. You had to have a Master’s in the area you taught in. Plenty of scrambling teachers, science teachers teaching math, having to get Master’s in math, etc.
      I chose to “retire” from teaching and work at Advance Auto Distribution Center. Brother Rich said good for body and brain cross waves to build more synapses, his wife professor at Baldwin Wallace says, At least you get paid to “work out!”
      I don’t mind the last 8 years and managed to enjoy grandkids more, teaching them all I learned at preschool and OSU. I was grandfathered into the elementary thru middle school education level, but 360 applications didn’t produce more than two interviews.
      Forgive the repetitive story, may have shared before~ My Dad got where he did by sweeping out White Castles at age 13, no child labor laws in KY so he hitchhiked from Cincy. (A trucker took him to the U of Ccampus and told him that he should go for the 5 year co-op program, work hard in school to get out of his impoverished existence, his Dad in Vet’s Hospital and mother worn out and weak. She lived with us from my 3rd year of life until I was 15)
      I knew you would either work with the poor or the youth, Geoff. This makes me smile and happy. Take care.

      • Thanks for giving me some answers to questions I have carried with me for many decades. Sorry to hear about your family struggles. You are strong-willed and resilient. You put all u have in everything u do. Sometimes adversity makes us rise to the challenges and makes us better people. you become more successful. My parents were poor and had 5 kids, father was a truck driver and did not make much $. We had a car so old the floor rusted through and we had a piece of plywood there. Like many husbands at that time they did not want their wives to work. We lived a mile or so from the country club and I started to caddy there at age 12 so I could buy clothes and get a bike. It was hard carrying a 50 lb bag 5 miles when u are a small skinny tow-headed kid. But I was able to parlay my years there into a caddy scholarship to The Ohio State University. I meant I remember you whenever a Cedar Point commercial comes on. I kind of remember the letter now. I was so in love with you and did not want it to end. You are a special human being. I remember going up to BG and going to enroll to earn a teaching certificate after graduating from Ohio State. But somebody met me outside the commons and told me you did not want to see me again so I nixed that. I know that u will be fine. U have a great supporting family. I hope you find again the love u r looking for and that u deserve. That will be one lucky fellow. Choose wisely. That guy will be on the pillow next to you until one of u shall pass. The Grandies demand you find him. You were my first love and I shall cherish the time we did have together. I will always remember you. Undoubtedly I will be making more trips to Columbus to see my youngest especially since he signed a 12 month lease. I hope you don’t mind if when I drive US 23 past little Ohio Stadium that I give a wink and a nod to the right side of the road and give a fist bump to my heart. I will always love you. I will not bother you any further. I will keep riding the fences, put on an extra pair of socks in the wintertime, chuck my sunglasses, only play the queen of hearts. Have a great life. Sorry for the novel.

      • Sorry broke my promise already. Youth is challenging but feelings the same or maybe more since a new feeling. As u know any age can be challenging . NCLB was also a Ted Kennedy bill. Congress and Pres should have anticipated the hardship requiring masters for the subject u teach and made accommodations for those teaching w a bachelors degree. Better yet apply it to new education students. and maybe require some continuing education but not a degree for those already teaching. Looked good on paper but many good teachers without masters. Sometimes better. I’m sure u were 1 great teacher. Educations loss. I am obsessing but can’t remember why Desperado? Please remind me. I’m trying to be a better person. Rich looks on the positive side of things. I’m sure they don’t pay u enuf to work out like that. The synapse thing is true. Ur dads story is inspiring. My grandmother lived with us 2. 8 people in 3 bedrooms. If u ever need anything or get in a bind u know I will be there for u. No strings. God bless u and your family.

  12. Both the alpacas and the dog. ..but I have a soft spot for dogs and that one is precious! My son took his dog for the summer, I already miss that exuberant border collie, son too, ha ha, but College Boy surfaces at meal times.

    • Aww, a loss indeed, Lana. Makes me remember not too long ago, Felicia (now 30) and I having a drastic change in 2006 her midway through college and our losing house and space to live in my cramped one bedroom apt, hot summer nights on twin beds! Lol! We developed a slumber party attitude and talked into the night, sometimes saying a quick bedtime prayer. Dog and son will always visit!!<3

      • Well Robin sometimes these situations show what is really important and that is the bond of family. Our spaces are truly defined by the ones we love. I’ve had some hot summer nights also, and I have several that I will always treasure. Son and dog will be visiting this summer and dog will be back when College Boy heads back to college πŸ™‚

    • I do enjoy and miss dogs in my life.It is great to have a rabbit for you grandkids to love and care for, Judy! πŸ™‚ My two grandsons had a boy bunny named “Pinky” but he was a gentle rabbit. Now, they have a slightly neglected “Beastie” bunny, he is gentle towards their mother and the elder boy, but the rabbit takes its front teeth to make a quick jabbing tear of your finger skin. Yikes, this has hurt me a few times!

  13. Definitely a beautiful Maremma dog Robin, a very special breed, also used as a watchdog for Chicken, Goats and Sheep, he certainly would like being petted.
    Beautiful post.

    • I am fascinated by the different breeds of dogs but not sure whose right in this naming the kind of sweet-tempered dog, Ian. I appreciate your suggestion! Warm regards, Robin xo

    • I really like collies and shelty dogs.My parents had a few of them! Thank you for sharing about your Finn.
      Also, I appreciate your enjoying the alpaca “guard dog” on my blog post, Cathleen. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Cathleen. You made me smile! I share sympathy with your cell phone or computer and typos. Oh, groaning!
      Now, another part of blogging troubles is remembering to check awaiting approval section. I will come by your post and apologize in person. Lol

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