Not a door. . . but a gate



This Thursday, I won’t be displaying

any Doors but some details of the

President Warren Harding Memorial,

which I will post the entire monument,

tomorrow which has a mausoleum,

where both President Harding

and his wife were interred.

My grandsons, oldest daughter and

I surveyed the land surrounding this

beautiful building and wanted to share

a few more details. I hope you will

go to visit all the Thursday’s Doors,

as I greatly enjoy checking them out.

The building structure has Roman

columns, brass Eagles turned green,

The steps go all around the building,

Interesting to find in the back a stone

marble block with the year this was

constructed, “1926.”

Warren Gamaliel Harding

(November 2, 1865 ~ August 2, 1923)

The ivy growing up high in the

courtyard and the description of

President’s porch stop campaign,

were details I learned from reading

the historical placards and the big

octagonal table which included

the fact he didn’t live a very long life,

57 years old,

and within a year his wife,

Florence Kling,

took ill and died also.

Although not an official

Thursday’s Doors post,

I would like to add the

Central place to find links,

along with Norm Frampton’s

fine example(s) of doors.

Please check out the

May 26,2016

collection at:

Thanks for stopping by today!


31 responses »

    • I kept hoping, Beth, as we walked around the whole huge memorial, I would see some semblance of a door. This was the best I could do, which I really appreciate your compliment on this shot! πŸ™‚

  1. That’s a very beautiful photo Robin, very nicely composed. I think a gate is door-y enough for Norm. It certainly functions in the same manner, and this one is beautiful.

    • I didn’t title it as Thursday’s Doors, but I appreciate your opinion, Dan. I liked this place, it was like a smaller version of one of the big Roman Empire buildings, only more recently built so not decaying! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your “vote of confidence!”

    • Sharmishtha, dear, thank you for your lovely compliments about the photo and the words I wrote about a United States President, who actually wasn’t all that “good” in his personal life, but the memorial is quite pretty. Hope you are well and sending you blessings and peace. ❀

    • I didn’t title it as Thursday’s Doors, Norm. πŸ™‚ Just to make sure no one got confused, but I will always provide a connection to your post on Thursdays, since I like for everyone to see the links and see your own door post. Thanks for this sweet comment, which I didn’t expect to “squeeze” into the doors category at all! πŸ™‚

    • Marissa,thanks for calling this regal! I was rather impressed by this building and tomorrow the whole Memorial will be featured, showing how grand it is in comparison to my grandsons standing on the steps. They are like giant steps, taking quite a big jump to get up on each of the ledges. Smiling at this nice way you put the substituting the gate for the door as being “good.”

    • I appreciate the use of humbling, Judy. The deeper meaning of the life and death of someone, along with impact on history, creates learning, as well as humbling. So true!

    • You know I practically cannot LIVE without being called, “missy” by you! πŸ˜€ It made me feel good to see my grandsons, ages 7 and 11, get excited about this monument, Natalie. ❀

    • Veronica, I respect your comments and am glad you feel I did the memorial justice in my description. I like how you noticed the layers and it’s details. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for that introduction to President Harding’s monument and history.
    I had never heard of this President, he certainly died young, I wonder what his achievements were in power. I look forward to the follow up post Robin.

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