The courtyard for President Harding Memorial



Inside the tall Roman columns,

you see a tree with new leaves,

Roman columns and ivy living

above the circular area where

no one goes in, unless with

a key. This fine presidential

memorial may be found

in Marion, Ohio where

President Harding

lived nearby in the country.

He bought “The Marion Star”

making it into a popular

and leading local newspaper,

while only twenty years old.

I was eager to include

something solemn for the

upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

If you wish to see actual doors today,

please visit Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors post at:


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    • Thanks, Beth. It is always interesting to know the younger years of our presidents. 🙂 I personally like Abe Lincoln and how he read books by candlelight and chopped lots of wood, or George Washington admitting to chopping down the cherry tree. Such quaint and fun stories.

    • Thanks, Sharmishtha! You are very kind to call this “fantastic” but in person it was rather amazing. I am sure there are many amazing sights I would love to travel to your country and see. Smiles, Robin

    • Well, I am old enough to be your grandmother or mother, since I am 60 years old. I do have a child like quality in that everything surprises and pleases me in nature and the world around us! Thanks for the compliment on my words today, James! 🙂 Sending you blessings and peace within yourself, too.

    • Anneli, it is rather exciting to have one like this in Ohio! 🙂 We have log cabins and other small houses for the Wright brothers and Thomas Alva Edison. I think we should have four monuments since we had four of the many presidents but President Hayes from Delaware, Ohio where I live doesn’t have anything but a plaque! You will cringe, I do at least because it is in front of a BP gas station!!

      • Oh, now you have me feeling sorry for President Hayes. Well, I suppose it’s something the people of your town could change. Start saving your pennies.

    • Mike, thank you for such warm accolades. I have driven past this and liked it from afar but once out of the car, it really was “magnificent.”
      Wait till you see the whole building with my grandsons looking like ants on the steps! Smiles since I know you may have already looked this one up on the internet. Try not to peek if you didn’t then tomorrow’s post will be a surprise! 🙂

    • Thanks, Dan. I was much more impressed then when I have passed this on my drives through Marion, Ohio. Once you get out of the car, it is HUGE! Cannot wait to make the rounds tonight and see everyone’s actual Doors! 🙂

    • Jay, thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate your visits and how you hang in with the poetic, scenery and art stuff. I love your movie reviews and when I started my blog, I wrote quite a few of my own. Not nearly as specific and succinct. You cannot imagine the ramblings that went on passing for a movie review. Ha ha! Hope you have a memorable weekend! Try to relax, hope someone else cooks and runs the barbecue, too. 🙂

  1. Nice choice for Memorial Day. Not 2 many people get off US23 in Marion 2 see the Harding Memorial. Family stopped by when the oldest swam at a swim meet at Marion YMCA. The memorial is impressive for the much-maligned President. He died after serving only 2+ years in office while in San Francisco 2 give a speech. He is usually rated one of worst Presidents after scandals and extramarital affairs/illegitimate daughter revealed after his death. He was popular while in office. The monument looks like a DC monument. It is hard 2 believe he ran a national political campaign from the front porch of his house on a Marion main drag.

    • I am glad you mentioned the less savory details of President Harding’s life. I also read he had chicken pox and may have not created the daughter but decided to be honorable and pay for her expenses in life. He was certainly a likable President while in office as you mentioned. It is fun to think of your life passing by mine, while I have lived 30 years in Delaware, moving here with a 5, 3 and 1 year old. We went to the eye care center in the Marion Southland Mall, along with enjoying visiting my friends from BGSU, Rebecca and Rich Cunningham.
      I liked this university town best (compared to Otterbein in Westerville) and it was midway from my parents in Vermilion and my ex, Dave, in Cincinnati. I even ate at the restaurant we had our last night’s meal at Cedar Point, more than once. But we had many more meals in other places, seems like pizza at OSU possibly or subs? Smiles, since I am happy for your family, their travels and sporting accomplishments. Hope you have a memorable weekend, Geoff.

    • It may be one of the prettiest places outside of Washington D.C. that I have seen memorializing a famous person. I sure did like the Ringling Brother’s house in Sarasota, Florida, I believe and also, Philadelphia, the place where Rocky ran up the steps to the theme song! Drew, have you been busy writing or is the blogging still pulling you away? Have a lovely weekend, with family and your wife, too. 🙂

  2. How fascinating, Robin. I learn so much from you. And, I love, love, love that picture. The tree is so pretty there. I didn’t really know anything About President Harding. Thank you!

    • Beth, I learn so much from you, too. There are many places you have featured along with stunning photos and interesting details in California.
      I am very proud to realize how much time and thought you have incorporated in the posts on the Presidential election. Your blog is my “go to” forum to take the pulse on the national news forefront.
      This emphatic and sincere (love x 3) compliment had me reading out loud to my Mom, with a silly grin on my face. Hugs to you! ❤

      • Awwww. That is so kind of you. I will be happy when this election is behind us. It has been worrying me and getting more worrisome by the day. Anyway, we support each other, you and I, Robin. Thank heaven for you and your blog. I feel like moving to Ohio so I can have a more normal life, seriously! ❤

    • I will possibly be relieved when this is all over. Watching family playing Monopoly while Mom, Rich and I went out.
      You may enjoy visiting Ohio but I would love to visit California, so don’t leave too soon! ❤

  3. Thank you for the follow up Robin, an elaborate monument for a President who served only three years and died in office, your post led me to searching the history of this man, he did have accomplishments and survived some scandals but still a great President.

  4. What a lovely and peaceful memorial. This reminds me a bit of the civil war memorial at Vicksburg which also has those stately columns. I do not know that much about President Harding and found it very interesting that he started a newspaper at such a young age. Makes me feel like such a slacker 🙂 I hope you and your family have a great Memorial weekend, Robin.

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