Happy Memorial Day, 2016!



We took Skyler and Micah to the

President Warren Harding

Memorial structure and

grounds located in

Marion, Ohio.

The boys heard me

say I was going to

take a photograph

of the American flag.

They hurriedly



side by side,

“brothers in arms,”

so to speak.

They instinctively

saluted the flag.

Maybe going to,

and participating in,

baseball games

helped to build this habit.

Seeing ball players

taking their ball caps off,

placing it over their hearts.

Their mom and I

appreciated their

showing respect.

Hope even if you didn’t

celebrate Memorial Day,

you enjoyed a

wonderful weekend.

Memories of those who

served,  my family members:

Ed Tuck,

Johnny Tuck,

William Oldrieve.

They all “survived” but

two faced PTSD;

one my grandpa,

more so than others.

He spent time in a Veteran’s

Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thank you for your service,

all international soldiers,

and members of military,

defending your country’s freedom.

Please feel free to add names

of those special military

heroes you may have

in your family, community

or among your friends.


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    • I am happy to see my grandsons are open to learning ways to show respect, Dan. My oldest daughter likes to watch the History Channel, along with reinforcing positive choices. I will pass the thanks on to her, too.

    • Maniparna, I was glad my grandsons chose to do this. Their action did make it special for my family to see, in my photograph. 🙂 Thanks for this kind message.

    • Hi Liz, thank you for checking this post out! I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. I appreciate your listening to my words and sending they were heartfelt. Hugs, Robin

  1. That is a truly fantastic picture Robin, those boys are an excellent example of Respect and Patriotism.
    Sadly the days of Children everywhere having those qualities is dying.
    As a Vietnam Veteran myself, I salute your Boys in return from Australia.

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