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Thursday’s Doors ~ June 30, 2016



As you turn the corner from

the front locked door,

You are asked to use

the Courtyard Entrance,

as you pass flowers, urns,

large picture window,

walking on a path

of old bricks as

well as stones.

You are going to

head into patio,

where sale books,

laid out upon picnic tables

greet you before you enter an

extravaganza of 32 rooms packed

“Chock full” of every genre of books

available in Central Ohio.

This Thursday’s Doors post

has the Main Front Door post,

the alley of scenery post,

and the big sign,

informative post. 

To see other

various door

posts, please

check out founder,

Norm Frampton’s blog:

“Danke Schon!”

Thursday’s Doors ~ June 30, 2016



The Book Loft is open

Every Day,

7 days a week,

Plenty of hours

To roam around

32 rooms of books!

This is one of two

Follow-ups of the

Front Door.

This is the information page.

If you wish to delve more

deeply into other history

of doors, check out

many links found

on the founder,

Norm Frampton’s,

Thursday’s Doors at:

Thanks for stopping by,

I’ll always have room

for visitors here!

Hugs + smiles,


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Thursday’s Doors ~ June 30, 2016: The Book Loft, German Village



I bought two favorite,

beloved books,

“The Velveteen Rabbit,”

by Margery Williams,

Illustrated by

David Jorgensen.

“Polar Bear, Polar Bear,

What Do You Hear?”

by Eric Carle

with Bill Martin, Jr.

(who adapted the book

to become My First Reader.)

Micah in his supreme,


second grade knowledge,

“You need to buy these,”

after studying about ten books

which I had chosen to pick from.

Randy’s “statement art” piece



Under the layers of purposeful

grid work, chicken wire and

additional wooden strips

screwed onto this “funky”

art piece is a form,

a fossilized art

of an animal

or bird,


and bent.


I could see this as a

Statement Art piece

for a vegan or vegetarian.

The story and meaning

is like all art found~

“In the Eyes of the Beholder.”

Do you have a unique

title for this one?

Randy has had shows

where he has won,

“Best of Show”

and “People’s Choice.”

There obviously is an

Artist’s interpretation.

Honestly, Randy once gave me

sheet with titles and prices.

I am not necessarily promoting

his sales;

I am promoting purchases of

Real Art.

Not prints sold at “box stores”

but even going to your

local thrift shops or

high school art shows

and making your purchase

be meaningful. One that’s

also a legacy for that

artist you chose to

display their art

upon your wall!


Photo by Robin,

Thoughts not

representing the artist

nor even given approval.

Tell me what you think. . . please!

Reflections of a chair, Art part two



It reminds me of a modern chair,

a utilitarian place to sit, not

to dig in deep like an arm

chair or cozy, padded

rocking chair.

Seen as a

reflection in the

mirror purposely set to

change your perspective.

Enjoy the view in the cool,

calm and peaceful scene,

with the rest of the story left

up in the air; sight unseen.

x x x x   x x x x

Reflections can be literal

or figurative~ but my own

interpretation led me into

an imaginary fantasy of

wistful wishes sent

out into a joyful



x x x x







& Light.

Where are we heading?



“How can we get there from here?”

by Robin O. Cochran


The Old Norfolk railroad trestle

made me think of our country’s

uneasy emotional climate.

I pondered how

“all over the place”

we have been for several

days, months and years.

Have we or will we

Ever Recover

from 9/11, Rodney King

or recent horrendous acts?

All I must say is we need to

be vigilant of our words

and our actions. . .


Because children and young adults

are watching how we behave.


I would like us to take the song,

“Under Pressure,”

(Freddie Mercury,

David Bowie)

Lyrics into consideration:

“Can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Love’s such an old fashioned word

and love dares you to care for

the people on the edge

of the night and

Love dares you to change

our ways of caring

about ourselves.

This is our last dance,

This is our last dance,

This is ourselves~

Under pressure,

Under pressure,


These words are heard

often, but I think we take

it to mean as individuals

instead of societal pressure.