Sunshine’s popping out



The pagoda patio is

peaceful location for

popular photography place ~

weddings, graduations and proms.

Looking East as radiant sun rises,

damp grass, small evergreens

and pond below the lattice-

work structures all glow.

It melts frosty mood,

grumpy due to

early rising.

No, I don’t

pop out

of bed

like a







with clouds

and sun




into the



rising to


sun rising.

Shine on,

pace yourself.

Life is not a sprint.

It is a lifelong journey.

Have a




41 responses »

    • Thanks so much, Wolfego! I do love sunshine and pretty scenery. I apologize for this late response. I am terrible at checking my pending approval area of WordPress.
      Thank-you for stopping by and please come back and visit again! 🙂

  1. Beautiful words and photo. I like that you admit to popping out of bed like a piece of toast. I kind of slither out like a gelatinous blob. It takes me a while.

    • I am definitely not an early riser, naturally. More “forced alarm clock follower!” You had me laughing a bit at your joke on yourself, April. My grandsons cover their heads with pillows. They may lose oxygen but stay in bed for quite some time on Saturday and Sunday, as well as summer vacation mornings. 🙂

    • Balroop, I saved a few of your blog posts in my drafts to read. Thank you for visiting me and giving such a beautiful compliment! I enjoyed this description of how I wrote my poetic thoughts on this post. 🙂

    • I trust your poetry compliments so much more now that I know how you took two college poetry courses. I admire how you captured the professor’s interest in your writing.
      In other words, thank you very much for this special message, Dan. I mainly was hoping to encourage others in waking up early to see a sunrise and have fun reading my words. 🙂

    • So glad I could get a smile and chuckle from you, Diana. Your response helped me to reciprocate!! 🙂
      I would enjoy sitting with you, on one of the pagoda’s benches, sipping on coffee (or you may choose tea or cocoa. . .) 🙂

  2. Is that the sun? I’ve heard rumors it exists but in Indiana it has been placed on the side of milk cartons as missing for the past month! Oh and the poem was superb, I hate people that pop out of bed like a piece of toast!

  3. Life is not a sprint….that is so true, Robin. Sun popping pumped bubbles are such wonderful lines! Lovely verse here, and that photograph….oh that gorgeous photo! Enjoy these beautiful, almost summer mornings 🙂

  4. A delightful writing Robin, I can see by the photograph why it is a great setting for Weddings etc.
    I enjoyed your illustrative words, especially pace yourself.Life is not a sprint.It is a lifelong journey.
    Kind regards.

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