Thursday’s Doors ~ No Outlet



A sense of humor ~

color contrasts,

decrepit back area,

close to downtown.

Challenging conflict,

strange message

of,  “No Outlet.”

Hoping to get a chuckle

or at least a smile

from this chipped paint,

Thursday’s Doors post!

Our many diverse door posts

are led by Norm Frampton.

Please check out the

collection with links

to their locations at:

Be prepared to enjoy

and be intrigued!

This door can be found

around side of a

building at the

corner of

Spring Street and

South Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio.


No history given.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To accompany the

“Less than Perfect Door,”

adding a quote

which comforts

me. Hope it will

for you, too.

“The thing that is really hard,

and really amazing, is giving

up on being perfect and

beginning the work of

becoming yourself.”

~ written by Anna Quindlen ~


60 responses »

    • Jonathan, you were wise in two ways:You brought existentialism into my blog. I took a course in that in high school. Secondly, you explained the sign’s purpose, no way to drive through here. No alley, no outlet. Perfect answer! 🙂

    • I think existentialism is a challenging concept. You listed two classic examples in Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre. I think our high school teacher included the shorter novel, “Metamorphosis,” by Franz Kafka. This is one I think about and wrote a post about awhile back. Take care, Jonathan.

    • Ooh, I like this idea very much! I love when musical contributions are brought up, Philosopher Mouse. The Eagles are almost my very favorite band, too. This makes total sense since our town used to have a Hotel downtown but it was made into apartments!

    • My day is complete when friends smile and giggle, Nia. Warm smile sent back your direction plus an added hug. Phew! This door barely made the grade. Ha ha ha! 😀

    • Liz, thank you for letting me know the sign sounds foreboding. It does sound like a creepy Stephen King short story. 🙂 I am glad you found the quote, since it kind of balances out the negative sign.

  1. Great picture Robin, so much material in there apart from the sign, mildew on concrete peeling paint, forlorn tree, neglected outbuilding, all signs of a past life.
    No disrespect to your picture Robin, but that would be great in black and white.
    You have posted well as usual.

    • I am happy to take suggestions and am so happy you suggested this. We are long lasting friends, I feel. Always good to try things a different way. Take care and always tell me what you think, Ian. I respect your great mind!

    • Veronica, I am pleased you will remember this quote I found. I wrote it in my journal so even if I don’t blog, someday Anna Q’s quote will be around. Thank you for thinking about this photo and finding the mystery in it. ❤

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