Thursday’s Doors ~ Back garage shed door



Do you recognize tile roof

and brick’s pattern style?

This looks like part Italian,

due to red, curved tile roof.

I have a challenging situation

when I post a fascinating

door which grabbed me.

I cannot walk on by.

Do I leave it to you,

my wise friends,

fellow bloggers~

to fill in the

blanks and



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  1. Doors and roofs are the outer casings or cocoons of mysteries, what is evolving inside, what history lurks beneath the tiles, and what heritage lies behind those doors.
    Your task Robin, if you accept, is to unravel the mysteries, and bring the secrets to the fore.

    • This is a shed behind a large still actively useful observatory. I imagine all sorts of tools inside, along with a riding lawn mower since it is on a large property. What did you think may be inside, Ian? Thanks for you’re throwing down the gauntlet and challenging me! 🙂 🙂

    • Derrick, I was having fun seeing if there were any close guesses while I worked today! It is a storage buildimg behind a working observatory. I am guessing tools, lawn care mowers and snow shovels. . . Thank you for telling me the tiles look like French origin. I like to think they are special and seem like they were carefully laid. 🙂 🙂

    • I agree, the bricks or tiles look unique. I thought it might be fun to read people’s guesses or find something out that I really don’t know about. This is located behind a large, working observatory and my friend Anna and I were wondering what may lie behind the door? Possible tools, groundswork machinery for clearing the snow and mowing the lawn, Beth. Thanks for saying along today.

    • Yes, this really seemed like a well made building out of expensive, beautiful materials used both in the roof tiles and the brick work, Jill. I thought it might be fun to ask about this building since my friend, Anna, and I were looking behind this giant Observatory which still allows scouts to schedule visits. Also, visitors may check online and purchase for selected times on designated dates. It has been a long time since open I have seen the incredible telescope unveil while looking at the night sky. 🙂

    • I know! This is why I felt compelled to not reveal the actual public building this is set behind, with a driveway which winds around to the front doors of a large observatory, Mike. Visitors have to check online when only a few select dates and tickets must be purchased to see the night sky.
      I was imagining an older lens and other interesting items may be stored inside. No windows so possibly just equipment for the groundskeepers for snow removal and mowing the property. Thanks for being interested and glad you also felt the materials seemed rather fancy for just a garage! 🙂

    • Anneli, sadly,this doesn’t have any windows for my friend, Anna, and I to peer through. But now I will reveal this is a garage with doors to open and it may also serve as a storage for tools, equipment and machinery to maintain grounds for a large observatory. Thank you for being curious and hope you stretched your mind guessing a bit! 🙂

    • Yes, it appears deserted at least when my friend and I were circling and didn’t find any windows. Paul, this is a building with a garage door behind a large observatory. Thanks for saying it is a good pic! 🙂

    • Dan, I agree it is a pretty building which does have nice brick details and pretty roof tiles which have withstood time for quite some time. Now, I can tell you this is located behind a large observatory. It is one which is still a working planetarium, but open only at limited times, tickets are purchased online. Scouts can line up reservations and get a group rate. Thanks for guessing and trying to figure this out. My friend, Anna, and I think yard equipment and we like to hope there is an antique lens stored inside there. 🙂

  2. I like the mystery of the outside door -so I don’t need to see what’s inside. Just use my imagination. In fact, I’ve written a number of fantasy and kind of sci-fi stories just by looking at the outside of the door. Great shot here!

    • I like the idea of science fiction or a fantasy story written, inspired by this door. You aren’t too far off from the main building which is an observatory and planetarium, Pam! 🙂 Now, wouldn’t it be cool if this windowless building had a portal to another world? Or the possibility of a hidden map of the stars to lead you to another galaxy where people or aliens populate it? I love using my imagination and at first, limited it to a discarded telescope lens. . .

  3. Obviously not a well-used door given all the vegetation thriving in front of it. I do like the interesting brick work on top of the door. Most interesting for a humble garage shed 🙂

    • I am so glad you played along and imagined what kind of building or connection this door may have had, Joanne. You are correct, this door is not often used. It is a side door to a garage behind Perkins Observatory. 🙂

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