Baby raccoons



They look like they knew they were

posing for their picture taken on

bicycle and walking path

in the country.

Little girl, Ricki, hissed

while little boy, Rocky

chittered or clicked

at the camera,

despite their mannerly,

adorable appearance.

The silly song

“Muskrat Love,”

(This really dates me, but the

singers were “Captain and Tenille,”)

was playing in my imagination

as friend and coworker, Tammy

described the sounds emitted

to prevent anyone from picking

them up or trying to pet them.

In the song, the muskrats

were called Suzie and Sam.

Hope you have a close

encounter out in nature

sometime soon!



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    • I agree, these little rascals were surprising my friend, Tammy, while on a bicycle and captured them on her camera. She agreeably repeated their sound effects, too. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Jill for reminding us usually raccoons are nocturnal. ❀
      I try to correct typos for others since I appreciate when people do this for me. πŸ™‚

  1. These little ones are so cute. The adults not so much–they can be scary.
    This is funny timing. One of my FB memories popped up the other day of when we had a raccoon living under our roof (not actually in the house, but in the eaves, I guess). She used to come right up to my bedroom window! We finally had to get someone to remove her–and her babies!

    • My friend, Jenny, had to have a skunk and 3 adorable baby skunks a few years ago from under her deck. She hired a special “live capture” company to get them out. Luckily, the skunk didn’t emit or spray the guy. She did say they were quite cute!
      I only wonder what happens when the Daddy comes back “home?” They will be long gone. . . 😦
      I do think your raccoons in the eaves would definitely call for someone to remove them. Thank you for sharing, Merril.:)

    • Anneli, John Holton let me know the group, America, sang this song first! I learned something new today.
      The fact they are vicious as adults makes me sad, you showed us ones with ragged, cut up faces. These look so “innocent” as babies. I always liked the book, “Rascal.” Thanks for your great comments! πŸ™‚

      • They really are sweet and I’m sure any animal is vicious when threatened. Raccoons tend to be scrappy, especially during mating season, but they look so cute, and we tend to put our human values on them, forgetting that they are wild animals and quite capable of biting people who get in their way when they (the raccoons) are minding their own business.

    • Well, if they are around people they can be less scary. As you mentioned in mating season and probably Mother’s of baby animals, are more vicious.
      While I was at my friend Jenny’s house, she chased after a big lumbering raccoon who likes dipping it’s paws into her koi pond. She doesn’t want it to eat her fish. But, to this raccoon, I imagine the poor hungry raccoon has no clue the pond is “hers” and not it’s! It makes a “beeline” she says daily and cleans it’s face, too. I was charmed and she was “hot!” Ha ha ha!

    • Willis Ramsey wrote and performed this song in 1972, then America sang it in 1973 and it finally made it to the pop list of hits the “Captain and Tenille” in 1976. I guess this is a long time ago, Diana. Seems just like yesterday! πŸ˜‰

  2. Adorable! Ours are bigger and a little more aggressive, but I love them anyway. Your poetic approach to all topics is so delightful Robin. What a pleasure it is to be here at your place. ❀

    • I was happy to pass on this photograph, Beth. It was taken by my coworker, now friend, Tammy who spied these precious critters by a bicycle path, Beth. When she got off her bike, they sat down. It was such an endearing move to her. πŸ™‚

  3. I certainly remember Suzie and Sam! I loved the Captain and Tenille…certainly dates me, too! πŸ™‚ I like my raccoons at a safe distance. They are a little intimidating! But Ricki andRocky seem fairly well behaved!

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