Tangled up in murder. . .



Way to take a beautiful scene

and create mayhem.

There’s a noose,

Tangled vines,

Add barbwire,

Try a dagger,

Think zombies,

Sun melting vampire,

leaving bloody remains.

Worse way to die according

to seven year old, Micah, who

thought that someone getting

their head pulled back and strong

hands twisting the neck until it cracks.

Yuck! But he may be a “budding”

Stephen King or Jeffrey Deavers.

The first author, I like his short, deft

words which transfix and terrorize me.

The latter, using recent skin collector

killer makes me want to vomit, as I

rush off to the next page and Victim.

Are you having murderous thoughts?

Sometimes, as in the past, I had

coworker and friend kill his

own dear, sweet Mother.

I may try to form a

link for you to

read this one.

Photo taken

on way to










on another day,

by grandson.


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    • No, he is a very peaceful man, it was an imaginary story. I am not sure if this post will be bad after our country just had a horrible episode of murder of 50 people in a night club. I did write this last weekend with Micah.
      This post was pre-planned, not knowing this would happen. Yesterday, I spent the day running after grandies and playing in water at a splash pad with my Micah, Marley and Makyah. ❀
      Our country needs prayer,peace and Love!!

    • I did not pull this from my pre-scheduled line up of posts, Dan. It was strange last weekend, my 7 year old grandson was talking to me about death and murder, ahead of this tragedy.
      Yes, a drift towards the dark side. Micah told me in “Batman vs. Superman” movie one of them dies. His babysitter’s client told him which one. I was reassuring him that “the Hero will come back but real people don’t.”

    • I remember my old Dr. Benjamin Spock, who said to address subjects that children bring up, as much as possible without too many details. He is the one who thought of a “noose” either from our playing “Hangman” or from my ex, who he visits of course, as he loves Westerns, Micah may have seen one or more of those. . . I am sure you and my brothers saw their fair share of those. πŸ™‚

    • Micah told me a kid at his babysitter’s house told him one of the two leads in Batman vs Superman gets killed. I was counseling him, telling him, “Heroes come back, but also told him people don’t.”
      This led to his talking about westerns where the bad guy hangs (his Poppy- Grandpa must have let him see this?) Boys seem to be fascinated with this “bad guys vs good guys!”

  1. I enjoyed this post because it is such a departure from what I have ever read by you. It was unexpected, and I found it whimsical (the tragic shootings yesterday in Orlando notwithstanding). Also, I am a big fan of Jeffrey Deaver. I have read some Stephen King. Horror stories are not my thing, but his writing style is first rate. – Mike

    • Thanks, Mike. I already had this post written and scheduled last weekend. Micah was upset because a hero in “Batman vs Superman” dies in the film. Someone at his babysitter’s told him this. I was consoling him saying, “Heroes don’t die but come back.” I also explained people die but I explained about heaven. He’s heard of this from prayers and family.
      Interesting that Dr. Phil and Dr. Spock think it is important to talk about death.
      I wrote (something with) The Remains (in the title) short story about this mild mannered coworker, Mark, killing his Mother in September, 2014.

      I like Stephen King’s short stories like the ones which became magical and strange but not horror based films, “The Shawshank Redemption,” “The Green Mile,” and “Nights in Atlantis.”
      I agree Jeffrey Deavers is a good writer.

    • Mike, my oldest daughter mentioned that I posted graves and in one post I was lying under the ground. Just glad I have a positive outlook 90% of the time. Smiles Robin

    • Yay, I am so glad you saw a lighter side to this post, Brenda. πŸ™‚

      Believe it or not, Micah helped me write this last weekend, (June 4th), due to a big mouth kid who had seen “Batman vs Superman.” He revealed to Micah that one of his heroes dies in the film. I was consoling him by telling him “Heroes come back again in other films, but people die and don’t come back to life.” ( I also included heaven and loved ones, others who will continue to be remembered.)
      We talked awhile on the subject. My parents never minced words, glad Dr. Benjamin Spock, in the past, and Dr. Phil these days, says to be open to conversation and allow it to go any direction. Hope you have a good week ahead. . . ❀

  2. Andrew, how cool is this? I love clouds and the shapes they make. Thanks for making a positive contribution to this morbid post.:)

    My grandson saw a “noose” which ironically is from playing the spelling game on paper or I used to do in classroom as a teacher, “Hangman.” He also mentioned a Western movie his grandpa let him watch.
    Hey remember the graves and how in one post I imagined lying under the cold ground? You just started reading my posts. I did write a murder story about a co-worker in September, 2014. It had “remains” in the title. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, I like your letting me know what parts seemed to resonate with you. I had this scheduled before real deaths occurred, had my brother here from out of town. I just left it where I had put it, almost like playing cards and taking chances. It could easily had offended someone. So glad it didn’t! πŸ™‚
      For me, it isn’t about the killing, it is about capturing the killer that I read these mystery books. Murder doesn’t enrapture me nor my mystery-reading friends. . . Solutions, to the problems, are what we seek.

    • I will always prefer to embrace the lyrical, whimsical elements, Merril.
      Last weekend, June 4th, my grandson, Micah (7 years old) was dismayed that an older boy at his babysitter’s house had to him the ending to a mature themed movie, Batman vs Superman. He was told one of his Heroes died in the film. So, I set about telling him there would always be Heroes, they may come back in other movies with changes. Humans, though, once killed won’t be able to come back, unless as a messenger, angel or they may just be in heaven. In his state of mind, he saw a hangman’s noose in the tangles of vines. So, as if Dr. Spock were telling me to address his feelings I asked him his worst fears and. we write this together. Hopefully, my 70’s Child Psychology courses, one and two, were enough to console him. ❀
      Thank you for your visit on the Film Series for June 13, Cindy Bruchman's blog. πŸ™‚

    • Merril, I agree, this could also have been an influence, especially on the one I wrote in September, 2014. My mild mannered co-worker killed his mother in my short story and used a certain element of our workplace to ensure “no remains.” πŸ™‚

    • Natalie, I like gnarly trees! πŸ™‚ I was going into a positive poem, when my gloomy grandson told me that someone had told him the ending to the “Batman vs Superman” movie. He was upset because one of his “heroes” supposedly dies. I told him Heroes come back in different versions, but did he realize some people die and cannot come back? We talked about this, remembering my Dr. Spock book about treating children’s questions with respect.
      Anyway, I told him he could “create mayhem” on my blog! He knew usually Skyler at age 11 was a helper at times. πŸ™‚
      My brother Rich came to spend the night over the weekend, then didn’t have time to check my next post. Would I have not posted this due to the murders over the weekend? Yes, I would not have posted this! This came at my first break at work, with television blasting about murders, I cringed at the post. “Too late,” I thought.
      So, I just went with it, Natalie!
      Thanks for your sweet comments and give your James a hug! My James, son, sent me the nicest text! It thanked me for taking his M & M girls with Micah to a splash pad and getting them flavored Italian ices. πŸ™‚ Sweet dreams, dear! ❀

    • Nia, I am glad you accepted this post without any explanation. I am grateful for your checking in, but I am fine if you just look at what you see, no worries about catching up. Friends pick up where they left off. ❀ All is well in Ohio. πŸ™‚
      I will look at your post and then fall dead asleep. Just kidding! Sweet dreams to you, Nia.

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