Dogwoods with pine; blue skies ahead



~ Cherished View ~

The blue skies shining through

pine branches with delicate

Dogwood blossoms

take breath away,

while they




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    • Thanks so much, April. I am happy to show you dogwoods since you told me this! The colors together really brightened my day almost a week ago, but I tend to “dilly dally” (my Grandma M’s expression) on the words to go with the photo. 🙂

    • Anneli, I enjoy the white delicate flower of the dogwoods that seem to be more prevalent than the pink ones. I am sure yours are lovely, along with attracting birds which will show up more against the white. . . ❤

    • The words delicate and beautiful describe how I see dogwood flowers, too. ❤
      Thank you, Luanne. I hope I completed the transaction completely to the Home Fur Good shelter. I will let you know when I get my email confirmation from them.
      I always wanted to wait until you came to Michigan to get my signed copy of your book. I hope we still may meet someday in the future. I feel an affinity with your childhood, dolls, small town upbringing and our love of the Great Lakes. Hope you are finding many who are giving and appreciate your gifts to those who do.

  1. I love dogwood! I always think of my grandmother. She was born and raised in the south, and although a dogwood in Los Angeles isn’t at all expected, she had one in her garden and I think it just made her think of home. Now when I see one, I definitely think of her! Thank you for that!

    • Debra, thank you for sharing how dogwoods help you think of your grandmother. ❤ It is so cool that she was determined to have a dogwood survive quite a change in climate out in Los Angeles.
      What a lovely and spirited person she must have been, Debra! I am happy to evoke pleasant and loving memories.

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