Thursday’s Doors ~ 1835, St. Mary’s Catholic Church



The front door first shown,

blue trim unique and

looks like cobalt.

The richly colored

wooden doors are

well maintained and

the stained glass panels

are protected by a layer

of thick tempered glass.

The year of building, 1835,

while a separate date when

the diocese consecrated

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church

will be displayed on a

special separate post,

with a dedication cross

with Celtic features next. . .

This Thursday’s Doors was

presented by Robin, while

you may seek other diverse,

interesting, historical and

questionable doors linked

to our founding fellow blogger,

Norm Fountain.

Please check more doors out at:


42 responses »

    • Thank you. I am happy when people enjoy the details in the door I choose. I sometimes go a little “off the beaten path” but this was traditional, Paul. πŸ™‚

  1. I like seeing your doors Robin, they remind me of the huge ornate doors I have seen in Santiago, beautiful crafted timber or lattice and extremely solid timber, sometimes it seems the buildings were constructed around the doors.
    Best wishes for a great weekend.

    • I love how you described these doors and I can picture them! Thanks for adding the photo, too. (On the other post.) I am on my cell phone and will check back! Later this weekend. . .

    • Thank you, Joey for noticing the great color of the blue edging and lovely facade comment. πŸ™‚ I am on vacation and going to slowly get caught up with my past post resonses. . .

    • Hi Belle, I don’t attend this church but have been to christening and weddings there. πŸ™‚ We aren’t regular church goers here but one brother and wife tend to go to church! Hope you have a great summer. I will be playing “catch up” on vacation this week!

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