Feather Clouds for Fathers



~ A Feather in His Cap ~

Fascinating sky,

Different temperatures

Creating feathered designs,

Softly setting sun, drifting lazy clouds.

Yellow tips on Angel’s wing, gold tufts.

What do you see in the less dramatic

Sunset coming with quiet prayers soon?


~ Waves of a Father’s Love ~

Author, Gary Smalley asked 100

people how they knew they’d

known their father’s love.

Here are a few ways~

~ “My father let me lay my head on his

shoulder at church, while his

arm was around me.”

~ “When work asked my Dad to transfer,

while it was my senior year in

high school, he turned it

down and found a new job.”

~ “When I had an accident and wrecked

my parents’ car, my father’s first

reaction was to hug me, let me

cry instead of yelling at me.”

~ “When I had a purchase changed my

mind on, my Dad went with me

to return it to the store.”

~ “After work, my father let me pitch

to him, practicing a long time

after he came home from work.”

~ “When I got married, my father

wept during the servive since he

would miss me at home.”

~The above examples given

to author, Gary Smalley.


Everyone would enjoy

knowing or having a

wise man in their

Life or a

Father like,

Mister Rogers.

Here is a special blessing

sent from Fred Rogers ~

“If you could only sense

how important you are

to the lives of those you

meet; how important you

can be to the people you

may never even dream of.

There is something of yourself

that you leave at every meeting

of another person.”


* * *

Three Cheers for Fathers

* * *

Thank you for being there

for your children,

nieces, nephews,


helping raise


or teaching

students or

guiding scouts,

or touching young

people’s lives through

gentle and reassuring actions.

Showing by doing

how to be responsible

while you respected

and gave their lives value.


52 responses »

    • You do, Dan! I can tell how devoted a father you are in how connected Faith is to you and your wife! 🙂 I am glad you liked the photo and words, Dan. There is so much to say about the power of good parenting, but this was what I felt covered things fairly well, under a feathery blanket.

  1. Mister Rogers was the best; a humanitarian and role model. Thank you for his words. I do not know Gary Smalley, but I sure like what he wrote. This is beautiful, Robin. I think of your own father.

    • I did love how Mister Rogers addressed so many subjects with a gentle approach and loving way. His contributions to the world, as a humanitarian and role model are like the quote I included that he himself wrote. How can you measure Fred Rogers’ impact? Thank you, Jennie, for saying that you think of my own father. This was very nice! I need to know more about yours, possibly you share on your post today? 🙂
      Dr. Gary Smalley passed away this year on March 7, 2016. I didn’t look up the fathers book for its title, but he was a Christian (many of his books on staying married, or marriage) counselor. I think, “Guarding Your Child’s Heart” and how children can hide or keep safe God in their heart was a great book I liked. The quote from the father’s book was found within an article, so I did not take the time to find the book. . .

      • Thank you, Robin. Fred Rogers was the keynote speaker at our NAEYC annual conference many years ago. Wow. I have a book of his quotes. Yes, his impact spread across all people. I will have to read more about Gary Smalley. Another great man. Of course I thought about your father! Last night I started a post about my grandfather and his miner’s portrait, the one I showed the children after reading Little House on the Prairie. As I typed furiously (I never have writer’s block) I began connecting his portrait not only to the book, but to me. I will finish it tonight and hopefully post tomorrow. 😊

    • I wish I had heard Mister Rogers in person. What a blessing to be inspired from his presence and words he chose to speak.
      I meant to get to my acceptance speech post for the One Lovely Blog award nomination, Jennie. I have an idea, since I don’t follow rules but I give my respects to those who gave and the ones who deserve recognition.
      I have a 10 hour day tomorrow but will look forward to your connections from students, miners, your father to you! I shall be speechless (ha!) and amazed, dear!
      You go, girl! 🙂

    • This is something I didn’t know about the effect upon your loving father of the death of your young wife. I am sorrowful thinking of this, but also glad you had him there to join you in grief and this must have been comforting, too. Thank you for sharing this personal story, Derrick.

    • Thank you, dear friend. I really immediately thought of how to put this together, as I gazed at the clouds! I appreciate your finding it to be appealing to you, Derrick.

  2. Great picture and I’ve forgotten all the various things clouds are supposed to indicate weather-wise so great reminder. Unfortunately, my father was not in my life very much but I was lucky enough to have some male figures that filled in the blank spaces.

  3. Wonderful!! What a lovely picture Robin, thank you for sharing and also your tribute to all the dads out there is worth a million! Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

    • Balroop, you are a superlative friend and generous commenter. 🙂 I am glad you felt this tribute was worth a lot! I feel blessed and am grateful for your kind wishes. May you also continue to be blessed, dear. ❤

    • I was hoping for this reaction! ❤ The article didn't list the title of the Father's book but Dr. Gary Smalley wrote several counseling books, some about marriage, a couple about parenting.
      This extended list of quotes really made me think how lucky we were for all our fathers did "for" us and "with" us. The photo of your sailing with your Dad, just one example! 🙂 For me, in a rowboat on Lake Erie under the stars, Luanne.

      • Robin, I love that image of you and your daddy in a rowboat under the stars! I used to love to sail with my father. It was one of the best times because on the lake he was calm and quiet, which he was not always on land haha. Fishing, too, although I didn’t want to catch any poor little fish.

    • Oh my goodness, I almost spilled my small glass of wine I decided may help me fall asleep after the Cleveland Cavs finish the game. With ten seconds left, only 3 points ahead. . . I am on edge!
      The “cirrus” cloud comment was a “cirrus-ly” funny comment! I wonder how this translates in other languages, Mike? Happy belated, end of day, Father’s Day to you! I am sure you received a Skype visit and slow mail cards from daughters and your grandchildren ❤

  4. This is such a gorgeous post and tribute to fathers, Robin. Beautiful photo and examples of a father’s love. I especially like the words from Fred Rogers. So powerful and sweet at the same time. ❤

    • I sure did like Fred Rogers quote, too. 🙂 I have it on my refrigerator now! In the past week, the clouds appeared, the Dr. Gary Smalley examples were in an article and it all seemed to fall into place. Hope you have a special week ahead, Diana. ❤

    • Thank you so much, Laura. I enjoy the sky with clouds, the way it changes in colors. 🙂
      I am typing another reply since until I get connected to free Wi-Fi I am just on my own WordPress account which uses very little data. 🙂 I cannot “see” if it published the first one. I look forward to reading your blog at the library tomorrow!

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