All colors mixed together in the night



All colors mixed together, in art

much dismay in children’s reactions,

when original picture in their minds

turns into muddy puddles or worse,

black as inky night, with no going back.

The golden moon, rising over park’s tree

shone through branches, images of

harvest Halloween moon, all for naught.

It is Spring, soon to be Summer!

Warm, sticky, muggy sleepless eve.

The edges of the camera’s vision

have tiny points of green, orange,

yellow, indigo violet and blue,

then muddy brown, gray and black

do their best attempt to dampen

the sheer excitement of the

first night after school’s

last day, children giddy

with hidden colors,

adventures yet to

be partaken.

Take a deep

breath of



Sip it,






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    • Beth, I used to like those DQ Mr. Misty drinks which (now politically incorrect) we would ask for a “suicide” of all the colors mixed together! So fruity and sweet! 🙂

    • I appreciate your understanding all of this, especially the dismay of children dipping their paintbrush into black and wishing someone could “fix” their picture, Jennie. ❤
      I was hoping to capture the pink moon which is the Full Strawberry Moon. (Native American call June's moon this.) I used to post monthly activity calendars with poems and quotes.

  1. Ha! So funny that my daughter actually got out at the end of May. I don’t know why but in the Burbank/Glendale area they seem to be shifting the school year. It just doesn’t seem natural. My son is just officially finishing up but he home schools so we always have him accelerate his school year after my daughter finishes. It makes it easier to have them going to camp together as well as any vacations we may be taking.

    • The schools go in sooner, starting in August and ending sooner, too. I admire your home-schooling your sin, Marissa. Whenever my parents took us on a trip, we were required to do summer home papers to make sure our minds didn’t turn to what my Mom called it: “Mush!” 🙂

      • That’s probably not the worst idea although I’m sure you didn’t enjoy it. Yes, I see this August to May shift. It’s nice that it ends earlier but then it just starts sooner. Not sure if I see the purpose!

    • Thanks, Anneli! I went out several nights in a row hoping to see the moon turn a shade if pink or reddish tint. The newscasters called it a once in 50 years moon. The Native Americans call it a Full Strawberry Moon every June. But it was supposedly very unique! I am glad you liked it despite it not being pink! ❤

      • It’s a beautiful photo. I’ve tried many times to get night pictures and haven’t had much success. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get them to come out right. Yours look great every time.

  2. That moon is like a gateway to summer. Colors of summer! Yes!
    It has turned hot and muggy here for the first day of summer.
    I thought NJ schools got out late–later than Pennsylvania. My daughter’s last day was Thursday. She’s a teacher, and she was counting down the days!

    • I am happy your daughter gets a break, Merril. I hope she doesn’t have a lot of in-services or homework to get her next year’s program started ahead of time.
      She deserves a break!
      Colors of Summer, yes! 🙂 My grandies like “mixing up potions” which when we were young if we got a frozen ice drink, from Dairy Queen, we called it a “suicide.” (Mr. Misty)
      It almost always came out dark due to orange, purple, green, and blue! I am sure careful not to call it this to my grandies, since I am sure it is inappropriate. I guess we could call it a silly name like “glop!”

      • I don’t think there are any summer in-services until right before school starts. This wasn’t her first year teaching, but it was the first year of a permanent job–8th grade. She was definitely ready for a break. 🙂
        I hadn’t thought of all the colors of frozen drinks in summer–but yes. I’m sure your grandies could come up with a funny name.

    • It is a most devious moon, Benn. I lost sleep trying to capture it’s reddish tint or pink moon. Supposedly, this Full Strawberry Moon in June was most spectacular and won’t repeat the color cast until 50 years from now. Oh well, I liked your poetic quote, very classy. 🙂

    • It was the Full Strawberry Moon, Luanne. Alas, I apparently missed the night or special time it turned a reddish tint or pink!
      The newscasters said this year it was most spectacular and I was up several nights to try to catch it, the sneaky moon!
      They said it wouldn’t look like this for another fifty years.
      I take some “comfort” in your not seeing it but not in any mean sense, just “misery likes company.” 🙂

    • Thank you for liking this moon photo. Did you per chance see it as a reddish or pink moon, Tonya? It was supposedly a once every 50 years special color, even though for years, the Native Americans have called it a Full Strawberry Moon, even as I captured it as yellow. . .

    • Last October, I did take a really creepy moon photo with several branches and grey, brown and black colors in the natural setting. Andrew, I really wanted to get a pink or reddish tinted moon!
      You have had some great horror or twisted stories injected between your mushy sweet love poems! 🙂

    • We have fireflies around here, my grandies try to cup them in their hands and then the magic comes off and smells funny on their hands. We can see the stars, if we go to the back yard it out in a field and look up, Natalie. I was sad I couldn’t capture the pink or reddish tinted moon which forecasters were raving about. I tried three nights in a row and am now wondering if it were only a specific time of night or near morning! Oh well!
      Thank you and big hugs!! I hope you see stars and fireflies again this summer, dear. ❤

  3. Lovely picture Robin! Oh yes! I can relate to this mixing of colors especially the black one!! And my grand daughter considers it funny! whenever we play with paint colors, which are already there on the paper, she uses black colour first of all and spreads it all over the page! When I ask her the reason, she laughs and says she likes it! Then she uses the yellow and the green and the blue, which hardly show. Now I tear off the black colour from the corner before I give her the page 🙂

    • Oh, this is a common thing between you and I. 🙂 We prefer not to have a big, messy black picture.
      I used to like an art project where you colored rainbow colors dark and rich upon paper. Then you covered it, on purpose, with black paint, scratching a pattern into it, after it had dried.
      Balroop, thank you for also providing a great solution: eliminate the black and then suggest sparing usage, perhaps?

  4. This is really something special, Robin! I love it! Your words contain the excitement I felt yesterday just thinking about “the longest day” and that glorious pink moon! I tried and tried to capture the color with my camera, but it didn’t work out! It was beautiful, though, wasn’t it? Your photo is a very nice capture.

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