One Lovely Blog Award Nomination



The award logo,

or emblem

for the

One Lovely Blog

may be found on my

teacher friend’s blog,

as well as rules and structure.

You may know if you have been

a follower for a year or so, I accept

nominations and sometimes pass them

out, too. I use my best strategy to make

it my own special way of thanking

the one who chose to include me.

A sincere sense of gratitude washed

over me when I read Jennie’s list

of award nominations.

Please check out Jennie who

teaches a classroom of fifteen

youngsters using creative lessons.

Why did I choose to substitute

the emblem with my

original photograph?

Jennie reads chapter books to

her little students, igniting sparks

of interest in longer books, ones

which aren’t traditionally read to

younger children although the

vocabulary and dimensions

will expand and bring the

awesome anticipation

one hopes children

today will feel!

This photograph is the picture window

of German Village’s

much celebrated and renowned

~ The Book Loft ~


Here is a quote to celebrate

the end of June,

“It was June and the world

smelled of roses.

The sunshine was like

powdered gold over

the hillside.”

~ Maud Hart Lovelace,

American writer.

(1892 – 1980)

Here is a list of special
posts of friends who
show up, even if it
takes me till the
weekend to

1. Carol
* She has written several books.
Her recent focus in new book
was a character dealing with MS.

2. Dan
Many interesting areas
of expertise including
woodworking and diagrams.

3. Beth
Kinders, grandies and life’s
wisdom and humor.

4. Jonathan
Poetry and generous friendship.

5. Merril
History and more, inserted into
beautiful poetry.

6. Jill
*Check out Jill’s upcoming
book release in March, 2017!

7. Derrick
Gardening and beautiful

8. Marissa
Original poetry with
humor and music!

9. Colleen
*Check out Colleen’s book
which includes her drawings.

10. Tonya
Homespun photographs
and recipes,
travel and farming.

11. Kabir
Thoughts and poetry.

12. Nia
Humor and interesting memes.

13. Pam
*She has published
intriguing books.

14. Diana
*Check out her fantasy books!

Everybody’s special in my “book!”


My electricity

went out, I intended

to look up more blogs!

I hope you feel welcome

to ALL who visit,

you all should receive~

One Lovely Blog award.


73 responses »

    • You’re very much welcome, Jill! I took Micah there and he helped choose two great books for his cousins, Marley and Makyah. A classic,
      “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” by Eric Carle.
      I think the book store is on my next week’s Doors post. πŸ™‚

  1. congrats to you, robin and thanks from all of us! what a lovely window and lovely way to thank someone. i’ll be sure to check out the writers who are new to me – thanks again )

    • Thanks, Anneli. I am always wishing to just be able to say “everyone!” And leave it at that. . . books and flowers are certainly cheerful to me, hoping it gave you a smile! πŸ™‚

      • I am heading to library to read everyone’s blogs. When I use my phone to visit other blogs it uses a bunch of “data usage.” While on my own blog, not so much. It looks like I am blogging but only at work or places where free Wi-Fi is available. Saturday is my catch up day! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, I raced over to your blog after reading your comment on MY blog post, already emotional and a bit teary, and here you are with an absolutely beautiful photo, topped off by lovely and encouraging words to all of us bloggers. I’m off to visit your teacher friend’s blog, as well as the other great ones you listed – I already follow a number of them. πŸ™‚ As far as your remarks on my “just my little secret’ post, ohhhh, sighhhhhh. How is your daughter doing now, Robin? You prove to both of us why we need to get lost… ❀

    • Pam, I wasn’t aiming at tears, my friend. I was chuckling because my daughter started telling people about the bag lady, the grocery store cart man and I was trying so hard, when she was younger to, “Not tell anyone!”
      I was afraid of it sounding kind of stereotypical of inner city life, along with making me sound like I was directionally impaired!
      About Felicia, I wrote a story to enter the Columbus Dispatch contest about her being “My Hero.” They chose two stories to feature, on the Accent section. We won two tickets to see the Dustin Hoffman “Hero” movie. My describing how at the end of the day, after a busy life as a teenager, she occasionally would ask her big brother or stepfather to help her up the steps to go to bed, showed her vulnerability and her dependency on family. When some teens don’t want to work, she was a cashier at 15 years old at Kroger’s.
      Felicia was a school reporter/journalist, became “benched” by her soccer coach for “not having stamina,” so she tried out for Cross Country her Senior year and made it to third place at district’s. Dr. Higgins told her to push her muscles; not to let them stiffen up. She is now off the different drugs that were creating lesions on her stomach and intestinal lining. No more Vioxx, Celebrex or other harsh ones. Thanks so much for asking! πŸ™‚ Her knuckles and knees are what show the age, but not her attitude.

  3. Thanks Robin. I love the photo and I always like the interesting way you write about all manner of subjects. You have a wonderful blog. I am very happy that we reconnected.

    • Now, Amy Rose, thank you, sweetheart! You’re the one who has so much to offer in glorious beauty, along with precious heart warming stories. ❀
      What I most love about you, is how we are long lost sisters or good friends from another century who when we "see" or "greet" each other: Our lives align and stars shine brighter.

      • Amy, can you picture us in a different period? We would break society’s rules like Katherine Hepburn and wear pants. You would be my fearless friend and we would support suffragettes. πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀

      • I can see that, Robin. I’m a rebel at heart, always have been and never have I followed the rules. LOL I do Love you, dearest sis!!! (((HUGS))) ❀

      • If only we all had time to stay closer in touch. Seems like I go in spurts! I call myself a free spirit but could take on the rebel label! ((HUGS))
        ps. I was actually feeling “blue” tonight. Until I strolled with you thru your gardens and saw your “love” rose with uniquely white details. Thanks so much for playing time travel moments with me, Amy. ❀

      • YOU are just so welcome, Robin. I seem to go in spurts as well, being a “free spirit” and so enjoying this glorious weather God has bestowed upon this area this year! I don’t want to be on the computer. Yet I have taken so many beautiful pictures of my flowers! What to do? Just go with the flow, as I always do. Perhaps those pictures will be seen during the winter months when many of us are in need of bursts of color and Life. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Today I go on my hike and I SO look forward to it. I think I have a story coming about a certain hill I had the courage/stupidity to both go down and climb up. I was so pumped with Adrenalin that day that I did what I really should not have. I’m chewing on that story now …. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!! Love you! ❀

    • Please always be careful with climbing hills and heading down steep inclines, dear sweet Amy!! ❀ ((hugs)) I came back to comment on someone else's response and noticed your last one in our conversation here!

    • Carol, it seems like you understand me. ❀ Let me off the hook, let me wander in (and out of) your blog and not be orderly in my comments! There is a genuine sense of caring displayed for all who visit your blog.
      I am happy that you enjoyed being included and your books' list IS very impressive. πŸ™‚

      • I do like your blog work! In part because it is different from my own…and often you will post something that ties in with—or starts–some theme I’m into. Can I say I like you, too? Even if we’ve never actually met? πŸ™‚

  4. Robin, I think this is terrific. I love how you did this (blog awards are plenty of work). Your photo is perfect, yes this is so ‘me’. Thank you for your very kind words and how you tie books and reading aloud into what is important. I am truly humbled by your words, and your fellow bloggers are thrilled. You write One Lovely Blog! -Jennie-

    • Jennie, I loved the window and thought of you instantly. We both feel close to the same way about children along with how valuable books and reading aloud are. You cover the reasons on your posts with specific examples. I hope bloggers cross over to your blog since there are a few teachers among them. Thank you for nominating me!

  5. Congratulations my dear friend! πŸ™‚ You have such a creative mind and are so talented in the way you pick the most awesome photos and tie them so well with your beautiful writings, so aesthetically pleasing and poetic! πŸ™‚ And the quotes you share are always extraordinarily insightful. I’m so glad to be in touch with you again, Robin! And I’m grateful to you for including me, many thanks to you! Have a pleasant weekend *smiles* and best wishes!

    • I may not visit as often during busy months but I do know I never stopped enjoying your beautiful blog and friendship, Kabir. Will be heading to library sometime tomorrow to read posts, unless I can access them on free Wi-Fi. πŸ™‚

    • I think I mentioned on your blog that I would give up blogging to stay in touch with a relationship which meant a lot. ❀ I am so happy for you, never apologize for engaging in your own happiness! Hugs and smiles!

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