Where are we heading?



“How can we get there from here?”

by Robin O. Cochran


The Old Norfolk railroad trestle

made me think of our country’s

uneasy emotional climate.

I pondered how

“all over the place”

we have been for several

days, months and years.

Have we or will we

Ever Recover

from 9/11, Rodney King

or recent horrendous acts?

All I must say is we need to

be vigilant of our words

and our actions. . .


Because children and young adults

are watching how we behave.


I would like us to take the song,

“Under Pressure,”

(Freddie Mercury,

David Bowie)

Lyrics into consideration:

“Can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Love’s such an old fashioned word

and love dares you to care for

the people on the edge

of the night and

Love dares you to change

our ways of caring

about ourselves.

This is our last dance,

This is our last dance,

This is ourselves~

Under pressure,

Under pressure,


These words are heard

often, but I think we take

it to mean as individuals

instead of societal pressure.  


32 responses »

  1. They are beautiful lyrics Robin, that is a good question, where are we heading?, I only hope with Brexit that the future can be entered into with Communication and mutual Harmony leading to Peace.
    Kind regards.

    • Ian, it makes me cry. I am sure we all do. Other international events make me cry, too. Thank you for reading. It took me awhile to decide to respond. Sometimes I wish all the peace songs and hopeful ending of Vietnam would have been the last signs of hatred and evil. . . Hugs, Robin xo

  2. Love is omnipotent, indeed – it’s just getting harder and harder to get people to stay with it, with its driving force…perhaps the world needs to be under pressure much more bedore the true force of love is unleashed everywhere…

    • Ina, wow! I know how your Croatia has suffered and bled. I appreciate and respect your theory about maybe a major disaster will be the impetus to finally bring Love into the workd. Bless you! Hugs, Robin xo

  3. I appreciate your take on the current state of things, especially when you state the reason we should be aware of how we act is ‘Because children and young adults are watching how we behave.’

    Love truly is the answer. I think individuals are pretty good at loving. If only it were more prevalent within and between nations. – Mike

    • I am glad you saw the words which drove me to write this, Mike. It is not a “new” theme, but having grandchildren really means I care about how our future world will exist. Thank you for your closing paragraph, too. ❤ Robin

    • Maria, you wrote this very well. Thank you for how you expressed how we are sometimes too self-involved.
      Thank you for feeling this was beautiful and adding your love into the equation, dear. Hugs, Robin

  4. This is wonderful, Robin.
    “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ~ Mother Teresa.
    This is one of my favorite quotes…how easy is it to smile. ❤ Happy Sunday!

    • Jill, your smiling face makes me happy! I agree with one of the most valiant women who faced disease and danger with such love and gentleness. Bless you for sharing this quote! Hugs, Robin xo

  5. I think “Because children and young adults are watching how we behave.” Is the most important thing, and the thing we seem to forget. Children aren’t born hating anyone.

    Thanks Robin.

    • Dan, I am happy you found this line to be meaningful. It isn’t a grand, sweeping speech but I think it is how we could impact people. By simply asking, “Is this how you want children to see us act?” Bless you! Hugs, Robin

    • Marissa~ My dear friend, thanks for liking what I expressed. Having children, I am sure you wonder what their future world and emotional climate will be, as adults.
      I love how the two writers of this song “Knocked it out of the ball park!” They said it only took them either a day or two to write the powerful lyrics. Hugs, Robin ❤

  6. Not sure what our kids and grandkids are going to get in the future, but I’ll try my best while I’m here to make things better in my lil ole neck o the woods haha.

  7. Beautiful thoughts, Robin. I agree completely. I think part of the problem is that we hear about everything with constant 24-hr. news, and people spout off about things (even without knowing facts) onto social media. We should be careful what we say–and do–because of our children. Not shield them from everything, but certainly not spout hate and prejudice.

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