Reflections of a chair, Art part two



It reminds me of a modern chair,

a utilitarian place to sit, not

to dig in deep like an arm

chair or cozy, padded

rocking chair.

Seen as a

reflection in the

mirror purposely set to

change your perspective.

Enjoy the view in the cool,

calm and peaceful scene,

with the rest of the story left

up in the air; sight unseen.

x x x x   x x x x

Reflections can be literal

or figurative~ but my own

interpretation led me into

an imaginary fantasy of

wistful wishes sent

out into a joyful



x x x x







& Light.


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    • Colleen, so true! There is a sense of expectancy from its placement by the window. Hope the waiting is for “Good news!” When someone was asking whether or not to have WordPress use the tags to connect to other posts, it was brilliant today! The service sent me to the days in 2014, where I write my “Summertime Serenade ” poem, sans photographs! If you have time later, please come back in the day and quench your thirst with an original poem I wrote back in my olden days of blogging! πŸ™‚ Hugs!

  1. I also thought of a waiting room chair, but I thought it was nicely positioned to look out into a flower garden. A place not just of reflections, but a place in which to reflect.

    • I see the glow of sunshine which is always a positive sight! Annika, I like how this brought you into a dreamy state of mind. Thanks for the lovely compliments.

  2. The beauty of this picture is that everything is left to the imagination. Is the chair comfortable? What is outside the window? Is this a lonely place or simply a quiet place to escape the bustle of a busy world? I like that this simple scene is whatever the viewer imagines it to be. – Mike

    • I agree, Mike. There is beauty in our freedom to imagine beyond the chair and window. I am happy you felt this way, adding great questions to allow different scenarios open to how we wish to interpret more than the “seen,” passing into the “unseen.” Thank you!

  3. Is this another one of your brother’s? He’s so versatile! One minute modern and then this one has a different feel…but don’t ask me which….I’ve nearly forgotten everything I learned in Art 101!!

    • Jay, I like using art from a place I know and love. Sometimes it is my family, other times the world at large. Guess what? Our local movie theatre had its 100 year celebration and offered “E.T.” with free popcorn and drinks, plus a big tent beforehand of fun! They laid stars into the cement for the donors to the non-profit Strand Theatre. Too bad so far away, we could have been teary eyed together, over the alien leaving “Elliott.”

    • Oh, Anneli! I feel a sense of olden days, too. The simplicity in the painting carries over into my emotions. There is a calm,stillness here. Thank you for sensing how I feel, as I gaze at it. πŸ™‚

    • Drew, what a perfect thought! Yes, “endless possibilities” may be pondered from this relaxed chair. It may have the perfect scoop and back for posture, too. πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Good eye, Jonathan! Thank you for re-blogging this. I appreciate how you take the time to create interesting titles. Have a wonderful Wednesday! πŸ™‚

    • Just to look out. This is a great perspective on the chair, Kirt. A place to sit and see what is going on outside. Thanks for taking the time to do this. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, Natalie. ❀ It does resemble one in a classroom (or doctor's office.) It is better to think of daydreaming from a classroom than why you maybe at a doctor's. You are once again my last warm, sweet visit of the evening. Saving the "best for last." πŸ™‚ Hugs, Robin

    • The special guy I am friends with seems to be forgetful. Even when only the day before he made plans with me, then got sidetracked with helping family.
      I have heard this kind of excuse (and believed it) but I also feel he needs to tell his parents he will help them with yard work on days we don’t have plans. Oh well, don’t worry. Love ya, sweetie! ❀

    • I can understand desolation or a deep sadness, from its being only one solitary chair. The image of loneliness comes to mind, Derrick. Thank you for your deep thoughts.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I went toy Mom’s on the day you wrote this. I was full of hope to catch up but actually didn’t do as much blogging as I had hoped. You are next on my visiting list. I am excited to see your goals you have achieved! ❀

    • I agree with the lack of comfort, Sylvia! I would need a cushion or pillow if I had to sit on this for long. Thanks for thinking the painting was beautiful and the view you imagined to be lovely, too. ❀

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