Thursday’s Doors ~ June 30, 2016



As you turn the corner from

the front locked door,

You are asked to use

the Courtyard Entrance,

as you pass flowers, urns,

large picture window,

walking on a path

of old bricks as

well as stones.

You are going to

head into patio,

where sale books,

laid out upon picnic tables

greet you before you enter an

extravaganza of 32 rooms packed

“Chock full” of every genre of books

available in Central Ohio.

This Thursday’s Doors post

has the Main Front Door post,

the alley of scenery post,

and the big sign,

informative post. 

To see other

various door

posts, please

check out founder,

Norm Frampton’s blog:

“Danke Schon!”


34 responses »

    • So true, Dan! I was careful not to get too carried away. My grown children, as parents, say books belong at the library and only to borrow them! I suppose they see other older people (brother and sister-in-law) building huge piles and filling bookcases up. . .

    • Definitely you, others in your family or friends, may feel this is reminiscent of your special town which has a charming book store. πŸ™‚
      The German “touches” remind me of the Michigan town which has this country’s heritage galore, where tourists flock. . .

    • Thank you, Merril. It seems like a typical European atmosphere with cobblestones, street signs on black rod iron posts. Lamp posts, flowers and pretty cottages. I am happy to say I only live 30 miles from here, while Felicia lives five minutes away. This saves me a trip over an ocean. πŸ™‚

    • Jill, I would be happy to have you come visit and you would not have to go trans-atlantic either! There are pretty houses, restaurants and shops of all kinds close to here. Thank you for the special thoughts! ❀

  1. What a beautiful Romantic setting for a couple to stroll hand in hand, to eventually find themselves lost between the pages of tales of idyllic love and adventures.
    A warming Sun and a good book in that beautiful pathway would be a delight.

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