Thursday’s Doors ~ June 30, 2016



The Book Loft is open

Every Day,

7 days a week,

Plenty of hours

To roam around

32 rooms of books!

This is one of two

Follow-ups of the

Front Door.

This is the information page.

If you wish to delve more

deeply into other history

of doors, check out

many links found

on the founder,

Norm Frampton’s,

Thursday’s Doors at:

Thanks for stopping by,

I’ll always have room

for visitors here!

Hugs + smiles,


~ ~ ** ~ ~


30 responses »

    • Merril, it was simply marvelous with so many different books. I suppose a large library has more but the idea of searching, finding other books than expected to, all left me planning to come back before summer ends! πŸ™‚

    • It is a wonderful place, close by to several German eateries and a French restaurant, too. (Lindey’s) I should post the photo of Micah, Felicia and me, after we finished brunch. . . Thanks, Jill!

    • This Book Loft is in German Village, south part of Columbus, Ohio. I think many large cities have areas such as this where heritage pride “reigns!” Not too far from here is another area called Victorian Village, splendid scenery. This may be a follow up destination, Morgan. Let me know when you are coming and I will find a nice, reasonable B & B or hotel, if you prefer. (Unless you wish to stay in my apt which is close to other nice locations?) πŸ™‚

    • Marissa, it would be your fun place, but if we were looking for Vintage clothes, fun gently used styles~ we would head to High Street to Rag-o-rama! There are all kinds of art galleries there, along with fancy to reasonable priced restaurants. . . Another few years, when you have time to travel again. Most people don’t realize Ohio is “cool!” Ha ha!

      • I’ve actually been to Dayton which is a fun little college town. That was back when we used to be able to travel to Indiana to see my husband’s relatives and Dayton was the closest ‘cool town’ nearby.

  1. Hi Robin – what a wonderful story and enticing place – can you tell me where it is? It must go on Pretty’s bucket list. She would absolutely be lost for days!!
    Happy 4th!! πŸ™‚

    • Colleen goes to the Book Loft, too! We could have a blog meet-up gathering!
      Sheila, will you come to German Village, a district in Columbus, Ohio? Tell Red’s family they could arrange a book signing. . . I sense a tail wagging. . . ❀

      • I haven’t been in Columbus, Ohio in many years and would love to do a signing there when we are able to make the trip! T is having knee replacement surgery in August and is probably not going to be able to drive until later in the fall which would be a great time for a book signing…thanks for thinking of me!! Happy 4th!!

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