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Wildflowers send greetings



Sunny yellow wipes her brow

and salutes those who have to

work outdoors in Summer.

Pink tinted lavender fresh with

pollen and a touch of morning dew

sighs, “Hope you find a cool

place to put up your leaves

and rest your weary bones.”

The white pious daisy who

keeps her gentle nature

despite dry root conditions,

wishes for farms and gardens~

“Buckets full of sprinklings and

cooler evening temperatures!”

.~. ~. ~.

What’s up in your “neck of the woods?”

Any new changes in weather, crops

plants, insects or butterflies?


Photograph taken by Robin,

whimsical words by author,

Flowers are purple coneflowers,

Daisy and a variation of

Black-eyed Susan’s.

Thank you for

the time you

took to visit.


Thursday’s Doors ~ Choffey’s Coffee



The twin lanterns,

Burlap coffee bag banner,

Cream colored painted bricks,

As well as the chips of time

Create welcoming coffee shop.

Located at

17 West Winter Street,

Delaware, Ohio.


“Truly Decadent”

“Coffee, Tea, Confections”

Micah is on the rocking chair,

waiting on his Mommy, while

his Nana takes his photograph.

Chilly early summer morning,

a hot chocolate with miniature

marshmallows for Micah, a caramel

macchiado for his Nana and his

Mommy getting extra shot of espresso

added to her regular tall cup of coffee.

We were ready to proceed around

the Delaware Arts Festival

where Micah chose a

miniature pewter

Dragon and

Carrie chose

jewelry and I

purchased a

wall hanging for

Trista’s summer birthday.

This Thursday’s Doors post

is part of a weekly gathering of

doors of almost any imaginable

origin and location,

Thanks to our fearless leader,

Norm Frampton, please check

out his door selections and

others at his blog found at:

Note: Micah is holding a cap

made of foam material,

which the Creative Foundation

organization was inviting guests

to stop on by their art workshop,

located on N. Sandusky Street,

freewill donations for the

supplies to support adults

with developmental

disabilities. I think

some may remember

how I commissioned

a painting by a member of

this fine group, Amber.

Thanks for stopping by!

I would have loved to

chat over a “cuppa”

or beverage of your

choice. It would

have been fun!

Cinnamon buns, new vase and deep thoughts



My friend, librarian and potter,

Marty, who has been a fun

friendly hiker, arts fest

companion and had

her sales table set

up by one of the

lovely antique stores at

Saturday’s farmer’s market.

Oldest daughter purchased

a bunch of carrots, fresh lettuce,

flowers for her table, and Bing cherries

for little 7 year old, Micah, to nibble on.

With coffee in hand, bought at the

Home Slices coffee shop and bakery,

I talked with the political man who

was selling buttons for Presidential

candidates. I told him of my collection.

He told me about his favorite button.

It was a special one. I wished I had

program from his past favorite

candidate’s participation in a

Cleveland convention, which

I had attended.

This had so many famous singers,

actors, actresses and personalities

that I felt was more meaningful or

exciting than any kind of concert,

I attended, before or since then.

He told me of the man who had

influenced him ever since,

how he sat in our local diner,

The Hamburger Inn,

shooting the breeze way

back then. He helped

me to choose which

button would join

my shorter, smaller

collection as he filled

me in on so many others

he had met as the county

historian, OWU professor

and political analyst.

Do you collect something

near and dear to your heart?

My collections changed as I

aged and space became limited.

My “tiny trinkets” black case was

featured on one Thursday’s Doors.

My political buttons are kept

in a fabric covered box.


This wandering, pondering post

was written awhile back, am

posting sometime in the

future. Grandson, Micah,

and I contemplated

about nice fathers

who “go beyond

the norm,” as

I described my

father and Micah

mentioned my two

brothers, who are more

than Great Uncles to him.

We talked of my son, Jamie,

who can sometimes lose his

temper at the Brady Bunch

living under his roof, as well

as helping with my oldest

daughter’s two sons,

Micah and Skyler,

taking them on

nature walks,

splashing them and

swimming in the pool.

Micah said he felt his

Uncle Jamie is,

“An awesome Daddy and

Uncle” who he admitted he

would like to grow up and be

like when he becomes a Dad.

We didn’t speak of fathers who

“don’t show up” nor never

join him when he misses him.

Micah and I had quite a serious

discussion over cinnamon buns,

while he drank milk and I sipped

my morning’s second cup of coffee.

My friend from France wrote

recent post about “The Potter ”

which you will enjoy,

along with countryside,

meaning behind roses

found at the end of rows

of grape vines in vineyards.

Please say hello, perhaps

even say, “Robin sent me,”

to Veronica at:

The Happiness Tag (Two contented geese)



The Happiness Tag ~

You’re It!

Better late than never,

My friend deserves her own

Blazing and dazzling post.

Her name is Tonya,

Some may be familiar,

Others may need introductions.

Go and visit her, say hello and

Glad to meet you, new friend.

Check out her list of five

Happiness “doses.”


My message:

Choose to be Happy,

Smiling makes your face

More radiant, while you

Brighten another’s day.

Thank you dear friend,

Tonya at:

Golden skies,

Trees still bare,

Two geese,

Tightly coupled,

Barely space between.


Off into the

Wild golden sunset,



Here are suggestions

To List:

5 songs which make you fill with Joy,

5 things which make you Happy,

5 fellow bloggers who spread

their own kind of happiness.

Okay to pick one,

Respond in the comments.

Please pass on your own

Happiness Tag post!


My 5 favorite songs

which literally change often:

~ Georgia on My Mind,
sung by Ray Charles,

~ Here Comes the Sun,
sung by the Beatles,

~ Take It Easy,
sung by the Eagles,

~ Top of the World,
sung by Karen and Richard,
The Carpenters,

~ Carry On,
sung by Crosby, Stills,
Nash and Young,

There are two other
“Carry On” songs,
one which Fun group sings,
another has Kansas band,
Carry On (My Wayward Son).

Thursday’s Doors ~ Old storage shed and tractor



Irresistible Doors!

I wanted to get on my knees

and peer inside this shed!

I can imagine crockery, tools

hoes, shovels and maybe. . .

Imagine all the possibilities! 

Wooden crates used as storage

for some carefully wrapped old

ornaments accidentally not

put in attic or safer place.

This Thursday’s Doors

was found awhile back

on the west side of

Cleveland, Ohio.

Please check out

Norm Frampton’s

assembly of links

as well as his own

interesting or exciting

doors post today!

{   {   {   }   }   }

It’s in the details

that counts!

Almost the weekend,

so hope you are on the

downhill slope towards

pleasant recreation!

Full summer moon on July 19, 2016



The house in the alley

leading up to the playground

in the dark, the children wonder

will the slides be slippery or

since it is so muggy, will they be

sticky or worse, will they be wet?

Reassuring them, we can walk back

to get the beach towels in my car.

We had finished “inspecting” the new

construction of the walls along the

creek or stream that separates my

Apartment building from the

campus of Ohio Wesleyan.

Now, their reward for being

night explorers, the cousins

my Grandies were going

to play on St. Mary’s 

Catholic School


Never closed

nor locked up.

Sneaking around

Searching for unique

and strange things is

the “mode of operandi”

for these stealthy detectives!

When I told them the moon has

two special Native American names,

my grandchildren were delighted.

Full Buck Moon

or the other mighty name is,

Full Thunder Moon.

Neighborhood large bird



He resembles a quail, only after

he took off, gliding gracefully

high into the sky, do you notice

his wide wingspan and his

hawklike characteristics.

He sat in the yard next

door to my friend,

Jenny’s house,

showing restraint

and a definite lack

of interest as I spoke

about my grandfather’s

spirit living on within a

bright red cardinal who

follows me to every new

place I live. I asked this

fine specimen of a bird,

“Where have you been?”

“What have you seen?”

“Have you lived as only

a bird, or have you inhabited

other amazing creatures of

Earth: Land, Sea or Space?”

Paying no attention to me,

except to keep an eye on my

cell phone, he swept himself

up high, looking down as I gazed

upwards, then glided across the

nearby pond, past the cattails and

marshy muddy area to a tall evergreen.

No photographs came our clearly, as

he timed his leaving as I was thinking,

sitting on the sidewalk, what we used

to call “Indian style,” which may be

updated to Native American

sitting with crossed legs.

Here’s a Sunday



“Prayer at Sunrise”

written by,

James Weldon Johnson.

“Oh, greater Maker of this Thy great sun,

Give me the strength this one day’s
race to run,

Fill me with light, fill me with sun-like

Fill me with joy to rob the day its

Light from within, light that will
outward shine,

Strength to make strong some weaker
heart than mine

Joy to glad each soul that feels its

Great Father of the sun,

I ask this much.”


The idea and sound of

a Kestrel instead of a Hawk,

made me label this fine bird.

I liked my friend Marissa who

thought he looked like an owl.

My friend, Merril, pursued

research (Imagine that!)

and discovered male

Kestrels have

blue heads.