Follow up to the doors: film reveal!



The most exciting film,

Steven Spielberg produced

and directed, to my three grown

children and to a multitude of people

would be the movie,

“E.T. the Extraterrestrial.”

Little Drew Barrymore,

the big brother actor

and the one whose heart

and mind connected completely

without much fear or trepidation,


was portrayed by Henry Thomas.

Thanks for looking at my local

Strand Theatre’s

Century of existence!

Located on West Winter Street,

Delaware, Ohio.


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    • I had not seen it for years! I could not believe how many tears spilled from my own eyes, as well as my daughter in law, Trista’s. We were more moved this time at the bravery of the boy, “Elliott.” I accidentally had left his real name off, Henry Thomas.
      TGIF, to you and Derek! ❀ For me, it means only one and a half more days till I head home, Jill.

    • Oh, I believe the “BFG” will have nice emotional depth, along with a caring message! I was not a fan of his “Matilda” story (nor film) but Roald Dahl is very popular! πŸ™‚

  1. I remember standing in line FOREVER to see that film. We, and the dozens and dozens of people in line with us, played cards on the pavement while waiting. No kids yet, just me and my boyfriend and when we left the movie, we wanted to turn back and stand in line again.

    • Pamela, it’s depth of meaning is still powerful. Those men in their protective gear, coming into the surgery room, along with Elliott and E.T. on their hospital gurney’s produced such a big emotional impact on me, I burst into tears! (First and every time since.)
      I am glad you enjoyed it and felt ready to see it again as a young woman. πŸ™‚
      My 7 year old granddaughter, Marley, held my hand during several scenes. Baby Hendrix watched but fell asleep after a half hour. Six of seven grandies and the popcorn and drinks were free, so Trista and I donated money at the concession stand.

    • Thank you! I feel lucky, too.
      You will someday when they and you are ready, Pam. The library has a copy. . . maybe some snowy day or other time. . . πŸ™‚

    • My daughter in law and I took six of seven grandies to this 30 years since it was made. They all were quiet except baby who wanted to babble during quiet moments. The funny parts were still good, the releasing frogs into the wild, (getting chlorophyll for dissection) more meaningful now than back then. The story line is still frightening how we, as humans, treat “aliens.” I cried more this time.

    • Ha ha ha, so funny! It would be cool to get free stuffed toys of “E.T.” My DIL and I took six of seven children, they served free popcorn and drinks. While we both gave a generous donation for the special event. πŸ™‚
      The movie is 30 years old while theatre is 100! The movie has powerful messages, much deeper than I remembered; but kids were well behaved.

  2. E.T. was a milestone in filmmaking in my opinion. It didn’t wow the audience with lots of computer generated graphics (like Transformers and Iron Man). It brought to life an imaginary creature who knew just enough about how to communicate to impart love. I think that is what touched audiences so deeply, especially children. – Mike

    • Mike, wow! I loved your expressing this message so well and succinctly. It is a deeply moving film, standing up to time. Trista, my DIL, and I took six of seven grandies. Marley held my hand, seven years old, and she was worried about how E.T. was going to be treated. She was perfect age, both empathetic and laughing during less serious moments.
      I had forgotten about Elliott being so sensitive to E.T’s emotions. The part where Elliott releases the frogs, instead of using chlorophyll to kill his and others, resonates with our current protective feeling of anumals.
      The men in disease protection gear coming into the area where E.T. and Elliott are caused me to burst into tears the first time (30 years ago) and this time, too. I sob at the ending. Trista said she felt the part about accepting “aliens” is also a current “hot topic.”
      We walked the two blocks home all talking about our “favorite” parts. By the way, Hendrix stayed awake 45 minutes. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, you certainly have got that right, Diana! πŸ™‚ I think it was cool that Neil Diamond wrote “Turn on Our (your?) Heartlight” after seeing the movie and always wondered why it didn’t become the ending music while the “credits roll.” Up to Steven Spielberg, I guess.
      Many powerful messages, but still watchable for any age. Hendrix babbled during beginning and then fell asleep in his stroller, while Kyah, 5, Marley, 7, (son’s trio) and Landen,10, Trista’s (DIL) son from 1st marriage Micah, 7, and Skyler, 11, (oldest daughter’s kids) all were spellbound.
      All had “favorite” parts to talk about as we walked two blocks over to my apartment building where Trista had parked their van.
      Lara was only child who chose to stay home at age12. She and Landen are part of DIL, along with being part of son’s combo family.
      Both Trista and I donated at the concession stand while everyone received free popcorn and drinks. Thank you for your input on movie jargon being part of our language now!

    • Yes, a perfect time. Your little grandson (“the Overlord”) may be ready in a few more years. . . I liked his photo in red pajamas with the cute “seat” and boots! My grandies love donuts and jammies, too. ❀

    • You aren’t dumb, Dan. I may have confused you because it is not a “real time” post. The window in the movie theatre concession stand has a painting of “E.T.” and date of June 26th. I worked the following five days, then arrived up at my Mom’s apt. This was actually a post from the last full weekend I was in Delaware, Ohio.
      Heading back on July 10th.
      Wasn’t trying to be tricky, sorry. . . πŸ™‚

    • Oh, this is too bad, Maria. Poor Sara! My own youngest daughter disliked and feared Chuck E. Cheese, as a young girl. By high school age, she started imitating the character’s puppet like appearance.
      This was a pizza party place popular in our area, not sure if you live where this comment makes sense? πŸ™‚

      • Chuck is a mystery to me as I never heard of him. But I have sympathy for her as fear is a horrible stalking fact that is hard to get rid of. Your daghter sounds like a strong character

    • It is a silly big puppet which is meant to be “cute” and I haven’t met too many kids scared of it.
      E.T. is unique, once you see his tender, sensitive side, it is hard to be scared of him, as an adult. Seeing this while young may be tough, as your daughter’s experience was negative. I should say, “sorry to hear this,” Maria.

    • It was a wonderful experience, Jacqui. I am glad you liked “E.T.” and felt your descriptive word, “amazing,” really covered the way I felt seeing my grandchildren’s faces. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Robin…hope you doing great. It feels great to be back again and visiting all my favourite blogs. ❀

    I love this movie. Our local Kid's TV Channel keeps on repeating the movie almost every month and we watch it every time… πŸ˜€

    P.S. Your new Gravatar picture is gorgeous… ❀

    • Maniparna, I missed your own beautiful poetry, also interesting writing.
      I appreciate your kind and insightful comments.:)
      Thanks for letting me know E.T. comes on frequently there. I had not seen it for years; so it was a treat in the “big screen” with free snacks included.
      I am smiling at such a sweet compliment on my new gravatar, dear. ❀

    • Thank you, Sheila! I am back home from Cleveland and had so much fun reading more blogs and commenting. I appreciate your saying this about our local theatre and E.T., too.
      Our over 55 senior deal is a movie ticket for any time of day, first run movie, a medium popcorn and medium beverage all for $7.00! πŸ™‚
      Come on through Ohio and we’ll show you a really good time. . .

    • It is a quaint town. We were allowed to join “Tree City, U.S.A.” πŸ™‚

      Wait a minute, Juan. “I never promised you a rose garden. . . “I had my first purse (in my life) stolen on Friday before Mother’s Day, 2015 at the library and my second one out of my car while I was standing on my daughter’s front stoop, July, 2015, only 3 cars away! The library thief had other theft charges but was able to plead down. The apartment parking lot thief was someone who saw my back to then, reached around my towels and under my beach bag and grabbed my purse! Drove off.
      Oh well, not violent but we had two bank robberies and one restaurant theft in town in the past year, too. Drugs circulate all small towns, as well as big cities.

    • Jay, this means a lot coming from a movie connoisseur like yourself! Thank you for adding this to my post. I agree “near and dear” to my heart, as well. ❀

    • It seems corny upon reflection but once you are immersed in the film it all changes, Ian. As you mentioned, “a favorite of kids and a lot of adults, too.” Thank you for sharing this!

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