Thursday’s Doors ~ July 14, 2016 (art doors) “In Gold We Trust” and Fire door art piece



Left art piece,

“In Gold We Trust,”

The wooden framework

was made by Randy. He did

not purchase wood, but took

apart broken door panels

to create the artwork.

The rippled glass was

measured, cut & purchased

to fit the black painted

wooden strips.

Instead of sharing

his “golden

nugget” with

others, the Man

is hoarding it.

The bicycle chain

apparatus is about to

“chip away” at the gold.

This perhaps has some

“Steam Punk” features.

The words and scrolling on

door are not easily deciphered

with glare from flash on camera

and the overhead lighting.

% & @ #

Right art piece,

“F * ? & W + *”

There are several pieces

of political art which

demonstrate how

powerful and full of

danger conflict found

in missiles

and war.

Not for children.

There are parts

of baby dolls

floating in

greasy oil,

inside clear

glass window.

Don’t forget there

is an alternative decision,

Peace is an answer.

❤ ❤ ❤

This Thursday’s Doors is part

of a great collection of door links

with Norm Frampton as our founder:


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    • April. thank you for feeling this way. I know that all art is subjective but I do think some of Randy’s art is beautiful and other pieces help me to think more about subjects. . . Hugs, Robin

    • You create much with your writing, Drew! I appreciate how Love is sometimes your focus, along with branching out into different genres. I am glad you liked the door piece today. I remember your liking other work Randy does. I am proud of how multidimensional his art has become over time. . . Take care and hope you and Allie have a fantastic weekend! ❤

    • I find taking photographs of many parts of life help me to write in different ways, Dan. Sometimes, Thursday’s Doors is researching or trying to figure out history of the door. This one was more personal and enjoyable. I could see this in a home, with a message of where to place our values. . .
      Thank you for liking the mechanical additions. Once I was up in Cleveland, Randy had me change the chicken wire box art piece to a “statement art piece” and said this one could qualify for “steam punk” due to the mechanism. I learned something in that simple labeling of art! 🙂

    • I am sometimes this way with houses and doors. I like what I like! I haven’t studied the periods nor the way buildings were constructed. Oh, and you know how lacking I am of “tech savvy,” Dan. ha ha! 🙂

    • Joanne, I love it when a new guy in my life says, “Holy Moly!” and your saying, “Holy Cow,” made me chuckle. I was wishing this would find a permanent place somewhere that has a focus on nature or God, where the message would be appreciated and observed. His new three story dwelling, art gallery and workshop (with a garage door so he can put items in his van to deliver) was a dream come true! I am very happy he is content. This artistic brother is not the running, teaching brother. Only two; but just thought I would let you know. . . He was a few times at elementary and middle schools, though, “Artist in Residence,” paid by an Ohio Art grant.Thanks for the “gorgeous” comment, Joanne! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend.

  1. What an exciting and great piece of artwork Robin, it truly is great.
    That would be an excellent piece in anyone’s house, including mine.
    I love the imagination in those pieces, that combined, create a great visual effect.

    • They probably don’t need to be both in one home, but I could see a Peace site or an Anti-War gathering place having one or both of these. Some coffee shop would probably be another place to display either of these. I am very happy you liked them, Ian. I appreciate art and when I found him able to finally display things which had been in storage or he had recently updated. . . I just had to share them, a few at a time. I have lots more to share. . . 🙂 Hope you and Ana have a lovely and romantic weekend ahead! ❤

    • Tonya, thank you so much for your compliments and appreciation of the creative thought which went into these two pieces. I think a bank would be an “ironic” place to display the “In Gold We Trust,” don’t you think? 😀 Hope to finally catch up tonight on your recent posts, dear! Busy and hot week but happy, too. ❤

      • Thanks for pondering about the irony of this art piece if located in a bank. I think since it also is suggesting God is not who all put their trust in that a church could feature this as another example of irony. 🙂

        Your painting of the ocean with the wildflowers and grassy meadow made me long for a coastline, Tonya! ❤

    • Hi Sherry! I was up on Lake Erie and was wondering if you made it up to the wine tours or to the Islands yet! I honestly did think of you! ❤ Thanks for the very cool comment and I have time to go exploring your beautiful photographs! 🙂 Happy Summertime!

      • I’m planning a trip at the end of this month for Cleveland and Cuyahoga Valley Nat’l Park with my husband for 3 nights. Glad you had some fun at Lake Erie!!

  2. What a terrific piece! As soon as I saw it, I knew it must be Randy and yet he is such a diverse artist! He must have known you would use this for your Thursday doors series, didn’t he?

    • Isn’t this door a cool one, Marissa? Thanks for saying it is a terrific piece! 🙂
      I have wondered several times what kind of place would purchase it and display it? I once upon a time thought of those musicians who featured the songs we sang with in the seventies, (my age) or the ones who listened to their parent’s songs. You know who I think of most? Cat Stevens and “Peace Train” along with Bob Dylan and his music. . . You almost need to be a “hippie” to put this in your home.
      The anti-missiles piece could be at a Peace Center.
      Randy’s only comment was to tell me that I needed to change the title on the chicken wire box art piece from “steam punk” to “art statement piece.” He said this one is much more mechanical and typical of “steam punk.” What do I know? ha ha ha! 😀

      • I thought steam punk was a pretty good description so guess I don’t know much either! I would put it in my home for sure if I had the space. I could also see it in a club or a park if it could withstand the elements!

    • I knew you would “side with me,” Marissa! 😉 Randy has created many outdoor sculptures but this one wouldn’t survive the elements, especially in Cleveland which gets more snow than where I live and more moisture due to Lake Erie.

    • Annika, thank you so much for such a receptive response to my brother, Randy’s art pieces. I really appreciate how you thought the description fit the art. The word “striking” suits the piece with the pick about to hit the gold piece!
      I added my name to the petition which is going viral about assault weapons, along with another one about missiles. Definitely could feed, clothe, provide clean water sources to many people with the cost of some of these expensive weapons. Thanks and hugs, dear! ❤

    • Anneli, thanks so much for thinking he is talented. His projects are so diverse, something will strike someone’s fancy.
      There recently was a peace rally where he took a design and printed (“silk-screened”) it on shirts, selling them for only $10 apiece. Randy is so quick to respond to situations. His new project is a very old building up in Cleveland wants their logo and lettering to match the exterior antiquated bricks. I cannot wait to see how he does this one. He has done 3-D truck coming out of a building and a 3-D train on a train hobby store.
      His main “gig” is traveling around for Fathead’s, a microbrewery, to Pittsburgh, Seattle and mainly, Cleveland, Ohio. They have his picture framed and lettering says, “Artist in Residence.”
      Another project is fixing and repairing antique pieces for a shop called, “Antique Corner.” They pay him pretty well for his work, as well as he has painted scrolling and details inside.

    • Thanks for liking the different things I have featured on Thursday’s Doors, Norm! Thank you for including me in your weekly gathering! I will be around soon, since I just got to comment after work tonight. . . Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Norm!

  3. Actually, my children at school would LOVE this. They would see it for what it is; a cool door with a working bicycle chain that they could crank. I think they would also use the chain like a conveyor belt and see what items they could ‘transport’. Real parts = creative thinking and problem solving!

    • Randy was a fun “uncle” for my own three children, has been an even more fantastic great uncle to my grandies. He has served schools and enjoyed projects paid for by Ohio Art grants, “Artist in Residence” program. He is very interactive with some of his projects. I will have to feature his little playhouse with its unique design. He was a set designer around Cleveland for some time during college. Thanks for taking this art piece into a dramatic play area and enjoying it, Jennie! ❤

    • Well, the missiles art piece is politically charged but the “In Gold We Trust” would be a piece supported by churches, as how we don’t really follow how the Bible wishes us to live. “Not to store up riches,” to live simply “like lilies of the field.” Hugs and thanks for re-blogging this! Robin

      • Well…if Christians don’t have any finances, how can they give? Some of us have little…some can’t handle more than a little…and some believers are blessed with money—and responsibility! 😀

  4. An interesting piece of art by your brother. He’s so multi-talented! And yes, peace is the answer. It seems far away, doesn’t it? My heart goes out to the people of France and to those who commit to lives of kindness and compassion everywhere. ❤

    • The ones who commit themselves showing grace and goodwill to all are very deserving of our support. They are our inspiration and continued source of strength.

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