Full summer moon on July 19, 2016



The house in the alley

leading up to the playground

in the dark, the children wonder

will the slides be slippery or

since it is so muggy, will they be

sticky or worse, will they be wet?

Reassuring them, we can walk back

to get the beach towels in my car.

We had finished “inspecting” the new

construction of the walls along the

creek or stream that separates my

Apartment building from the

campus of Ohio Wesleyan.

Now, their reward for being

night explorers, the cousins

my Grandies were going

to play on St. Mary’s 

Catholic School


Never closed

nor locked up.

Sneaking around

Searching for unique

and strange things is

the “mode of operandi”

for these stealthy detectives!

When I told them the moon has

two special Native American names,

my grandchildren were delighted.

Full Buck Moon

or the other mighty name is,

Full Thunder Moon.


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    • You found the emotions I hope to evoke with my little hikes with my grandies, Annika. I found out about Native American moon names from Jules of julesgemstones on WordPress two years ago and enjoy listening to some of them. Have a magical evening, soon! 🙂

    • I think when I used to post moon posts, you may have mentioned loss of sleep, Jill. I feel it disrupts many people’s sleep, as well as stir up the elderly in nursing homes. Hope you get deep sleep!

  1. A Thunder Moon! I rather like that … and quite frankly we could use a good soaking of rain right now 🙂
    I like the moon peeking out between the tree branches. Hopefully we’ll get a good view tonight.

    • I took a photo of the moon away from the trees and somehow it just looks like a white ping pong ball, Joanne! I like the Thunder Moon name, too. It sounds heroic and yes, many farmers need rain for their crops across the country. 🙂

    • Happy Birthday, dear Jen! I hope you and Mr. S have an escape or dinner out planned! Yummy cake, make it a decadent celebration. You deserve lots of happiness since you give so much of yourself away.Many hugs and kisses sent your way. . . ❤

      • Thank you darling. Had 3 nights of restaurant dinners with friends, so last night a quiet and relaxing one. Though my best birthday present will come in January. 😊❤️

    • Marissa, it was a magical night, where the children’s excitement makes my spine “tingle!”
      I imagine your daughter and you enjoying this activity. She likes clouds and sky you told me before, does she like the moon? 🙂

    • Ooh, we had fireflies and I thought of the pictures you paint through your words, Diana. Just like how my spine tingled when I leaned down to ask Kyah (Makyah) a question. When she whispered in my ear, I got goosebumps. The night heightens our senses.
      My grandies squeal when I stop by to say hi, then they become little (sweet toned) conniving children, “Please take us home!” I had three pack their bags quick as a wink.
      It is quite comforting, but I am making progress with the new man. Shh! I’ll edit this out once I send it. . .

      • But somehow I can’t get night pictures or photos of the moon, so I still have a lot to learn. That’s a lot of the fun of photography. Sometimes things work and you figure something out, and then it’s encouraging for another time.

    • It certainly was loads of fun! The big, beautiful moon is like a big pizza pie in the sky, Natalie! (From “That’s Amore”song in the movie Moonstruck.)
      I like the description of “nighttime forays” which makes it sound just exactly how it was! ❤ 🙂 love ya!

  2. Your super stealthy sleuths…did they come back with any physical treasures (or perhaps the moon and the new wall were enough?) Did the beach towels help with descents on the slides??? 🙂 LOVE YOU WORK!

  3. Ah, summer nights under a full moon. Such a nice time to have with people you love. Many fond memories from childhood, but probably more as an adult. I’m glad you had the grandies out on an adventure. 🙂

  4. Beautiful to read of your night time excursion with your littlies, you never read much about children out and about, and enjoying the twilight hours at night these days.
    It’s great that they realise that night time does have its adventures too.

  5. The moon takes my breath away, and this week is no exception. Went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Wednesday night, and drove home following the moon and her mysteries. And she has so many…mysteries. xo

  6. What fun, Robin! You are adventuresome. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you!! I love that moon shot. I have never taken one successfully for whatever reason, so I am in awe.

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