Thursday’s Doors ~ Old storage shed and tractor



Irresistible Doors!

I wanted to get on my knees

and peer inside this shed!

I can imagine crockery, tools

hoes, shovels and maybe. . .

Imagine all the possibilities! 

Wooden crates used as storage

for some carefully wrapped old

ornaments accidentally not

put in attic or safer place.

This Thursday’s Doors

was found awhile back

on the west side of

Cleveland, Ohio.

Please check out

Norm Frampton’s

assembly of links

as well as his own

interesting or exciting

doors post today!

{   {   {   }   }   }

It’s in the details

that counts!

Almost the weekend,

so hope you are on the

downhill slope towards

pleasant recreation!


49 responses »

    • Derrick, bless you! I was having fun when I wrote this. It was like a flip side of the ones with history and impeccable appearance which I adore and once in awhile feature. Have a terrific Thursday, and on into the weekend!

    • No, I did not! πŸ™‚ I was near the cemetery where the geese were, then I captured the deer within feet of me. I took this on impulse, Merril. I just was a little giddy and wrote a light-hearted doors post. I wasn’t judging it, though. . .

      • No, I didn’t think you were judging it. It looks like the garage type doors are not fully closed, that’s why I wonder if you did look inside.

    • I should have said, I wouldn’t judge yours either! πŸ™‚ I didn’t want to be caught down on the ground peeking inside. . . Thanks for wondering along with me, Merril.

    • Joanne, makes you wonder what treasures are worth “battening up the hatches,” so to speak. . . Thank you for expressing your amusement and it also made me smile, great minds think alike! πŸ™‚

  1. Great photo. I’m with you Robin, I want to look inside. It’s probably like every other garage, chock-a-block full of stuff, but I’ll be there’s some neat stuff in there.

    • Juan, I felt it was rather old die to the siding like an Abe Lincoln cabin only it is a garage. I labeled it a shed, though.
      Thanks for saying it is too bad about white wash, I agree with you. . . Have a great weekend and so glad Toonsie had the time of his life at cat resort! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh Tooncie C. Booncie had a great time, he meowed all the way home. Wait, come to think about it. He wasn’t happy in the car but they said he was happy:) All the attention and such!

    • Yes, nearly got on my knees to peek but I heard a door slam a little ways from here, Jill. Almost more fun to just imagine things. . . I liked the tractor since it wasn’t green or red. To me, it had a story, too. πŸ™‚ Have a fun weekend, Jill!

  2. I bet there are some interesting things in there! I like the rugged, utilitarian door, it’s quite handsome.
    Also, feels like home πŸ™‚

    • You know, Joey, I was hoping you would say something about how homey it looks! It reminds me of a log cabin, almost with a wood burning stove. I mentioned to Juan a minute ago, like Abe Lincoln’s log cabin.
      I am so glad you called it “rugged” and agree, the “utilitarian” look is appreciated. Hugs, Robin xo

  3. Haha, you are like me, Robin. I can’t see a shed that I don’t want to go inside! I am always so curious. This is a very picturesque one, too!

    • Thanks for seeing it’s picturesque quality, dear friend. ❀
      You know, someone mentioned this as a garage but my Ohio background felt it was a shed. Is it due to the shingles, I wonder? You used shed in your reply and wonder if it is our mid-west mindset, Luanne? πŸ™‚

      • Any freestanding buildings that appear to be for storage (even autos) are sheds :). Maybe it is the Midwest!

      • I am so glad you answered this, since I tried to figure out why I was automatically calling it a shed. I am chuckling out loud! Thank you so much! We go in early today and then plan on having fun one way or another this weekend. Take care and hope you have some relief and reprieve in your legs. I have you in my prayers, Luanne. xo

    • Thanks for enjoying the photograph, Sylvia. I liked the way it resembles a log cabin. I also liked the white tractor instead of red or green, which you see more often. Have a fantastic weekend and so happy you have made an exercise “buddy” to help with keeping you regular at the gym, (every other day.) πŸ™‚

  4. Love those old rustic buildings Robin, not only are they full of history, but behind those closed doors are treasures from earlier days, a veritable history book of knowledge and experiences.
    Cheers for a great weekend, happy door hunting.

    • I love the richly described words you chose, Ian! “Rustic,” “Treasures,” and “Veritable history book of knowledge.” This is why your poetry is so exciting to read, dear friend! I am rather late, second wind of sorts. Hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic, Ian. My regards to Ana. ❀ ❀

  5. You could turn this into a classic Americana painting Robin. I love old buildings, the older the better and anything still standing should be treasured. Such an interesting find and story. Every one of your posts is a poem — I love that too! Cleveland on my mind this week …

    • Americana and Cleveland are not necessarily synonymous but this shed was on the Cleveland West side, by one of my favorite cemeteries, Beth.
      I used to post essays, which you were a devoted friend throughout. I say this because my shift to photos and poems really came about after my purse episode. . . Good things come of bad ones; sometimes.
      We shall see on the political front, how it all “goes down!” I am rather skeptical now, to say the least!

    • Oh, big hugs for this amazing sense of humor, Sarah. xox I would like to see a small town log cabin/shed/tavern!! Especially since this is located not far from Mom’s senior living apartment building. πŸ˜‰
      Your Choppy (dog) and Schooner (cat) get me either giggling or full out snorting with laughter. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ Happy Saturday to you and yours.

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