Cinnamon buns, new vase and deep thoughts



My friend, librarian and potter,

Marty, who has been a fun

friendly hiker, arts fest

companion and had

her sales table set

up by one of the

lovely antique stores at

Saturday’s farmer’s market.

Oldest daughter purchased

a bunch of carrots, fresh lettuce,

flowers for her table, and Bing cherries

for little 7 year old, Micah, to nibble on.

With coffee in hand, bought at the

Home Slices coffee shop and bakery,

I talked with the political man who

was selling buttons for Presidential

candidates. I told him of my collection.

He told me about his favorite button.

It was a special one. I wished I had

program from his past favorite

candidate’s participation in a

Cleveland convention, which

I had attended.

This had so many famous singers,

actors, actresses and personalities

that I felt was more meaningful or

exciting than any kind of concert,

I attended, before or since then.

He told me of the man who had

influenced him ever since,

how he sat in our local diner,

The Hamburger Inn,

shooting the breeze way

back then. He helped

me to choose which

button would join

my shorter, smaller

collection as he filled

me in on so many others

he had met as the county

historian, OWU professor

and political analyst.

Do you collect something

near and dear to your heart?

My collections changed as I

aged and space became limited.

My “tiny trinkets” black case was

featured on one Thursday’s Doors.

My political buttons are kept

in a fabric covered box.


This wandering, pondering post

was written awhile back, am

posting sometime in the

future. Grandson, Micah,

and I contemplated

about nice fathers

who “go beyond

the norm,” as

I described my

father and Micah

mentioned my two

brothers, who are more

than Great Uncles to him.

We talked of my son, Jamie,

who can sometimes lose his

temper at the Brady Bunch

living under his roof, as well

as helping with my oldest

daughter’s two sons,

Micah and Skyler,

taking them on

nature walks,

splashing them and

swimming in the pool.

Micah said he felt his

Uncle Jamie is,

“An awesome Daddy and

Uncle” who he admitted he

would like to grow up and be

like when he becomes a Dad.

We didn’t speak of fathers who

“don’t show up” nor never

join him when he misses him.

Micah and I had quite a serious

discussion over cinnamon buns,

while he drank milk and I sipped

my morning’s second cup of coffee.

My friend from France wrote

recent post about “The Potter ”

which you will enjoy,

along with countryside,

meaning behind roses

found at the end of rows

of grape vines in vineyards.

Please say hello, perhaps

even say, “Robin sent me,”

to Veronica at:


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  1. Good morning, Robin! This is a wandering post! 🙂
    I don’t really collect anything. I’m not sure what convention you mean. Were you a delegate?
    Your sons are so fortunate to have their wonderful uncle/dads!
    I love cinnamon buns–I hope you enjoyed yours. I’m waiting for breakfast now.
    Oh–there it is! 🙂

    • I am happy you read and tried to understand my rambling words, Merril. I am grateful you liked parts and I think some of it is easier to explain in general terms. I did go to a political convention when I was reaching the age of voting with my good friend’s parents and her. (the ’70’s)
      I hope your breakfast was tasty and satisfying. 🙂 Too bad we don’t have “virtual reality!” We could simultaneously share!

      • I was actually in a hotel room waiting for room service. Nothing exciting–just very expensive yogurt and granola, coffee, and OJ. 🙂 We wanted to get an early start to get back home.

    • Hopefully, the yogurt and granola tasted good! 🙂 Sounds like my typical breakfast, Merril. At first break, I almost always have Greek yogurt. I have orange juice on weekends! I just saw this comment. Take it easy this weekend!

    • I used to like a friend’s mother’s collection of Boyd’s Bears, Jill.
      My friend, Priscilla, had her big brother, mother and father take the two of us, when we were going to turn 18. The talent and oral speeches were amazing!
      Thanks for following along while I rambled. ❤ Micah tends to sidetrack our serious conversations. 🙂

  2. A profound post in many ways. I was never able to have such conversations with a grandmother. Micah will treasure and never forget them. My books are my collection, although I have stopped adding to them

    • I appreciate your warm comment which makes me feel very happy, Derrick. This does also have a bittersweet part, in the fact you never able to carry on this kind of conversation with your own grandmother.
      I do feel the sense that your own grandchildren have similar connections with you. ❤
      Micah has a deep personality and exhibits patience with my mother, his younger cousins and acceptance of his personal life, too.

      • Thanks, Robin. Even Malachi has sent me a letter from Australia via a yachtsman who is sailing round the world. He’s reached Ireland, so I should get it soon.

    • I like how this sounds, receiving a letter from afar via a yachtsman, Derrick.
      Thank you for also sharing about your book collection. I enjoy it when you feature them on your posts. 🙂

  3. Interesting meander, Robin. Grandmas, cinnamon buns, collections. I have a top draw devoted to insignificant tokens from trips I’ve been on. Entrance stubs, coasters, magnets.

    • Your drawer full of tokens, like souvenirs, sounds like a fun way to keep memories of your trips, as well as your beautifully taken photographs, Cindy. 🙂

  4. So nice that you can have these earnest conversations with little Micah. I’m sure this will help him develop character when he becomes a man. Your writing about buttons reminds me a bit of a guy who would always go to the different rock shows I went to selling buttons for a dollar. There were a lot of punk bands and some said things on them and my sister would always look at them for a long time when we were at the shows. We bought a couple too.

    • Marissa, you used the best word to describe my grandson’s and my conversations: “earnest!” This covers the depth and sincere feelings, too. Thanks for this!
      I like the idea of (rock n roll) “punk bands” buttons, especially since both your sister and you would study them. You both gave this same analytical process which I was doing while deciding which political button to purchase for the 2016 election. I have Wild Child and Huey Lewis and the News, but think maybe a couple other ones, somewhere else.

  5. It is so interesting how many different things can all connect, from campaign buttons to fathers to cinnamon buns to wise words. Thanks for a lovely glimpse into your day and life! I collect children’s books (no surprise). Years ago I collected record albums. Our son just ‘discovered’ the world of vinyl, a word that didn’t even exist back then. He can’t wait to get his hands on that collection. -Jennie-

    • It is funny, since the conversation can easily be sidetracked by Micah, but probably just as likely by me! 😉
      Thanks, Jennie, for letting me know about your own book collection as well as your son’s albums.
      I no longer have my albums; but tell your son I have my old RCA record player with a stack of over a dozen 45’s. The records stack neatly in a well beside the arm, with the needle. I am not sure, but possibly there may have been Brits who called their records “vinyls” before the new trend came about (?) 🙂 This would take a Wikipedia search. . . one of these days!

  6. Except for the fact that I am now very hungry for something that I probably shouldn’t eat, this was a fun wandering post. I like when I dig something out of the drafts folder and bring it to press. I hope you’re having a great weekend, Robin.

    • It was a very busy, brimming with fun, weekend! Thank you for the supportive expression of how it does feel good to pull out a draft and “bring it to press,” Dan.
      Now, I will hope your week is a good one, hopefully enjoyable.

    • Diana, you chose one of my favorite nuggets out of this “ramble,” (or stream of consciousness which sounds rather austentatious!) Thank you for sensing the special nature of the conversation. Hope you are having both a productive and pleasant week. 🙂

  7. Those cinnamon buns look so inviting. Wish I could just reach into the picture and help myself. Collecting things? Not much, but if I see a nice bird feather or a rock I like, I put them in a special place, in a dish or small plant pot. e.g. I have a handful of tiny rocks that are unique to Montana and they remind me of my trips to that state.

    • Your baking always elicits memories of my grandmother’s delicious baked goods. I would have been thrilled to have shared a bun or two with you.
      I could tell your interest in collecting is more of adding natural pieces of places into your own home decorations, Anneli. This sounds like how my parents would bring rocks back for in dishes or curets. I have a collection of many small feathers, which are enclosed in a glass box, but I have two pheasant feathers, one goes in a fall floral arrangement and the other gets stuck in my Thanksgiving cornucopia. Funny, how we both love birds!

  8. Another lovely post, Robin. I loved Veronica’s Rose and poem. The cinnamon buns made my mouth water, but all that sugar……I shouldn’t really. 🙂 How sweet that you and Micah have such a close relationship. I wish my Grandma had been just like you. xx

    • Thank you sincerely for such kind words. . . Somehow, Sylvia, I think your grandmother was special and memorable, in her own way. Your descriptions of your own mother, along with the posts with your grandchildren (singing and sharing while the family was together) were amazing. ❤
      I would have enjoyed sharing our buns with you, dear. 🙂

  9. Since I’ve become an adult, I haven’t really been able to keep up a collection of anything. My mom has a collection of rhinestone Christmas tree pins that is great.

    On the other hand, I do have a lot of dog costumes. Certainly enough to qualify as a collection. Or obsession. Whatever.

    • Thanks, Nia, for not minding the wandering and liking the nice heavy vase. I like how the green glazes overlap, from light to a dark olive green. The tan reminds me of the ground and the wooden fences along farms.
      I would have enjoyed your joining us, since we set aside four more cinnamon buns in a plastic tub we had extra ones to share. ❤ Micah's mommy got to have a couple of them for her work break.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post Robin and all your posts, they are very entertaining, you are the first person I have met who collects campaign buttons, I know the pleasures in collecting, mine is matchstick carvings.

    • Thank you, Ian. This was a lovely set of comments! I have enjoyed all of the posts I have read of yours. I may have missed some, but will inevitably find them one day to be very entertaining indeed. 🙂

    • I remember your matchstick carvings and I think you have a beautiful stringed instrument. I may be wrong but I have this in my mind. . . Ian, I am glad you enjoy my posts, since I enjoy yours very much. ❤

  11. Robin, this was an especially good post. I probably say that every time. I loved you sharing the conversation between yourself and the man selling buttons. It really set off some wonderful reminiscences. And the one between yourself and your grandson was just precious. Really touching. I’m glad he’s so comfortable sharing stuff like that. You obviously have a terrific relationship and he’s so lucky to have you. I can tell you feel lucky to have him too!

    • Jay, this was how I hoped people might picture it: warm, cozy and sharing. If it were a girlfriend I would call it “dishing.”
      I wish everyone could have a memory of their own grandparent’s special moments with them.
      Micah would charm you, Jay. He showed patience with my Mom. She would ask, “Who is this boy and where did he come from?” He would say his name, his mother’s name and my Mom would nod her head, seeming to “get it” and repeat ? again later. He is my shadow on many weekends, by his choice.Thank you and hugs for this, too.

  12. Robin, farmers markets are such a lovely summer time activity. Those cinnamon buns look to-die-for! I also visited my local market this past weekend, but I made myself pass over the wonderful baked pies and cobblers. I did get a nice supply of fresh fruits and veggies 🙂

    • Thank you, Holly. I would have enjoyed having you join us! My visits will probably end up tomorrow evening! Can’t wait to read your intriguing and sometimes romantic poetry. ❤

    • Oh, I don’t blame you for tossing stuff! Also, thanks for your understanding what a wonderful companion Micah is. We have a mutual understanding while I feel he truly exhibits empathy, for example two autistic children adore him at school and at my forgetful Mom’s house he patiently explained who he was probably 50 times over 3 day visit. 🙂

      • That is a special boy. He has a sensitive soul. It is heartwarming. Today, I took Yaffa to the park, and many children refused to play with her. She is such a loving person that it hurt me. Fortunately, she didn’t notice.

      • You truly are blessed to have 7 grand children! So happy for you, Robin!
        They are so lucky to have a grandmother who also knows what each one needs in his/her life.

      • Thank you, Sandhya for such a nice compliment about my abilities as a grandma (Nana)! My son married a girl with two children so this kind of explains our rather big family. 🙂 It is wonderful they chose to locate here close by. . . Have a serene Sunday!

  13. Robin I don’t like cluttering my small farm house with trinkets unless they are rare or vintage but I do love to collect memories, good memories and store them for days that are a challenge. I love the way your writing takes shape across the page.

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