Thursday’s Doors ~ Choffey’s Coffee



The twin lanterns,

Burlap coffee bag banner,

Cream colored painted bricks,

As well as the chips of time

Create welcoming coffee shop.

Located at

17 West Winter Street,

Delaware, Ohio.


“Truly Decadent”

“Coffee, Tea, Confections”

Micah is on the rocking chair,

waiting on his Mommy, while

his Nana takes his photograph.

Chilly early summer morning,

a hot chocolate with miniature

marshmallows for Micah, a caramel

macchiado for his Nana and his

Mommy getting extra shot of espresso

added to her regular tall cup of coffee.

We were ready to proceed around

the Delaware Arts Festival

where Micah chose a

miniature pewter

Dragon and

Carrie chose

jewelry and I

purchased a

wall hanging for

Trista’s summer birthday.

This Thursday’s Doors post

is part of a weekly gathering of

doors of almost any imaginable

origin and location,

Thanks to our fearless leader,

Norm Frampton, please check

out his door selections and

others at his blog found at:

Note: Micah is holding a cap

made of foam material,

which the Creative Foundation

organization was inviting guests

to stop on by their art workshop,

located on N. Sandusky Street,

freewill donations for the

supplies to support adults

with developmental

disabilities. I think

some may remember

how I commissioned

a painting by a member of

this fine group, Amber.

Thanks for stopping by!

I would have loved to

chat over a “cuppa”

or beverage of your

choice. It would

have been fun!


107 responses »

    • Thanks, Jen! I am sure he would win your heart, he is a sincerely good boy. I liked his photo with the Amazing Tall Man the week I had Thursday’s Doors, the Strand movie theatre’s 100 year anniversary. Micah was staring up at the man with such a look of wonder. πŸ™‚

    • It is right across the street from the “famous” Buns Restaurant. It originally was a German restaurant, made it back in the day into “Bon Appetit.” Hope you are having a great day, Colleen! About ready to head home soon! πŸ™‚

    • I am sure you would like this place, it has a nice atmosphere, but I also like the other one which makes cupcakes. πŸ™‚ This was a rather fun photo of Micah, since he had this visor he made on his head for his first photo, then spontaneously said, “Take a photo without it, then let’s compare them!” Micah, of my seven grandies, is innately artistic. Last year when he was just turning 6, I enrolled him in art classes at the local Delaware Arts Castle. He did a great job of Starry Night and another painting “copy” but his own creations are always amazing. His school suggested putting one of his prints on a website and see if his children’s art work would “sell.” We didn’t but his mother went to Columbus College of Art and Design and encourages his art for pleasure. . .

      • Sheila, thanks so much! If you were close in distance we would sit in the cool air conditioning and watch the older (well not much older than us πŸ˜‰ ) people playing cards and checkers. It is nice that they sometimes once a month on our First Friday, stay open to 8 pm, having a folk duo or guitarist entertain. πŸ™‚

      • Sheila,i have been having a hard time connecting to your blog today (Saturday) the golden yellow line just “stalls out.” Thinking about you!! Hugs, Robin

      • WhenI finally got through a made a grand summary of the amazing week we went through and hope to be back if I missed much going on the Casa de Canterbury, dear. ❀

    • It does represent a perfect day! This is a special comment!
      Oh,the DC in Connecticut where we are filling daily extra stores is “Enfield.” Not saying much except this is time consuming and seems less than “cost effective.”

    • Thanks for letting me know where Enfield is located! I wondered if this was a temporary fix or hopefully not like Indiana stores, weekly since last year! Anyway, we pack hampers which get shipped to their warehouse and then they distribute them, I think is the way this goes, via Advance Auto trucks. . .

    • I forgot to say, Micah was in that Amazing Tall People photograph before the “E.T.” movie started. He is little and looking up at the man with the red and white striped pants, and blue jacket, I believe! Thank you for saying this about my sweet Micah. He is also the one I have mentioned is a real “matchmaker” whenever he perceives a single “grandpa” at the park, grocery store or swimming pool. . . he approaches and asks how his “wife” is doing, seriously it should be on “Hidden Camera.” Lol! πŸ˜€

    • I am so glad you felt this was beautiful, Tonya! Too bad you can’t just jump into a “Jetson’s” little rocket/car and stop over here for a “cuppa” and maybe a treat of chocolates! xo

      • One day, we will find somewhere in the middle or on the way to somewhere to share a snack.
        I know we would have a big sister, much younger sister chat! Thanks, Tonya!

    • Marissa, ANY time I post about chocolate, I think about you, like a vampiress, with your family all enjoying the delicious taste of chocolates, melting down like “blood drips” that was a really cool post whenever you did that one!! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for saying “cute boy” and “cute post!” This was a fun comment to read!

      • Ha, yes, that’s me…the chocolate vampiress. I was married to Count Chocula for a while but it didn’t work out. Too many common interests…

    • Beth, I know this is the kind of cool place you can find up in Michigan!! **And really special places in Ireland. I could really go for an Irish coffee, with Irish whiskey just about a half hour from now! πŸ™‚

    • We have a Tim Horton’s and a Starbucks, plus three local coffee shops. One is called, “Chelley Belly” another I have featured their cupcakes, “Home Slices” and this is the third one, Juan! Coffee places around here are popular especially in the early morning hours. Thanks for asking, this is a great question!! πŸ™‚

    • We have a Tim Horton’s and a Starbucks, which seem to take some of the after hour crowds since our coffee shops don’t stay open very late. We used to have a Mean Bean, but it switched to “Home Slices” bakery and cafe. We also have this one and a block away a “Chelley Belly.” It has lunch and Seattle’s Best coffee brews there. I like their strawberry, pecans and spinach salad and ask for a hard boiled egg sliced on top. This was a great question, Juan! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, Juan. I realize this could be confusing. They have become neighbors with our Wendy’s, a lot of my road trips include Tim H’s. Not sure why but they end up side by side!

  1. I could see us sharing a cup at Choffery’s Coffee. (I love their name, BTW.) I can almost hear “Java Jive” by the Manhattan Transfer playing in the background:

    I love coffee, I love tea
    I love the java jive and it loves me β™« β™ͺ
    Coffee and tea and the java and me
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup β™ͺ β™« πŸ™‚

    Isn’t Micah growing fast? I don’t think it’s my imagination. – Mike

    • Great song and I love the group Manhattan Transfer, Mike! I have only seen them live once, but had one of their popular song albums for quite some time. I am so glad you wrote out the lyrics, including the musical notes and smiley icon. This made a fun addition!
      Their name is “Choffey’s Coffee” due to some inside joke. But the owner was the town’s sheriff and his wife is very pretty and blonde, they work together and have lots of fun now that he is retired! πŸ™‚
      Yes, Micah is huge! His feet are bigger than mine are and he will borrow my flip flops anytime he wants to, since I like that he is comfortable, even if his heels hang over the back edge.

      His Daddy is busy and my oldest daughter works on Sundays, so we like to hang out a lot.

      The Amazing Tall Man was so big compared to Micah the week I did the Strand photograph’s celebrating their 100th anniversary. The little girls posed with the Amazing Tall Woman, as you probably saw. Anyway, I don’t post much with Micah’s photo, because he prefers to have his older brother Skyler in them. They were in the Memorial Day blog post, their backs to the camera, hands on heart, both wearing white shirts. Not on purpose, but we were at the Harding Memorial and I said out loud, “That looks like a good flag photo for my blog,” they scurried to arrange themselves without my prompting. But again they are cub and boy scouts so ever vigilant of respect and honor, Mike. Hugs, Robin
      I did all the talking, someday I need to hear about your grandsons. πŸ™‚

    • I love lattes, too. My favorite flavor is caramel lattes, Diana.
      Oh, if you were interested in a cool drink, they have something they worked on, practiced for a couple of weeks when they opened a few years back, “Frozen Hot Chocolate!” It is really good! When we first saw their sign and found out about their different treats, we stopped in quite a bit. Now, I live only a minute away from the other coffee shop (“Home Slices”) with the cupcakes, so I am usually there, due to close proximity and weakness for baked goods over the handmade chocolates featured at Choffey’s Coffee.

    • Jay, you are so sweet to notice the details in my posts. By the way, I was having a slight disagreement with someone about the latest Star Trek (Beyond) film and I mentioned your blog title and he thought I was making it up! Ha ha! πŸ˜€ I said you felt it was the best of the trilogy, right? I really liked the tribute feel to the film, as well as the new “girl” and I hope she joins them in the fourth film, if they make one! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the smell of coffee and the taste of some is good, but it does not like me at all. So I’ve never been a coffee drinker. Nevertheless, I enjoyed your post about this quaint coffee shop. Love, N πŸ™‚ ❀

    • So glad you liked Micah’s comfortable photograph. I am sure Carrie would say “no” to using a photograph of Micah for advertising, though it was a very nice thought, Drew. πŸ™‚

  3. Such a cute photo of Micah and the coffee cup. I bet he really enjoyed the rocking chair. Looks like a lovely coffee shop, and the ‘purely decadent’ would have me through that smart looking #17 door in a heartbeat. πŸ™‚

    • Sylvia, I am so glad you described the magnetic pull of those powerful words, “purely decadent!” I love that visual and meaning on their front window!
      Thanks for your warm words about Micah. ❀
      I need to go see your birthday meal. . . πŸ™‚

  4. Love the photo of the coffee shop and the rocking chairs! But of course it is Micah who makes it extra special! He is so precious, Robin!

  5. Lovely post Robin, always something a little different to enjoy in your posts, I do recall the post when you commissioned a young girl to do some work for you at a disabled Centre, a lovely recollection.

    • The Creative Foundation members are so happy to have anyone visit, especially children. Thank you for remembering Amber. I should connect her painting post to this one. Hugs for helping me think of doing this. xo

  6. Adorable post, Robin. That coffee shop sounds perfectly delicious and when you told me how much coffee Mom drinks, I was shocked. If I go over my 2 cups of percolated coffee I feel awful. Espresso I LOVE but too much I turn into a cyclone. One of these days I would like to get an espresso machine for my kitchen. I really got hooked on espresso after my trip to Italy. Now they know coffee!!! And oh, Micah, is darling!!! Thank you for this delightful post!!! ❀

    • AmyRose, your espresso sounds like I would be a cyclone, too. The way my Mom views it is the coffee keeps her energy up. πŸ™‚
      I hope to visit Italy someday but meanwhile order iced regular or coffee shop brewed cuppa’s. We could have the best hikes together but I don’t drink much before I go walking. Lol πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your finding my Micah darling. I feel bad sharing his being rather abandoned by his Dad, but want to make sure others know why he is my #1 shadow. ❀ Thanks for such accolades! Xoxo

  7. A chilly early summer morning. I’ll take a cuppa that. The photos and words give me a cozy, nostalgic feeling of cooler days that will eventually return to the south.

    • Aww, such a great response to my post. I would enjoy having your company, JoAnna. Yes, cooler temps will return and prevail for quite some time once Fall sets in!

  8. Ah, a good coffee shop can be like an oasis. Not a very stylish door, but what matters in this case are the sights and smells on the other side. Good choice!

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