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Sometimes being alone isn’t all bad. . .



Expecting four months into something

to share a breakfast, first overnight.

Eggs, whole wheat toast,

three types of cheeses,

“luxury” real butter

and a completely



As someone in a new

(to me) blog said

after quoting a

famous author,


about “the

best laid

plans of




You may already follow this

man named “Bunkaryudo:”

Humor Blog

* Note: Trying not to

think of lesser

quoted words

“Running on

empty.” *

This is me eating someone else’s

favorite “junk food” cereal:

Breakfast of Champions

Frosted Flakes.

You’re welcome,


🙂 🙂

Sunset over county farmland



Who are you?

Who do you think

you are anyway?

When you live in the “county seat”

sometimes you consider

yourself a “city dweller.”

When you live side by side with

college students, the university

considers you a “townie.”

You may be a musician,

juggler, artist, or writer,

Jack of all trades,

technical or



or who

knows yet?

I like to think of

myself and my family

as “works in progress.”

Don’t the colors in this

scene just grab at you or

as they did me, “pulled on

my heartstrings and roots?”

If you have a short answer

“Who are you?”

Please feel free

to let us know.

You’re among friends!

This farmhouse is located on

Troy Road, heading North

out of Delaware, Ohio.

Across the street, my grandson,

Skyler and his cousin, Lara,

practice in the heat of

early summer evenings.

He plays middle

school football,

as she practices

her cheerleading.

Any outdoor activities

may also be a part of who

you are as fishing, biking,

boating and swimming

season is coming to

an end around here.

Photograph made

this blogger, Robin,

sentimental + nostalgic

for her babysitter, as

an elementary student,

who lived on a farm.

Fond Memories of a Red Wagon


For Hendrix’s first birthday in August, I bought him a “toddler” Radio Flyer wagon. It has cup holders and a shelf. There is a way to flip the shelf and seats into a standard flat-bottomed wagon.
This essay is from March, 2016 but this is on its third “re-blog” from 2012!
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The English proverb or saying,

“Necessity is the mother of invention,”

certainly applies to the life of an Italian

immigrant named, Antonio Pasin.

This post was written before the

newest part of the post was imagined.

Radio Flyer is coming out with a

new “riding toy,” an Italian car:

What will children think of a smaller

version of a Tesla Model S? 🙂

Their daddies, uncles and other fancy

car aficionados will be pleased.

Antonio Pasin came to America from

Italy, in 1914, at the age of 16.

He was the son of a cabinetmaker,

whose family settled in

Chicago, Illinois.

Antonio started a business of making

wooden cabinets for phonographs.

The wooden cart or wagon he built to

carry his tools in was a creation that

became popular among parents who

saw it as a place to put children and

pull them along behind them.

This is the story…

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A bottle among family



The missing friend,

an Italian who is funny,

was toasted as many subjects

were discussed

New career change for

youngest adult daughter,

New business starting with

her accompanying guy,

and interest displayed in

if new man is going to

stick around despite

his hectic single dad

parenting days are

here to stay for

at least another

7 or 8 years.

A flight of rose wines



The Wine Bistro

appeared idyllic and

so romantic, as I was

waiting on my youngest

daughter and her guy, Jerry.

Why am I always seemingly,

the “third wheel?”

“Does this translate in all

languages?,” I wondered.

I haven’t addressed this lately. . .

the blog’s name was, after all,

once upon a time the indicator

of some mighty interesting and

strange online dating adventures.

Recently, I have “whispered” of my

seeing a new man. It seems rather

foolish “to make too big of a deal.”

He has kids around age of my

grandchildren but isn’t as

young as he could be.

Anyway, not quite time

to “double date” yet.

We discussed movies,

golfing, work and new


My feelings are still


🙂 🙂

Here are the three

“flights, small tastes”

of rose wines which

went from light rose,

medium body rose

to the darker rose.

#1 ~

Pilot Noir Rose
(Vin de France)
Light, crisp with the fruits
of watermelon and strawberry.

#2 ~

El Coto,
Tempranillo Rose
(Rioja, Spain)
Tangy, slight tart flavors
of fruits of berries
and herb aftertaste.

#3 ~

Clendenen Family,
Nonsense Rose
Rich, flavorful with citrus
and cherry “notes.”

And behind the curtain. . . Not a door post



I will give Norm Frampton a

“Shout out” despite my not

displaying the rather “boring”

front doors to this wine and

appetizers destination. This richly

decorated back room displayed

thick burgundy tapestry curtains,

on the inside of the building.

A couple of photographs will

hopefully ignite your curiosity,

allowing me to skip the

Thursday’s Doors with

instead “What’s behind your

closed doors worth mentioning?”

Here is a great fellow blogger

where you can check out his Doors,

as well as other bloggers who feature

their doors, stopping by Norm’s and

creating a direct link to other doors!

Happy Door’s hunting and thanks for

reading my post today with curtains

and no actual door featured.




We three got together,

one gentleman friend of

youngest daughter who

discovered one route to

my heart  ❤  treats!

“Parisian Macarons”

as the card from the

Pistachia Vera,

cafe and coffee shop,

delicious French treats,

pastries and these

are called “bon-bon’s”

by Jerry and Felicia.

These delicately flavored

two macarons are like

sweet sandwiches,

only egg whites,

frothy confections

which come in the 



flavors of:



~Vanilla bean

~Toasted coconut

~Raspberry Hibiscus

~ Strawberries & cream

~ Honey lavender

~Apricot ginger

~Coffee au lait

~Yuzu guava

~Cocoa nib


Okay, if you remember

my spring post of this

place, you may have heard

of other bakery specialties.

We tried to decide on past

story what was that pretty

pink flower next to the

neon green patio chairs?

The dumpster behind

that old post had

sweet squirrel

holding a berry

or a bouquet.


If you dare, 

please share

which of listed

yummy flavors

most catch your