Panorama of field: Ashley, Ohio



As far as the eyes could see,

the vista or panorama,

taking in all the

fields of soybeans.

Although nowhere the sea,

the horizon’s dip seemed

to give a glimpse of ocean blue.

Ashley, Ohio is a small town

part of Buckeye Valley.

/ / / /

Oliver Wendell Holmes

described a part of natural

transformation during the

month of August as this ~

“The foliage has been losing

it’s freshness through the month

of August, and here and there a

yellow leaf shows itself like

the first gray hair.”


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  1. Lovely is one word that describes this beautiful scene. Have you ever noticed how our minds go to a more contemplative place during a sunset? Thoughts come to us then that we would never have time for during the day. The photo is a good daytime reminder of that quieter place. – Mike

    • We do tend to ponder more at the end of the day, especially while watching the sunset, Mike.
      That is a great observation and I suppose the sunrise brings action, routines and plans ahead. . .
      The sun setting with its contemplative moments may linger until we lay our heads down to slumber, maybe letting go finally of the day. I liked this a lot, Mike. πŸ™‚

    • I hear my grandies all excited about school, Marissa! I get a bit sad, wishing I could be heading back to teach, not “toil away” at the warehouse. I feel the year just rushes the last half as we are in the 8th month.
      You summed it up well, “It is rather sad and beautiful.” Thank you!

      • Oh, you’re welcome. Glad to hear your grandies are looking forward to school. My daughter is dreading it. My son doesn’t go back til September but that’s homeschooling…kind of softens the blow.

      • I guess they are fairly sick of their siblings and prefer classroom full of friends. Little Makyah has two years of preschool and is both excited and a little scared, too.i am sure Hendrix will crawl around wondering where they are all hiding! He turns one soon! Thanks, Marissa. ❀

  2. That’s so “on the mark” about the yellow leaf and the first gray hair. I watch for the first yellow leaves of the maple trees to tell me that fall is in the air. It won’t be long now.

    • Anneli, I think this quote does indicate our cooler evenings and less rain so the leaves start drying out, turning color any minute. πŸ™‚ I was bemoaning the children going back to school on the 19th! They are excited and had new shoes to show me when I dropped by my son and daughter in law’s house this evening. Of course, I had a few back to school purchases to add to their “coffers.”
      Won’t be too long and your husband will be heading home. . . ❀

      • That’s early for the kids to be going back to school. In Canada they go back the Tuesday after Labour Day (first weekend in September). And yes, the Captain is just waiting for the weather to be right so he can start the trip home.

  3. Oh, August – it is one of the nicest months of the year here in terms of temperature, but I never like to see the plants start giving way to fall. Summer is far too short, and any reminder of what is to come is not necessarily welcome!

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