Ashley, Ohio: art mural project



Two women artists,

part of Artist in Residence,

Lynda Elias and Virginia Corwin,

plus an art teacher,

Robin Clay,

created a mural out of fragments,

broken glass, ceramics and mirrors

to illustrate the town’s history,

areas of pride and giving meaning

to this small town location.

The people’s faces among the

fragments of pottery are what

make this mural memorable,

showing humble and

caring characteristics.

The full two sections of this

mural will be displayed on Friday.

Thank you for sharing this small

farming community with me.


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  1. Not only is it outdoors for all passers-by to see, but also the colors of the glass and ceramic pieces will stand up to the elements over time. I find the use of these materials as clever and innovative as the visual impact of the art. You and your neighbors are fortunate to have these artistic enhancements in your community. – Mike

    • Oh, this mural is 20 minutes north and when I took the Ashley, Ohio photos I had never seen any of them! Tomorrow and Friday, more Ashley features, Mike. The muralists have created Delaware, Ohio art but I haven’t started that series yet. Thanks for liking this piece of the mural which has several parts! πŸ™‚

    • Those children made wonderful art pieces and the idea of them “peering out” is a fun one! I imagine the children as adults, pointing to the pieces they added when this project was made, Jill. Won’t that be such an experience as a parent?! πŸ™‚

    • Drew, this was such a really great comment! It is amazing what people can create! It faces the sunsetting which really makes it shine (but hard to see details). A person walking by, mentioned this to me.

    • Exactly, Jenny! It is giving the history of the factory, school, farming and community pieces their chance to tell a story. I was happy this very small town received this attention and the art grant awarded. . . Thanks! xo

    • Thank you and I was happy to discover this accidentally taking a side trip off the usual route home. It seems like forever since I have been able to have the energy to visit you, Maniparna. This makes me happy to share.

    • Wendell, so glad you enjoyed this mural. I was thrilled to find it in this small town I featured all week. There was a charming cottage, the few perspectives of the mural and the post office doors post. Have a blessed weekend, I hope to visit all over the weekend! πŸ™‚

    • I see your point, it would take some time just designing the whole thing and you have me appreciating this even more so, Joanne. It would take a collaborative vision, I agree!

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