Thursday’s Doors ~ Ashley, Ohio Post Office (8/4/16)



Ashley reminds me of so many

mid-west small towns,

~ founded in 1849 ~

The ones you drive on

through, rarely give a

passing glance or

much thought to.

Ashley was the man

in “Gone with the Wind,”

who sadly got taken for

granted and left behind by

the ravishing Scarlett O’Hara.

~ written in 1936 ~

There were a few places where I

expected him to stand up for himself

and be a more assertive male hero.

This is fortunately not how this

“one horse town” turned out to be.

~ population of 1,370 ~

Redeeming features and unexpected

beauty in art mural and pretty home.

This Ashley Post Office is located

on Rte. 229 close to the intersection

with Rte. 42. Main Street U.S.A.

The glass, mirror and crockery,

broken pieces laid into a

historical design and

an old lavender, gray

and white cottage

were well worth

the drive 12 miles

up the road to see

what I could


Please check out my other

Ashley, Ohio blog posts,

But today is the most

fun day of my week:

Thursday’s Doors

presented by our

honorary host,

where links to

a vast variety

may be found over on

Norm Frampton’s blog:

Thanks for stopping by

the county village of

Ashley, Ohio,

found 15 – 20 minute drive

straight North on Rte. 42

from Delaware, Ohio.

“Y’all come back now!”


37 responses »

    • Oh, I bet it does resemble the one near your grandmother’s home. Did I ever ask you if you knew where Rainelle, in Greenbriar County was? My ex-husband and i visited his family with our children and it was such a pretty area. Thank you, Jill for this thoughtful reply. Small town post offices resemble each other. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, you know that is a kind and thoughtful observation, Dan. I liked the tiny post office in Magnetic Springs which had the two small gardens on either side. This one just seemed forlorn to me!

  1. The brick of this building cries out for a solid wooden door. Somehow the glass doesn’t seem to belong. It’s like a woman in an expensive wool designer suit wearing plastic shoes.

    • Oh my goodness, my author friend is really going all out with eloquent descriptions! πŸ™‚
      A wooden door would really help make this a great looking post office but I am wondering since it is a government building if a metal framed non-breakable glass is legally required?
      I agree, Anneli. Hey, that rhymes!

  2. Such a contrast between the post office door and the white one on the right with the peeling paint. The bricks of the post office walls look clean and new too, whilst the neighboring ones look rather neglected. An interesting photo, Robin. πŸ™‚

    • You really can see a contrast. . .
      Well, I was painting a picture of a very tiny town, somewhere I included the population. Thanks for noticing the details, Sylvia! πŸ™‚

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